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  1. I'm not sure I'd really call it a "challenge" considering neither timers nor being locked into a hero really did much to make DD1 more difficult outside of maybe your first play through of a map if you hadn't done it on a non-timed difficulty before. Build timers are something I believe especially need to not return. They've historically added nothing to the game (only being relevant because of the massively drawn out time it took to summon minions in DD1) but as someone pointed out on here they can pretty much make the game impossible for people with disabilities. That's something that pretty heavily depends on how the game is designed, imo. For instance with how DD2 is designed it's something that's almost pointless. It certainly doesn't make the game any easier. But if we're going back to having tons of different item effects, pet uses etc it's probably best to keep it out of DDA.
  2. Yeah, for the players such as yourself that have like 2x the stats it takes to beat 90% of the content in the game. They're pretty much an integral part of the game until you're at the point where you're stomping on content because they're literally free additional damage and the perfect walls. Which is why they'd very obviously have to be re-balanced if they used DU instead of a separate unit. For many reasons. Absolutely none of which have anything to do with the game not having "minion units".
  3. It's a hard pass from me. Dailies don't belong in MTX-less B2P games with a heavy focus on large amounts of grinding. Especially when they're generic and add exactly nothing to the game. Maybe a weekly/monthly challenge system like OMD:U had could be interesting because it actually offered a genuine "challenge", much like DD1's challenge maps, instead of just throwing rewards at people for doing something generic that they were going to do anyway.
  4. You mean they're a method to make the game seem more active. They don't really do much to make the game more active, especially when the developers make them essentially the "center" of the game and there's nothing much to do other than them. That's why the majority of f2p games heavily feature login rewards and daily quests. Most of them are backed by investors that obviously want to see the game they're sticking money into doing "well", and login rewards and daily quests are a cheap method of making a game seem like it's doing far better player wise than it actually is.
  5. I'm going to be sad if it doesn't end up being something ridiculous like a giant frying pan or q-tip.
  6. I'd say that outside of the PDT her defenses in DD2 are far inferior to what they were in DD1. I think I've seen maybe one or two people use her traps since back when they were "meta" in like 2015 or whenever it was. I'd quite like to see the proximity and inferno traps returning along with the PDT and something new.
  7. I find it hard to understand the hate for copters, even more so after starting DD1 over again recently. I'm guessing a lot of people struggled with them back in the day and that's all they can remember? You don't even need to "play around" copters unless you're massively under-geared for a map. They spawn in wyvern lanes where you should already have defenses set up, and to make it even easier on a lot of maps most wyvern lanes are something your defenses will deal with long before the mobs come close to being "on" the map which means the ogres the copters carry get insta-killed. On most maps you get plenty of time to deal with them before they're able to drop the ogre off and they're not even remotely a threat if you can stop that. King's Game is the only map I can think of where they regularly manage to drop ogres off and that's only because it seems like the drop off points are at the sides of the map instead of being close to the crystals for some reason. Other than that they're basically a joke.
  8. Well you'd have to look at more than just character stats to balance such a thing, at least how I see it. Especially if you're wanting to make the stat actually "useful" and not just "at hard cap you can place like maybe 2 more mid-DU defenses in a map". You'd need to look at the design of the defenses themselves, how upgrades scale, types of mobs in the game, how fast mobs come at you, how many mobs will spawn at a time, mob caps on AoE defenses and probably a bunch of other stuff I'm not even considering. It certainly wouldn't be an easy task and considering CG has traditionally been bad at just balancing the defenses... Idk.
  9. Not really sure that adding more ways to increase DU is a good idea, especially as an overall game mechanic. If the maps are balanced around their core DU value then you can basically make the game a joke by being able to place numerous extra defenses. (Or if it's only a tiny increase like on King's Game then it's not even worth thinking about). And if the maps are balanced around the extra DU you can possibly get then you're basically forced into using it - at which point it isn't really "increasing" DU because it's the "intended" amount to be used. Might as well just stick to the original amounts and avoid the headache that such a system will cause new players. DD1's Summoner showed off both of these things really.
