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  1. And it made less impact then if people really earned it. Theres just alot of problems that can be created through trading and I dont really mind if that feature is gone. Its just to easily abusable. The thing is you do earn it even if you're buying the item (at least with in game currency). You still have to earn the in game currency to purchase said item. Of course it's then possible to give items for free to friends but as a whole this doesn't bother me at least - especially considering the current gearing system is a mess. The only real downside is people trading real money for items but I don't see that being super prevalent in a game as small as this. One thing, though, is that I feel if we are going to get trading (I'm pretty sure Trendy has said it's something they're interested in adding) it should be quite far into the future when the games content is much more settled. Trading in the current game doesn't make much sense because there's very little to strive for.
  2. It's just based on the difficulty level and amount of players in the game. Every additional player adds an additional "hard lane" (red indicator when you look at the lane entrance) and increases mob HP by a %. Currently the % scaling still seems to be a bit overbearing (the builder basically needs overpowered gear for the difficulty level or everything gets stomped because the mobs have so much more HP) and it's a bit of a dumb system overall. EV is probably the most solid of all the heros you can obtain (good DPS and her defences are extremely useful later on). If you want to buy something, then she should probably be it.
  3. Yeah, but relics are kind of an integral part of progression. This is a tower defence game, after all. There'll probably either be higher chaos tiers or some other content relatively soon. It'd be nice to see pets reworked into something more relevant (their only real use is abilities now) and something akin to survival from DD1 (reworked onslaught maybe). :/
  4. I've watched them sprint into my walls and get pushed along them until they glitch through terrain that's impassable for mobs. More interesting is that if they do this near a sub-objective, once they destroy it they just stand in place for 10-20 seconds before despawning (even if they're very close to my defences), presumably because their AI doesn't have a clue how they ended up where they are. Their hit box as a whole also seems annoyingly small. Even without glitching through things, their sprint pushing them along walls seems to be able to let them slide through tiny gaps that nothing else can fit through.
  5. And then how would the game ever get better? Giving constructive criticism is far better than pretending everything is perfect.
  6. As of right now, there basically is none. While I don't feel this is a "bad" game I'll be honest and say it's definitely very lacking right now, even though it's "officially released". I really have no idea how players like JuiceBags get so much playtime out of DD2 when I've got around 150-180 hours and basically maxed out both early access and release. I really wish this game was more of a continuation of DD1 than it is it's own thing. If they'd have just taken the basis of DD1 and added in the hero deck, hero hotkeys and the ability to move around while repairing/upgrading I'm sure many of us would have been over the moon - and early access would have seemingly been far more fruitful content wise. Instead the entire period was spent basically overhauling the entire mess of game systems that were the original foundation, and it feels we're not really much better off than at that point. This game truly had the potential to be absolutely incredible from the very get-go, instead we have something that while not "bad", has certainly left a bitter taste in many peoples mouths. Gear progression is confusing, far too linear and dull. Equip everything that drops on a mule every round in hopes it's an upgrade until you end up at C7 with max sell value legendaries - then spend a (relative) absurd amount to max upgrade them all. That was certainly an exhilarating experience. There's no real sidegrades, no "hmm do I want to sacrifice points in x for points in z", no "this will be better because it has more slots". It's all so cookie-cutter. Although I give you props, Trendy, your current gearing progression system is both too mind-numblingly simple and far too confusing at the same time. The hard counters in chaos take away pretty much all build flexibility until you're strong enough to kill chaos 7 mobs with sneezes - which is boring. The map system in chaos is dull and serves no purpose. Trendy, if you really want people to play all of the maps instead of just cheesey ones, then instead of forcing them on us you need to come up with some kind of system like DD1 where we're rewarded more for playing maps that are more difficult. Multiplayer is pointless. Mobs scale unfairly so we're effectively punished for wanting to play with friends, unless one of you has good enough gear to basically carry. Lots more mobs per player in the game instead of higher hp would work far better.Shard system RNG is meh. Playing 50 maps and not seeing a range shard which is pretty vital for progression is very dull.Now that we're out of early access I feel like we're probably not going to see anymore "big" changes to the game - which honestly saddens me quite a lot. I'd love to see DD2 change into something other than an indredibly linear cruise-controlled slog.
  7. The incredible irony in trying to force variety onto people. Hard counters and no map selection was obviously an attempt to force diversity on us but it's ultimately failed and only made the game tedious. It's not like it's hard to get people to play those more difficult/annoying maps - simply make those maps give better rewards. It's hardly rocket science and it makes sense. Going into C5 the only map I found I could clear/enjoyed was sewers - so I spent more time creating and leaving games than I did actually playing. so much fun.
  8. And... y'know... Basically being forced into using only certain towers for much of the current playtime the game has to offer.
