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  1. I'd say the opposite at least right now. Trying to reinvent the wheel with an already established franchise is an incredibly risky move that doesn't really pan out very well all too often, and I think we can all agree that the last thing CG needs when coming right out of the starting gates is a potential failure of a game that alienates both old and new players. DDA might not end up being the best game ever, hell it might not even end up being better than DD1, and it apparently certainly isn't the game for you - but I have a hard time believing that it's going to end up being an objectively bad game, and really that's good enough. CG just needs to put something out that's well received enough that they're on solid footing before going all mad scientist on their main franchise. But it's all subjective. You may see that brief moment of development as the ultimate goal but I'm sure many others really didn't care for it and there's no right or wrong.
  2. The current EA isn't much more than the beta so I'm sure a lot of people (myself included) aren't really touching it until at least the next wave of content. A lot of people also got burned really hard by DD2 as a whole so it shouldn't be too surprising if the numbers aren't as high. The opening of the DDA pitch is entirely about going back "to the roots" of the franchise and recapturing what made DD1 great. It's kind on you if you somehow ended up believing the game would be radically different when that's the opening speech. I'd argue that actually a pretty big point of it was to replace running back and forth to the forge during build phases which was made a completely redundant and tedious mechanic by the more compact maps and removal of the build timer - the same as the scattered mana chests. "This feature would be great for this game if you changed this and added this and that and totally revamped this and reworked that" ultimately means that the feature is in fact not very good for what the given game currently is. A lot has to be done for it to end up being something more than a half-assed mechanic that made the game easier like in DD2 and frankly that time and effort is probably better spent on other things.
  3. No, it's because a lot of people realize that for it to even be remotely balanced it'd have to be redundant as hell unless the entire game was overhauled which is kind of a ridiculous ask just because you want to swap heroes mid wave. Except they're not taking advantage of anybody. This is exactly what many people have been asking and hoping for since DD2 first rolled around and CG has been fully transparent from the get-go as to what this game will be. Because, to many, it's not horribly designed. Gonna be honest at this point I really don't get why you're even here. You're a "long time supporter" but in your own words you hate pretty much everything about the DD franchise and think everything about it beyond the fundamental concept is awful and done wrong, especially with DD1, and yet you decided to drop $40 on a game that's been marketed as not really much more than a remake of DD1. Obviously everyone deserves an opinion but it just kinda seems like going to a restaurant and ordering something you know you hate and then getting mad they served you what you ordered instead of something you actually like.
  4. It's not terrible game design though, because durability is a thing and lesser mobs tear through it. Not to mention they drop loot and give an actual use for AoE towers - if waves got reduced down to just "the hardest burst" and the filler got removed single target towers would absolutely dominate. Because mid-wave switching is something that only serves to make the game remarkably easier and nothing else. It makes slow building, terrible placement and being fairly undergeared pretty much non-issues and considering they're essentially the 3 biggest loss conditions that's a big impact. Many people didn't want it back. Yeah... I feel a bit bad ragging on it because it's someone's work but it's just... Bad. It feels a whole lot like a shoddy mobile game UI and the inputs being laid out for Switch even on the PC version bothers me for some reason.
  5. The upgrade icon still also seems to be pretty useless at displaying upgrade level at a glance which doesn't help. 1 & 2 nailed it and now we get... A line.
  6. They're supposed to be low because you can focus the mod you're trying to get a good roll of. It'd get a little stale if you could get a specific rank 9/10 in a couple of hours of gameplay.
  7. Well that's... Essentially what you're doing. We lost the ability to essentially bring everything to a halt for long periods of time with cookie cutter builds and now suddenly the game has no strategy? The game hasn't gained or lost any amount of strategy. We've just replaced cramming more cc for success with cramming more damage for success. There's not really a whole lot of difference at the end of the day and neither is particularly "strategic". We'll most likely be seeing more wall buffs and more cc options anyway.
  8. It's a bit of a stretch to promote "stunlock everything" as genuine "strategy".
  9. It was a well deserved nerf, though. The stunlock cheese was over the top. It's not as if CC is useless now anyway. You can still massively slow things down and there's now far more ways to do it. I'm not sure how that makes "less stuff viable" besides the fact fissures are pretty crap now.
