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  1. I assume the chatbox is supposed to go on the left but it looks seriously strange having the UI elements so biased to one side. The defense upgrade/sell/repair hotkeys being displayed in a d-pad formation while on a PC seems kind of odd especially when the other hotkeys are displayed in a more normal way. It looks like the wave progress bar depletes down as you progress through waves, but honestly I think it looks far better if it fills up as you progress through a wave like it does in DD1. And I guess since it's just pictures I may be missing it but the bar seems very blocky and static where as the DD1 bar was very "fluid" and animated. The indication of what level your defense is upgraded to doesn't seem to have changed (?). If that's the case it's still a pretty serious visibility issue. As others have said, the prompt when hovering over a tower are both really unaligned and look kind of obnoxious and out of place. And while it's a bit off the UI topic - I'm hoping you guys have looked into the auto-targeting on repair/upgrade as having to manually target everything is incredibly cumbersome. Maybe it's the ARPG addict in me but overall I think UI's that are center-biased are much better looking and more functional.
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    Yes, I'm aware why you get a boost early on. But the thing is the distribution of mana across waves still just feels slightly jarring and unpleasant and it doesn't exactly need to considering DD1 and 2 both did it fine. I wouldn't put too much stock in this being a "starter map" issue, since while I could be massively wrong I doubt they're individually handcrafting every maps mana distribution and instead it's done via some type of formula based on DU limit. Yeah, but A) you're massively overleveled on an easy map on a difficulty that really still needs rebalancing and B) again, the total amount of mana gained in a map isn't really the issue. Even then, if you want to mostly rely on traps and auras mana is fairly tight. Thing is, while it's really just something that feels a bit odd at this point there's a serious potential for it to become an actual issue on harder maps and higher difficulties. It's easy to sit back and say everything's fine when you're crazy overpowered so your towers 1 hit everything so you don't need to really repair walls or use auras etc. It's a bit of a different story when you need walls and aura stacks in 5-6 different lanes and the difficulty is actually threatening so everything needs to be repaired multiple times a wave. I'm glad CG seem to be at least somewhat aware of it being a bit off.
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    Unless something's changed since I played (doesn't seem to be the case) it's not really the overall amount of mana per map that's a bit of an issue but rather the way it's distributed. at least in survival. You get a large chunk in the opening waves but as you progress you seem to get less and less per wave despite killing substantially more mobs which just doesn't feel right.
  4. After actually looking at the numbers I really don't think it's that big of a deal. It very much seems as though DDA is using the same experience per level formula as DD1 but we're getting less experience per map. Seems like I'm getting roughly 2/3 of the experience I did on DD1 although the experience per map on DDA seems a bit more erratic so it's hard to perfectly tell. If you're just looking at people leveling characters one at a time on DD1 then yeah, this is quite a bit faster. But given that realistically very few people maxed all the DD1 characters one by one and most used multiple controllers or emulators to run 4 characters per map anyway this is actually likely to be a bit slower overall. Gonna be honest, after reading a few of your posts you really seem way too attached to the idea that this game will be literally nothing more than a straight up rip of DD1 with DD2's deck lazily tacked onto it. Give CG some credit. Yeah, and that's actually the exact flaw in DD1 that the hero deck and experience share can potentially fix. DD1 was real easy and dull all the way up until the moment it becomes literally impossible and you have to revert back to the dull and easy levels. I've played many, many progression based games and I struggle to think of one with a more jarring progression than DD1's. The experience sharing of the hero deck softens the extremely jarring transition between needing one character to beat a level and needing multiple if not all of them. And contrary to what you seem to be set on believing, it doesn't mean the game has to be innately easier or that the grind will be gone.
  5. It does in a game with trading, progression, an economy and most likely leaderboards. Especially in DDA where loot is going to be instanced so you'll be farming 4x faster than someone playing "normally". All difficulties in all DD games scale with the number of players as far as I remember. It doesn't really solve anything. The EXP sharing definitely helps but the generous loot doesn't really matter. Whether loot drops are incredibly stingy or they rain down on you, there's not really a situation where getting 4x more isn't better especially when you can sell off stuff to help you progress.
  6. King's game, Tavern defense, Liferoot and Drakenfrost keep.
  7. You don't need to state it though because it's how the progression really works. I don't know how long it's been since you actually went all the way through DD1 from scratch but I did it recently and it wasn't pleasant. I progressed all the way up to nightmare, got a bunch of early nightmare gear and then hit the "you really need multiple characters" wall and had to spend way too long AFKing my way through insane runs that were absolutely no challenge and provided me with basically nothing beyond experience since I had a bunch of higher tier gear. There's no need for a game to have a bunch of arbitrary time gating that essentially amounts to what you call a "chore", especially if it's mandatory. If you enjoy that, then that's great, but it doesn't make it a good design choice nor does it make it any better for the game. Endgame players should be separated from the rest via how good they are at the game and a meaningful progression curve, not a bunch of inflated AFK gating. I'll admit that at this stage the 100% experience share seems a bit overboard but really it's still too early to say for sure. For all we know experience rates have been inflated for the beta or the full game is actually balanced around leveling quickly. My point is you don't need to try anything with no movement speed because by the time you're on difficulty settings with a build timer it takes one piece of gear with hero speed on it to cap out. The cap is so small and stat distribution so plentiful that it's almost a completely irrelevant stat. I agree. But as I said, what sets apart people in the endgame from everyone else should be something with more substance and challenge than "afk through these easy maps for 20 hours". It's much more engaging and rewarding to know you're part of the endgame player base because you're actually good at the game than it is to know you're part of the endgame player base because you don't mind AFK leveling.