  9. Okay, so, I started playing DD2 at the start of early access and played pretty extensively up until the game turned into placing 2 PDT's in every lane and pressing G every 50 seconds. Once I heard the full release was coming I decided I'd see what's changed - and I've been surprised by both good and bad changes. I figured I'd throw some of my thoughts/opinions out there and see what everyone has to say. The good: The new loot system is miles better than the old one. My only complaint is that we really need iPWR back on gear so we can actually tell when an item is considered an upgrade (sell value is only really a true indicator when the items are the same rarity).All defences being "usable" finally, although this joins hands with a complaint I have.The shard system is pretty great, far better than passives in my opinion.I'm a big fan of the ascension system (although it will mean that serious players are most likely going to be able to instantly crush the next highest difficulty released).Some of the chaos enemies are quite well designed.All in all, I'm quite impressed with the changes that've been made - I never expected things to be so radically changed. The bad: Some of the chaos enemies are sloppily designed hard counters that ruin the diversity of the game, when they're clearly supposed to be trying to improve it. I was excited when I saw I'd finally be able to make proper use of all the hero's defences - but that excitement quickly faded when I realised that in truth I'd be pigeonholed into certain builds basically all the way up until I had good enough C7 gear to kill everything by simply looking at it.Lady orc's "sprint" seems to be incredibly buggy. I lost quite a few maps by them destroying crystals and upon paying a bit more attention I noticed that their "sprint" was sometimes pushing them all the way along one of my walls and past it - sometimes through an area that's impossible for mobs to get through. And when they manage to get through a wall near a sub-objective and kill it, they simply bug out and stand around for a little while before dying - presumably because their AI has no idea how they got there or where to go.Forced, small map pools. I don't mind being forced into certain maps - but at least increase the pools to more than 4 per chaos tier, especially if you're already putting the same maps into multiple tiers. Preferably make every map playable at every tier (or at least the current highest tier) but make it randomly selected.Siege rollers. This one isn't exactly a complaint directly against them - because I quite like them, but rather the fact there needs to be some kind of limit on them per round. While pushing into a new tier if you're unlucky enough to get 2 of them spawn at once it's generally game over - which is kind of dull, no one enjoys being screwed by RNG.Assassins. I could write out hundreds of words about these - but none of it would be safe for the younger members of the community. They're a tedious, very not fun and unfair mechanic.Fullscreen windowed still doesn't work. Quite honestly the biggest complaint I have is that this still doesn't work. Pls fix.Anyway, there's my rambling. You've done a good job thus far, Trendy, but there's a long road ahead.
  10. Yes, it's that simple. Your post is exactly what Trendy was waiting for before they flick the magical switch that adds more servers.
  11. I haven't gotten in for a couple of days with a lot of tries, so I gotta disagree. Just got on. Took me 3 presses of "Retry" - so literally about 20s.
  12. Takes me a couple of tries to be able to play. Not that big of a deal.
  13. I don't understand how forcing players to do something a certain way really creates diversity. You're forcing them to do something different to how they do it now but also removing other options - so in the end there's less diversity than there was to begin with. This is exactly what's wrong with the hard counters in chaos tiers and the forced map pools in each tier. In a weak attempt to force players to do things differently and with diversity - we've ironically been pigeonholed into doing things a certain way.
  14. The thing is the current system is still basically based on an item's iPWR, we just can't see it. Replacing armour/weapons is a bit more straightforward - you can normally rely purely on the armour/hero dmg value to determine an upgrade (although since items have roll ranges, it's possible for an item with a lower value to be an "upgrade"). Relics are a bit more annoying though since they seem to roll different ranges to one another, and sell value is really only an indicator if the items are the same rarity. I like the new system far better than the old one, but it's honestly a bit messy. Mostly due to the fact that a crappy green/blue item is considered a big upgrade by the system over a legendary item with just 100 or so main stat less. It's basically very... counter intuitive. The legendary item would clearly be seen as a superior item by pretty much everyone due to it having more stats on it and slots - yet the game sees it as worse with no real visual indicator. At least having iPWR show on the items would enable everyone to see what the game itself considers the superior item.
  15. I agree but that's probably only because I'm forcing myself to progress slowly. Design wise the game is in a far better place than it was before I stopped playing long ago - although I find a lot of changes very questionable. Why can we only play 4 maps per tier? It's not the biggest issue ever while progressing but I imagine once you hit C7 it's going to get very dull very quickly. If Trendy is intent on forcing us into playing maps then the pool should be out of every map and it picks one randomly for us. Who the hell thought removing iPWR from gear was a good idea when the new drop system is based on how powerful your gear is?The "more players = more mob hp" multiplayer scaling is very dull. It's effectively punishing you for playing the game with others. This needs to be changed to increased spawns per player or more rewards need to be given out in multiplayer games.The hard counters in some of the chaos tiers are just... meh. As I said in another thread, it's kind of silly to try and force variety by removing variety from us.The game is far more fun than when it was huntress trap-mania and later PDT Defenders though. At least things are looking up even if Trendy seems to take a few steps back every time they make a jump forward.