  10. That's because clicker games really don't do the "rebirth/prestige" mechanic any justice. Some games (and modified versions of games I.E private servers) pull it off really well and make great use of it without it being extremely tedious. Although, if I'm being completely honest, I'm not sure how it would really fit into DD or be useful in any way. It seems kind of unnecessary to me.
  11. Well, what's the reason to play right now? There literally isn't one. I hate to say it but it's getting to the point where everything is "too little, too late". Trendy has spent years developing a game that currently has a couple of dozen hours of "meh" content and not much else - which is mind boggling considering they already had the formula for a great game with DD1. They've pretty much excluded every feature that made DD1 great from this game. Maybe the player base will recover a bit when we're given actual worthwhile content to play, but I doubt it will change much. We need a lot more changes than just a new mode to make DD2 have any kind of longevity.
  12. To be honest I don't even think it's that we want trading itself. We just want a loot system that holds enough variance and complexity to make trading something that's worth considering. The straight up linear progression DD2 has right now is just... Uninspiring at best (and that's without mentioning the other issues it has at least right now). There's no "rare" or "special" loot you can shoot for outside of mastery. Nothing to strive for other than a gradual stat increase in your gear. There's not really a "oh wow yeah I finally got it!" or anything of the like. The passives system may have had some issues but at least it shook up progression a little. Finally finding something with the right stats and passive actually felt good, as opposed to the system we have now where you're basically guaranteed that almost every drop is "better" than what you have on until you cap. It doesn't feel at all rewarding. @Fozzie So? It's not as if they're bypassing some intense 300 hour grind to obtain rare items and eventually progress. They'd basically be bypassing 10-15 hours of meh game play due to how completely linear the gearing system is anyway. I'm not "for" people being boosted or whatever on any game but in DD2 it's not like it matters all that much. Although, obviously, if we were to get trading the gearing system would blatantly be changed so it's all irrelevant anyway.
  13. They didn't "take out trading" they altered the system so trades had to be for equal value. This created a ton of issues since a lot of items were massively cheaper or more expensive than the price the game thought they were worth. It also altered PvP so instead of getting the equipment your opponents were wearing when killing them you'd get some random worthless trash unless you spent hours boosting. You could kill someone that was risking 500m worth of stuff and only get a drop worth 10k, it killed PvP which was what all the complaints were about. Also, 2011 was when things were returned to normal. The entire system was a crappy band-aid fix to RWT issues. Funnily enough, the "no trading" mode implemented in Runescape today is incredibly popular.
  14. You just have your nostalgia goggles on. What is meaningful about someone handing god tier gear to their noob friend? Is that actually progressing through the game? No. So clearly that wasn't what I was talking about. People being able to give things away doesn't detract from the fact the progression was a lot more meaningful and far more fleshed out. DD2 lacks any kind of substance, in it's current state it probably "lasts" less than 50 hours of playtime and beyond that point you're just playing for the sake of it and not really achieving anything at all. In my opinion that's pretty poor for a full release sequel especially when the first game had far more replay-ability. I'm not looking at this through tinted lenses either. I actually went back to DD1 a few months ago and it's far from a perfect game. What baffles me is that they fixed almost everything that was annoying about DD1 in DD2 but barely transferred anything that made DD1 good.
  15. You obviously never played DD1. If you did you would know what I was talking about. DD1 had easy, normal, hard, insane and Nightmare. The jump was noticeably from difficulty to difficulty. Unlike chaos levels. The only difference is names of the difficulty levels. And that's a pretty petty thing to be upset about. Would you be happier if Chaos 1 was renamed to Easy Just going to say that the different chaos tiers are in almost no way comparable to DD1's difficulties which I think was the point he was trying to get across. Progression in DD1 felt quite meaningful where as in DD2 it just feels... Meh. Well, DD1 was far from being "amazing" to begin with. It took a fair few updates, changes and DLC's to put the game into a "good" place where it had a lot of replayability and genuine meaningful progression - but of course that's to be expected when a team is making a brand new game. I really feel like they could have used some of that magic DD1 formula in the making of DD2 though. They had the chance to build upon a pretty great game and make it even better but instead chose to waste years messing around with a from scratch game just to end up with what's honestly a worse product than DD1. It should, imo, at least have been just as good from the get-go considering they had all the magic to make it happen sitting right in front of them after years of figuring it out previously.
