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  1. It's not really about player count, it's more about assurance. People paid money for Diablo 3, and Blizzard is a somewhat renowned company that people have faith in. It's no surprise that people would hang around through failures to see what happens. Sadly DD2 is much different. At this point it's just another buggy, incomplete f2p game that most people aren't ever going to think twice about after having a bad experience with it (in fact basically none of my friends have any interest in ever playing it again - despite all loving DD1). This game was nowhere near ready for launch. I mean, I stopped playing when I basically max geared out all my characters back when the only way to play was huntress traps. Having recently come back just a few days ago - I'm still encountering many of the same issues and bugs I did back then. Not to mention the game has become infinitely duller because you're forced to build this way and play this map.
  2. Since 99% of them will be console players, I doubt it. I love DD1 and DD2 but I have to say if I was a "new" player to the franchise and started playing DD2 right now I'd nope the hell out and never look back. The hard counters make the game mostly not enjoyable and take away one of the main allure points of the game - the variety. They're literally forcing you to build a certain way - in an ironic attempt to add more variety to the game, Trendy is taking it away from us. The current loot system is just outright stupid. It's the most unintuitive system of progression I've ever seen - In order to progress you generally need to equip worse gear. How does that make any sense? Being forced into maps you don't want to play is again, a fit of irony. In an attempt to push people into playing maps they normally wouldn't, Trendy limits the amount of maps we can play on. As you progress, not so much of a big deal - but once you hit chaos 7 you end up playing the same 4 maps for eternity. It'd be far better if people could choose what to play on out of every map, at least at chaos 7 and above. I still don't really understand why the game has been released already. There's still so many issues with it. I mean ffs, windowed fullscreen doesn't even work yet.
  3. There seems to be a 30 second build timer on wave 5 now but it only gives you a warning with 10 seconds left. I'm not sure if it's solo only but "The final boss approaches" flashes in red across the centre of the screen with a 10s countdown.
  4. Why exactly do some of you guys feel you're entitled to something because you've played the game a while or payed to be able to play it early? You've undoubtedly received a lot as it is. I mean, simply buying into early access granted you far more than your moneys worth in rewards and the ability to play the game early. Yes, xbox has a new map, so what? You had the ability to play the game long enough to unlock every class for free before they even got the ability to play the game. Stop being so self centred and entitled when you deserve exactly nothing.
  5. The same reason some of the special enemies force you to not use x thing for the entirety of that chaos tier. To basically shove "variety" down peoples throats. This would of course be fine if the maps were even close to being balanced, and if half of them weren't just obnoxious chores to play on. I am perfectly fine with them limited each chaos tier to a set of maps. It makes sense for them to pick maps to suit the particular threats for that specific Chaos tier. It also forces players to learn maps outside their comfort zone. I just want to be able to opt out of maps, or just pick a single map from their chosen set. When trying to push into the next chaos tier it is easier to experiment with different builds if you can stick to 1 map. And like I said, since when pushing we just G-out and lose the maps that we don't want it is simply a needless waste of time. Being limited to a set is fine but not being able to pick what map you want to play on from that group of maps is annoying (and honestly pointless, because you can easily just leave maps you don't enjoy/can't complete until you're on one you can). So much choice and variation is presented to us in this game but it's basically taken away from us most of the time, it's a little dumb.
  6. Hackers don't really affect a game like this much though since there's no direct competition for anything. I'd imagine it's also pretty easy to detect any hacked items going into online play since everything has a limit. Would love me some offline play though. Getting tired of lagging a lot all game and then getting a hung loading screen when I return to town. Still not sure why we're forced to return to town instead of private tavern when it's always been plagued with issues.
  7. I think those were only for the people that paid for the more expensive pack. I could be wrong but as far as I remember buying one of the p2p packs got you quite a bit more $ in gems than the pack cost, early access accessories and some other stuff. It's not like we have gotten "nothing".
  8. The same reason some of the special enemies force you to not use x thing for the entirety of that chaos tier. To basically shove "variety" down peoples throats. This would of course be fine if the maps were even close to being balanced, and if half of them weren't just obnoxious chores to play on.
  9. Honestly, hard counters don't belong in pretty much any game. What's the point in giving people a platform of strategy and skill when in the end it all comes down to "lol no sorry ignore 90% of the things in the game you must use this". It's the sort of thing that sounds much better in theory than it is in practice. Certain things in this game are pretty well designed. Having enemies that force you into only using a certain set of defences are definitely not one of those well designed things.
  10. I think you're very wrong here. Everyone that plays this (or any) game is entitled to give their opinion on what they think is wrong and right about the game. Just leaving the developers to their own devices is a terrible idea - because they often don't experience the game the same way the player base does. This is very much evidenced by the complete overhauls this game has had already - pretty much all the result of players giving feedback about the wrongs and rights of the game, or how they feel it could be improved. In this day and age feedback is pretty integral. It is why Diablo will continue to crumble to dust and Path of Exile will continue being one of the most profitable free games on the market. Blizzard does not listen, GGG does nothing but listen. If the solution to players not liking what developers were doing was to just "move away" then this game itself would have pretty much died quite a while back. Yes, DD2 is currently not a bad game. But in my opinion it still has a long way to go. There will almost certainly be a lot of people put off of the game forever if it launches with this current state. I'm personally hoping there a lot of fixes and changes that go up with the launch.