  16. As far as I can remember this game has always had horrendous loading/connecting times, and I doubt it will ever change. Takes me longer to join a lobby on DD2 than it does to boot my PC and get basically any other game open.
  17. Except the entire point of the ascension system is that you get everything. I fail to see how a system that stops you having to have 2 of every character (and purchase the slots for that) is in any way negative. It's a great system - the only flaw is that difficulty is limited so players can eventually ramp up enough ascension to steamroll new tiers when they're released.
  18. The theory of it makes sense (more players = more people doing DPS so mobs have higher HP) but put into practice it sucks. Sometimes I host a public game when I'm bored and it's a dreadful experience through and through. I think lots of changes need to be made to multiplayer. If there aren't people trolling and force-starting the game before I even manage to build, there's lazy people that wont hit G every round or upgrade/DPS. Spending more time just waiting for round countdowns than it takes me to do a full solo run isn't fun, and that's without factoring in that the actual multiplayer run itself takes longer than solo due to the mob health. And all of this for what, absolutely no increased reward? No thanks, Trendy.
  19. It's not really about player count, it's more about assurance. People paid money for Diablo 3, and Blizzard is a somewhat renowned company that people have faith in. It's no surprise that people would hang around through failures to see what happens. Sadly DD2 is much different. At this point it's just another buggy, incomplete f2p game that most people aren't ever going to think twice about after having a bad experience with it (in fact basically none of my friends have any interest in ever playing it again - despite all loving DD1). This game was nowhere near ready for launch. I mean, I stopped playing when I basically max geared out all my characters back when the only way to play was huntress traps. Having recently come back just a few days ago - I'm still encountering many of the same issues and bugs I did back then. Not to mention the game has become infinitely duller because you're forced to build this way and play this map.
  20. Since 99% of them will be console players, I doubt it. I love DD1 and DD2 but I have to say if I was a "new" player to the franchise and started playing DD2 right now I'd nope the hell out and never look back. The hard counters make the game mostly not enjoyable and take away one of the main allure points of the game - the variety. They're literally forcing you to build a certain way - in an ironic attempt to add more variety to the game, Trendy is taking it away from us. The current loot system is just outright stupid. It's the most unintuitive system of progression I've ever seen - In order to progress you generally need to equip worse gear. How does that make any sense? Being forced into maps you don't want to play is again, a fit of irony. In an attempt to push people into playing maps they normally wouldn't, Trendy limits the amount of maps we can play on. As you progress, not so much of a big deal - but once you hit chaos 7 you end up playing the same 4 maps for eternity. It'd be far better if people could choose what to play on out of every map, at least at chaos 7 and above. I still don't really understand why the game has been released already. There's still so many issues with it. I mean ffs, windowed fullscreen doesn't even work yet.
  21. There seems to be a 30 second build timer on wave 5 now but it only gives you a warning with 10 seconds left. I'm not sure if it's solo only but "The final boss approaches" flashes in red across the centre of the screen with a 10s countdown.
  22. Why exactly do some of you guys feel you're entitled to something because you've played the game a while or payed to be able to play it early? You've undoubtedly received a lot as it is. I mean, simply buying into early access granted you far more than your moneys worth in rewards and the ability to play the game early. Yes, xbox has a new map, so what? You had the ability to play the game long enough to unlock every class for free before they even got the ability to play the game. Stop being so self centred and entitled when you deserve exactly nothing.
  23. The same reason some of the special enemies force you to not use x thing for the entirety of that chaos tier. To basically shove "variety" down peoples throats. This would of course be fine if the maps were even close to being balanced, and if half of them weren't just obnoxious chores to play on. I am perfectly fine with them limited each chaos tier to a set of maps. It makes sense for them to pick maps to suit the particular threats for that specific Chaos tier. It also forces players to learn maps outside their comfort zone. I just want to be able to opt out of maps, or just pick a single map from their chosen set. When trying to push into the next chaos tier it is easier to experiment with different builds if you can stick to 1 map. And like I said, since when pushing we just G-out and lose the maps that we don't want it is simply a needless waste of time. Being limited to a set is fine but not being able to pick what map you want to play on from that group of maps is annoying (and honestly pointless, because you can easily just leave maps you don't enjoy/can't complete until you're on one you can). So much choice and variation is presented to us in this game but it's basically taken away from us most of the time, it's a little dumb.
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