  16. Uh... Actually you can't even touch auras/traps in like half of the chaos tiers, same with any projectile defences. Considering most people don't spend a ton of time playing in C7 since there's literally no point that means for quite a good portion of the games playtime you're pushed into using quite a small selection of defences (especially if you don't have all the paid heroes). Sure you can, placement is key.... otherwise just decorate the whole map with hem... it´ll work. That´s not even the point... the point is doing meta´s on every map (or every other for that matter) makes the game dull. I´m talking diversity here... No... You can't unless you're already beyond the point of actually being in that chaos tier. (I'd love to see you start a new account and progress through the entire game using only the things that're hard countered in the chaos tier you're in if it's so "possible"). Yes and we're basically forced into meta even more via the braindead decision to put hard counters into the game. Diversity achieved by saying "NO YOU CAN'T DO THIS I DON'T LET YOU HAHA" isn't real diversity, is it? Imagine if you were blocked off from taking your normal route home from school/work to "make things different". Sure, for the first few days it's "different" and some "diversity" but within a couple of weeks there's nothing diverse or different about it anymore - it's become your new normal route. We've been seeing a similar thing within DD2. To start with, we HAD to use certain defences because they were so powerful and the game so overtuned. Now that things are actually balanced and everything is actually viable we're told what we can and can't use throughout our entire journey through the game. I don't understand why there's people even defending it - it doesn't break the meta what-so-ever, it just creates different sets of metas for each scenario and enforces them.
  17. Uh... Actually you can't even touch auras/traps in like half of the chaos tiers, same with any projectile defences. Considering most people don't spend a ton of time playing in C7 since there's literally no point that means for quite a good portion of the games playtime you're pushed into using quite a small selection of defences (especially if you don't have all the paid heroes). There's not much fun or challenge in practically being outright forced to use FA's/flamethrowers for half of your playtime or switching that to cannons/PDT's. It's dull. You can only really start doing absolutely whatever you want once you have over-leveled gear in C7 and by that point there's not much reason for you to even be playing anymore.
  18. I agree. There´s no challenge in doing the META on all maps. We're effectively forced even harder into a meta by the restrictions placed upon us the entire way through the games progression.
  19. I hate to be mean but that just sounds like a you problem. You're clearly not building right - watch a video of a build and try again. You can always beat the next tier up with gear that's about 1/2 to 3/4 of the max of your current tier.
  20. 1) Not at every tier with relevant gear, it isn't. 2) Except it's a dumb concept. The encounters should provide a challenge (like lady orcs forcing you to learn how to properly place walls, or get severely punished for your bad placement.). "If you place this trap it'll get deactivated for the whole wave" or "If you place this tower it'll destroy all your other defences due to this mob" isn't a challenge. 3) Yeah, that's possible when you're over geared. As is completing an entire c7 map while afk without upgrading/repairing anything. The original problem was that a single defence was so massively stronger than everything else (first traps, then PDT's) and the game was so overtuned that we were pretty much completely forced into using those until we had maxed out everything - and even then using other stuff was a bit of a struggle. Balance is far better now - but the hard counters basically render all that re-balancing work on Trendy's part redundant for most of the playtime and progression currently. For most of the game at this point we're just shoe-horned from one type of defence to another and back again - is that really much better than before? Not in my eyes. These "challenging" enemies should be just that, a challenge. I don't see "if you place floor defences they'll get disabled" as much of a challenge, personally. I'd much rather see the hard counters replaced with mobs that provide a genuine challenge and have my freedom to build however I like restored.
  21. There's still a basic meta in every tier for dealing with the hard counter. Not much of a difference, is it? Also chaos certainly isn't "challenging".
  22. The game is in full release. Chaos is pretty much all there is to do repeatedly. Chaos is endgame for the foreseeable future.
  23. 'Cause hard counters simply aren't fun.
  24. Yeah... Difficult building a brand new game without years of testing and adjustments on a previous game finding out what people enjoy. Shame.
  25. Which is the total opposite of what TE wants. They want us to care about the stats rolled, not an arbitrary number. What? iPWR is effectively still there - we just can't see it, we have to work it out via sell values which is a whole mess of unnecessary complication. The stats rolled mean virtually nothing. By the time you're in c5 you can have an item that's the same rarity as what you have equipped but that has 100+ less main stat that the game considers "better" than what you have equipped.
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