  11. Have noticed a few times now that my daily has disappeared and later on I've randomly gained some tokens so I wouldn't be surprised.
  12. but people still use traps / auras beacause towers don't work as intended. It has nothing to do with how towers don't work (never had an issue with them when I used to use them - it is really just about finding the right places to put them instead of just slapping them behind walls). Traps/auras are slightly superior because A) Frosty buff and B) They take no damage so you don't have to worry about an ogre or flying kobold ruining your DPS.
  13. I never said everything needed to get PERFECTLY balanced. Just roughly. Which is different from how it is now. Also, buffing other towers to deal more damage is basically exactly the same as nerfing the frost tower's mechanic. It's a good idea too, but no different than the idea of nerfing the frost combo and nerfing monster's strength. It is fairly different, especially if walls were to stay the same. A decent nerf to strength to counter losing the frosty mechanic would probably be NM4 dropping to around NM3's difficulty when it comes to hp/damage output. And well... In NM4 gear even without Frosties I could probably AFK a full NM3 game easily. Obviously the step up to NM4 would still be difficult but once you're their your walls would do so much better than they currently do (and the main challenge in NM4 is keeping your walls repaired anyway). In a sense, yes it's kind of the same concept. But nerfing Frosty would probably require a lot more work re-balancing a fair amount of the games aspect (and hence a lot more could go wrong).
  14. because thats not important the point is that frost tower is op NM4 doesnt have to be beatable atm, devs CLEARLY told its not balanced, what must be balanced is the champions we can use and the tactics, after that the game modes can be balanced it would be impossible to balance otherwise when there is ONE super op tactic that can beat maps higher than you without much effort and all other tactic/defenses who struggle against same lvl maps also loot just sux, its nearly impossible to get the gear your really want, if that is ever fixed it will make things smooth even with no op frost Given that so many people are currently in NM4 - Yes it does need to be beatable or I imagine Trendy will lose a hefty chunk of playerbase since we wont actually be able to do anything. & No it wouldn't be impossible to balance everything. As mentioned in the 2 posts above you - The better solution is actually to buff the useless towers that no one uses in end-game content because they're just too weak to be worthwhile. NERF NERF NERF is not the only solution to balancing things out.
  15. Saying there will always be 1 setup that outperforms others is pretty bold. Why would this always have to be the case? There are loads of games where there are multiple strategies which are roughly just as good. So it is in fact possible for the devs to balance strategies out in this game as well, as long as they take players' feedback in consideration as well. True balance is very rarely truly achieved especially in a game with so much player freedom. And even if it were to be achieved - It would take a very long time to fine tune everything to such a point. In the majority of games this becomes an endless cycle of over-nerfing everything that people use a lot, and then over-buffing it back up again. "Balance" is far harder to achieve than 99% of players ever truly realise. You see this thread is about nerfing Frosty because it's "toxic" (whatever that's really supposed to mean). And with that, as you have said realistically most mobs would either need to be nerfed too or stats would need to go up. Or... Maybe Trendy could just buff the other damage dealing towers to make them a little more viable instead. (Although they're still air kobold magnets so that's not my thing). Like really... Nerfing Frosty probably wont make any more people use Earthshatter towers.
  16. I think your tower placements just need some work. I've never encountered any issues & removing resistance would remove the majority of the challenge in the game.
  17. I don't think I've ever seen it crit but I guess it's not so easy to tell. Could be wrong.
  18. I've turned the game off more than a few times now due to what I can only describe as overall stupidity. Even had people standing ontop of walls and not repairing them. iPWR restrictions would be real nice.
  19. "Upgrade" isn't a good idea. The game isn't going to be able to tell if x is a direct upgrade because of passives and builds. Sometimes items that're 40 ipwr lower are still better.
  20. Personally I don't see anything wrong with it. I doubt the difficulty level/stats are going to be redone just because a handful of people dislike 1 of the passives which really isn't that "broken". Using actual towers is still viable - Just not optimal. Realistically there will always be 1 go to setup that outperforms the others. Changing it around isn't going to achieve that much.
  21. I'd imagine the exp is so little in end game to discourage leeching when actual input is needed. As for the gear - Do higher ilvl maps.
  22. It's definitely not "required" especially if you're playing with others. If you simply snag a set of overall DPS gear you can respec your character into DPS and let someone else take over that building role. If you only really play solo I guess it can help. Though personally I just use all 4 builders and do fine.
  23. Ironically Huntress's traps are the best/most viable "strategy" for end game content right now. You wont see many if any tower squires/apps stomping NM4, especially not as easily. Speaking from an end game pov - Huntress is brokenly OP. Squire is in a good place. App is incredible when it comes to frosty towers but it's not much use when it comes to building offence. Monk's Serenity keeps it in a nice place. The only issue is currently it'd only take a small tweak in the classes to effectively "break" NM4 and make it near unplayable. Then you end up with a load of people that are stuck in a zone of nothingness.
  24. It's good that they're so rare. Chilling touch + PE are basically bis items. No fun if they drop as often as a hookers pants. Edit: Literally just as I posted that this happened:
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