  10. I get the premise but put into action it doesn't seem like it really does much. Build phases beyond the first are normally instant skipped with the exception of the lost temple on DD2 and the 2nd wave on some maps on DD1 to place all the summoner minions which I don't think is something we'll need to worry about in DDA. For the longest time I wanted an "endless" mode but at this point I'm not sure. DD2 showed that it's something that's kind of hard to implement into the game properly because it's something that's very difficult to balance in terms of rewards. I think the biggest issue is you can't really put in much of an incentive for people to "push" the endless aspect much farther than the longer DD1 survivals go, which largely makes it pointless beyond the novelty of having something that's "endless". You can't really have more powerful stuff start dropping numerous hours in because 1) it promotes unhealthy play and 2) screws people that don't have huge chunks of free time, and "novelty" rewards only attract so much interest (as DD2 showed). As much as I'm a fan of endless game modes I really don't imagine it's even worth CG's effort trying to implement at this point, especially seeing as they're more than likely going to be on a pretty tight schedule developing DDA.
  11. You might as well just say you want onslaught mutators back. As I've said on here a couple of times now, DD2 has taught us that such a system doesn't achieve all that much. It's just a false sense of diversity when in reality you're still using a handful of meta towers map after map. In fact in the long run you're probably on average putting the exact same defenses on every single map. Forcing people into doing things "differently" isn't ever going to have the desired outcome, especially if the fundamental balance of the game is bad. It's either just going to be pointless and achieve virtually nothing or it's going to be extremely invasive and irritating, DD2 has seen both ends of this.
  12. Because it encourages people to play different things and gives people control over what they're doing, along with a myriad of other reasons. If the game is devolved into "BiS items can drop anywhere" it becomes unfun. Almost everyone is just going to farm the fastest map with the fastest most brain dead build over and over until they burn out from the fact that they have no idea what they're even chasing after, they're making no actual "progress" towards it and doing anything other than what they're doing is a waste of time. There's such a thing as too much randomness. DD2 has told us that multiple times now. Very few people enjoy grinding their asses off with no sense of direction or progressing any closer to what they're grinding for.
  13. Instead of Companion Cubes we can have Lament Configuration pets and use them as the main currency.
  14. It isn't a terrible system but I think a problem with it is that (at least to me) it feels like it was just tacked onto the game to make up for the fact that gear progression in DD2 is incredibly lacking. It's not really an appropriate substitute for a proper long term gear progression system. Ironically with ascension stats capping at 999 it's probably substantially easier and less time consuming to max your ascension stats than it is getting maxed out gear or even close to it on even a single character on DD1. It wouldn't be so bad as more of a sidelined thing but god I hope we don't have ascension/infinite leveling as our main form of progression again. Getting cool, rare loot is far more fun than steadily leveling up over and over.
  15. Eh, I recently started DD1 from scratch again and I have to say that base levels and the act of leveling up itself doesn't really feel like any more of a big deal than in DD2. It's the fact that gear progression is level restricted that makes it more rewarding and impactful. The points you get from each level aren't really any more effective than they are in DD2 but every x levels you're gaining access to a new tier of gear that can be substantially more powerful. It's why I'm hoping we'll see a much more DD1-like progression system overall.
  16. Perhaps it's a bit early on to be asking this but - Are the maps going to get progressively more difficult and more rewarding as you go through the campaign and DLC list like in DD1, or is the difficulty going to be largely the same on all maps like DD2? Will we be getting survival? Are pets going to be made great again and an integral gear piece like in DD1?
  17. Well most people leeched their characters in DD1 with an emulator anyway, it's not much different except being a huge headache. I'd much rather experience be shared across your characters than having everyone go back to only playing alone as 4 characters at once.
  18. Building very quickly (to beat a map as fast as possible) requires skill. Playing against build timers doesn't really. On most maps you don't get enough starting mana to need the full timer even if you're not all that fast. And timers after the first wave are largely irrelevant, even when you needed to spend time summoning a couple dozen minions in DD1. Some kind of heavily time restricted mode could actually be pretty cool (somewhat like the extreme building/wave timers in DD2's mastery). But I'm not sure about slapping timers on everything again. If they're going to be fairly lax like in DD1 there's basically no point and if they're going to be very strict it'll probably put a ton of people off the game, a lot of people just like to chill out when they're doing the same content for the 1000th time.
