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  1. Nope ichanged it back to the normal dd2 not beta. But i wrote dani an pm and he said that im signed up for the test server with my main thats why i cant join the normal ones.
  2. [[25251,users]] could u pls check your private messages? would be kind.
  3. Don't think so i only got an email, nothing before that.
  4. The loot change will make a huge impact to the game. It not the gear grinding as its now which is good but, the game will get way to easy. I tested the loot-beta for about 15hours now, started with 4 lvl 50 chars badly geard did 2-3 nm2 games and instantly jumped into nm3 liferoot for about 11h and now i can nearly beat nm4 already(liferoot till round 7). You really need to balance it more. Also its pretty hard to gear up hybrid chars, DP-HP/AP app for example.(could you also check your private messages, would be kind)
  5. so i tried to connect with my main to the test servers, to look if im signed up for it. i could join the test server without any errors, does this mean that my account is gone? can i get it back?
  6. i think so just changed to non-beta downloaded the datas verified integrity of game cache and started the game. ofc i was on my main acc. could you look up if im signed up for beta tests? maybe thats the reason i cant log in, and should i try to connect to the test server with my main?
  7. live files? after i changed back to the non-beta i had to update around 800mb and also verified my integrity of game cache(1 file was missing), still error 5008.
  8. it does but only if u have also DH on it, and ofc on the shield with only HH. nvm just got shoes with HD and HH+HB
  9. it does but only if u have also DH on it, and ofc on the shield with only HH.
  10. whats happening with that is you have the loot build selected for your normal account. in your normal account, go to properties>betas, and then opt out of betas. it should update, then you should be able to play. Hope this helps ofc i changed to the normal servers. Here a link to my forum post my problem is explained a little bit better. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/129027/error-5008-on-normal-servers?scrollTo=129027&page=7
  11. Hello guys My problem is that i cant login to the normal servers, but i can login to the test server, with my test account. Maybe i cant login with my main account cause i accidentally logged in a test server(i forgot to change the option). so is it possibly that my main account is signed up for the beta test, and that why i cant login to the normal ones? i havent tested to login to the test servers cause im scared that i'll lose my gear. and also does someone know what the Error 5008 exactly is?
  12. I can login to the testservers but not to the normal ones. error 5008. i hope it gets fixed if not i cant finish the monthly :(
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