  8. Leading with a low level Pokemon and switching to a high level first turn to one shot everything isn't a "challenge". There's nothing remotely difficult about it. It's also not really an apt comparison given that Pokemon plays out quite differently to DD. You don't NEED to sit there for hours on end doing an incredibly boring task just to enjoy all of a Pokemon game. ... What? I'm struggling to understand the point behind this. Yes, we'll be able to build faster overall. That's also why build timers will be much shorter. You're comparing apples to oranges with no real point. Well since you play PoE I'll give an analogy on why DD1's level gating and system is dumb. Imagine if once you beat A10 Kitava you had to go and spend like 15 hours hours AFKing in a level 10 zone with no rewards before being allowed to transition to maps. Except you can't fully AFK you have to run through a 2-3 minute long zone every 10-15 minutes. I love PoE enough to grind out a HH and a mirror every league but I sure as hell wouldn't be playing it if such dumb, unengaging gating was in place. I mean, I just hopped on DD1 and checked and the actual cap on movement speed is very low. The rock is also the only thing I remember lowering speed and it's not a spectacular pet anyway. It's not like movement speed was some 200IQ part of the game you needed to constantly be on top of. I'm sorry but there's just about nothing rewarding about AFKing easy as hell content for hours on end. It's interesting that you talk so much about "challenge" and difficulty yet you'd rather people be gated by sheer time spent on easy as hell content than legitimate skill and challenges.
  9. It's not the same, though. When you're after gear you can do whatever you want. You can run around on an upgrade character, a DPS character or just AFK (unless you're pushing into a new map). You have the freedom to be as engaged with the game as you want. That's entertaining. But when you're leveling a character with DD1's system that freedom goes away. If you want to level a builder you're basically forced to do nothing beyond the build phase. As I've said in another thread, AFKing is fine sometimes but when you're forced to do nothing but AFK and can't make meaningful interaction with the game for hours on end what's really the point? You're no longer really "playing" it. And I agree. Endgame in any progression based game should take time, effort and skill to break into. But when most of the separation between mid and end game is just AFKing for hours to level up characters that's a progression and design flaw. I'd much rather have that non-engaging level grind that encouraged the community to be incredibly anti-social be smoothed out and have it replaced with an actual gear grind even if it takes longer. Well, for one, the hero boosts negate the rocks penalty anyway. Two, if we had forge swapping, pets like the rock and potentially others we don't know of probably wouldn't be very viable anyway. I don't think I've ever known anyone to really use DD1's rock. Three, there's still a penalty. You're animation locked and unable to build anything for 2-3 seconds after swapping a hero. That's quite a lot of time when you're on a short timer and I wouldn't be surprised if we end up with maps that encourage swapping as little as possible. Side note: damn it's great to have pets that actually make a meaningful impact on the game again.
  10. Gonna be honest as much as I like that they've brought everything back from DD1 I think the cannonball tower should just be reworked. It's the one tower that's so flawed on a mechanical level no amount of balance can make it worthwhile.
  11. No one was ever "truly playing the game" when leveling beyond their initial character in DD1 anyway. If you think being essentially forced into AFKing easy maps that you gain really nothing from for tens of hours was brilliant gameplay I'd like some of what you're smoking. Forge swapping with timers balanced around it isn't any more of a challenge than having instant swapping with shorter timers. The "challenge" aspect is still there and could even be made harder, only difference is the walking simulator gameplay that served no purpose other than the inflate build times is gone. I wont miss it. In a game built around running the same maps hundreds if not thousands of times there's no need to artificially inflate how long a map takes, especially not with a task as menial as walking back and forth.
  12. That's because this is a limited beta, there's no balance and only the first 4 levels of the game. You could also run through those levels like they were nothing on DD1 and DD2 in their full releases so it's kind of irrelevant how easily you're stomping the game. More like it encouraged people to run an emulator and be anti-social to get the grind over with and progress faster. There's like 200+ people on DD1 right now and 2 multiplayer lobbies.