  19. I can't really see how the hard counters in chaos can be made "less hard counters" without entirely redesigning them into new enemies with new abilities, at which point they're not really chaos enemies anymore. And honestly I think chaos enemies in general (even the non hard counters) being a good idea entirely depends on the mechanics and defenses DDA will have. For example adding lady orcs/chaos assassins if there's no slow/CC will just make the game a miserable experience. Well, as I said in another thread the reality of mutators is that they actually hinder build variety. Granted, they shove a couple of extra defenses into the "meta" of the game by making them almost mandatory on certain lanes but they also massively limit how you can build and actively discourage use of the majority of defenses. At the end of the day you still end up using basically the same handful of defenses over and over only with mutators active you have no choice over it. There's also map design, which is often overlooked. If the overall goal is to encourage building differently on different maps then maps can be designed in ways to promote that without forcing it. The Bowling Ball Turret in DD1 is a good example of how map design affects defenses. It's a bit of an unorthodox tower with the potential to be extremely powerful in certain places, but there's so little useful positions for it that it's just forgotten about. There's a whole lot of potential for breaking up the meta and implementing fun, wacky towers and making them useful with map design. I hope it's something we see utilized.
  20. Well you have to actually be able to afford the items. As long as the currency distribution isn't crazy high in the lower-mid difficulties I don't think there'll be much issue with people "skipping" a lot of content because it'll take longer for them to acquire the currency to do so than it would to just do the content and progress normally. Maybe in the very long run the game will be so saturated with upper-tier stuff that it becomes cheap enough for people to skip content such as you can in DD1. But after numerous years I don't feel like people skipping the mid-game is that big of a deal.
  21. Even with mutators there's still a solid meta for each one, you just said that yourself. Shoving a couple more defenses into the meta and making the others even more unappealing doesn't do much to actually help diversity, it hinders it. I wouldn't mind the system being turned into something that makes the game (or perhaps just a game mode) harder without forcing you into using certain defenses, but I'm not all that keen on having choices taken away from me again after that being almost all of DD2's basis. Well I doubt levels will go very high without ascension and I can't imagine ascension is something returning (unless I missed CG saying something?) so AP isn't going to do much on it's own.
  22. Personally I can't stand the forced "diversity" most of the chaos enemies and a lot of the mutators put upon us, because it achieves nothing. It removes the ability for players to actually build however they want and pigeonholes them into using a handful of defenses. of which they're more likely to choose the meta defense(s). Telling someone to "be more creative" while removing most of the tools you gave them to do so doesn't work well. I think you mean ascension? AP is the reset mechanic.
  23. Well, one thing to consider is that this is an indie game made on a relatively small budget in what's targeted to be a fairly tiny time frame. If they try and redesign every aspect of the game we're going to end up with a really messed up half-baked game on release that might not ever get fully fixed (much like DD2). I'm probably going to sound a bit rude saying this - but after seeing how the various iterations of DD2 have gone I personally don't want a "new" game. I don't hate the game but CG took their shot at something "new" and then spent 4? years trying to pad it out and it's still a hollow shell of a game with little meaning and only a small amount of meaningful progression. It's arguably less of a game than DD1 - people certainly aren't going to be grinding it out still in 7 years time. I imagine that it'd have been a far greater game if CG had of started it as a "modernized" DD1 and spent the last 4 years developing and adding to it instead of doing everything over and over again.
  24. Only true if the difficulty is basically "static", like it is in DD2 (at least it was last I played). Chaos 2 is chaos 2 no matter the map. Chaos 4 is chaos 4 no matter the map. There's no actual progression outside of the difficulty level itself. In DD1 the maps got progressively harder as you went on. More waves, more mobs per wave, higher mob hp, etc. This meant there was genuine progression inside each difficulty and you weren't just dominating every map as soon as you got your first gear set from that difficulty. DD1 had a much better system IMO and I hope it returns.
  25. Except for the part where all the shard enemies are actually insanely easy to deal with. Build in chokes like you should be doing and Sharkens/Djinns might as well not even exist. And if you really want to build in some weird spot then gas traps stop them (although your defenses should be easily killing them anyway). Spiders have set spawn points. You can deal with them with any defense once you learn where those are. And if you're building "normally" then you'll generally have aura stacks over their spawns anyway so it's something you don't even have to think about unless you're trying something odd. Copters are a joke on most maps. You can deal with them using anything as long as you know where they're coming from. In a bunch of cases you can stop them even getting ogres onto the map. None of these mobs are even close to being "hard counters" to anything. There's optimal ways for dealing with them (as is the case with everything) but you can technically use whatever the hell you want.
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