  13. Everyone here enjoys grinding. It's the entire point of a gear based game like DD. I doubt many people are backing and pre-ordering just to play through the short storyline one time and be done with the game, especially when DD games aren't exactly lore-driven masterpieces. The issue with DD1's leveling system isn't "omg I have to grind!!!". The thing is, as far as I'm aware at least (haven't actually tried out Risk of Rain) your runs on it aren't gated at the mid point by you needing to basically afk-leech your current character with your previous for 2-3 hours to hit a breakpoint before you can progress. You're comparing apples to oranges because they're entirely different types of grinds and scenarios. Leveling a single character at a time may have been perfectly fine during the vanilla game when you only really "needed" one character to succeed and the exp curve was fairly small but the DLC's definitely changed that, and we'll likely see the same with DDA. DD games just aren't "set up" correctly for DD1's leveling system. If you're trying to level a new character past a breakpoint when progressing or even just leveling a builder you're basically not even playing the game because there's nothing you can do during the waves. While I'm all for being lazy and "afking" through maps now and then a grind should never be forced on you that's so non-engaging that your only option is to essentially do nothing for a few hours until you have the desired results. I do admit that every character gaining full exp is a bit much but the concept is definitely sound. No but it does come down to things that damage the game overall like emulators in DD1 and the vast period of DD2's life where people played pretty much only alone.
  14. It's not so much that the gameplay isn't "good enough" and more that it's just not really what gear progression based games like DD are really about. Playing limited content in them over and over is still fun but just for different reason and with different motivation. I started DD1 fresh again a couple of months ago and the leveling process was pretty awful, by a large margin the worst part of the game. You pretty quickly hit a wall where you need to spend multiple hours grinding nothing but XP for your character to break through and pretty soon after that you're in need of basically every character leveled up to continue. It's so incredibly boring sitting there for probably a dozen or so hours repeating the same easy map whilst making no real progression. Hell, you can't even really do anything other than sit there when you're leveling builders for hours on end. It's just bad for the health of the game. It punishes people for trying to experiment early game, it stagnates progression with pointless grind and it encourages people to cheese the system with things like emulators, which pretty much everyone that's been playing over the last few years does because otherwise they're progressing at 1/4 the speed. I mean, I play multiple games with vocal communities some even with sites tracking the things people use - a huge amount of most games player bases end up using whatever is meta or OP. Hell, just look at DD2 all you'd ever really see anyone using was whatever was strongest at that point in time - traps in the early days, then PDT's, then flame auras, then weapon mans. You're right - most people want fun. DD games, like a lot of progression based games, are undoubtedly more fun late game. A lot of people like to take the path of least resistance there. Your average player will cheese literally everything they can just look at the current Pokemon scene where huge amounts of players are risking corrupting their saves just to farm pointless money or target farm raids.
  15. So much this. It also really doesn't help that the repairing/building/upgrading animation pulls your cursor down towards the ground and seems to randomly lock it in place for up to a handful of seconds. The overhead DD1 view could do with a bit of work too, imo. Selecting a tower to place seems to have a brief animation lock too it's really jarring. As for performance I really wouldn't worry too much. We'll likely see a decent bit of optimization even during the beta period.
  16. How does it? Leveling heroes one by one in DD1 was not only an absolutely pointless boring chore it pigeonholed people into playing alone with 4 of their characters at once to save themselves dying of outright boredom. Striving to create artificial "length" of gameplay by adding pointless grind just encourages people to either cheese the system or cheat which in itself hurts the lifespan of the game for a lot of people. You mean it forced you to have a certain amount of hero speed and casting rate to build properly with multiple heroes or you could just fall back on the same "OP" defenses. It doesn't make the game "more tactical" or "harder" because the building phase timer is set up to account for the fact you need to run back and forth to the forge multiple times. The only thing it really does is, as you say, bring the overall speed down. But to that I'd say again that artificial inflation of gameplay length is pointless and only serves to dissuade people from the game. When the only thing the mechanic does is make you waste 1-3 minutes running between the forge and lanes at the start of the map then seriously what's the point? It's not fun especially when you're aiming for end game progression and doing the same thing hundreds if not thousands of times over and over. Shift while hovering over it. Yeah and the upgrade icons really need to be changed back to how they were in the other games. Auras aren't so bad but it's kinda hard to see what level towers are. The hitboxes for most things are slightly off from what I've noticed. It's a bit irritating.
  17. Yeah the timer is definitely far too long currently. It's a real drag wasting so much time just waiting for something to happen.
  18. I noticed mine visually chaining to nothing the other day. Like they'd be targeting thin air even through enemies were in range, maybe that has something to do with it.
  19. As opposed to DD1 where the system strong-armed people into running an emulator so they could bring 4 of their own characters into every map. "A short story mode" with multiple difficulties to progress through that will probably take a 3 digit figure of hours to climb up before you even begin to work on obtaining the "good" gear. How very lacking in replay value that is as opposed to leveling characters one at a time on the same difficulty that you can cheese easily.
  20. This has always been the case though and it's for good reason. Traps and auras are both really strong AoE defenses and auras have vertical range and don't need line of sight to work. Both also provide crazy utility. They need some kind of drawback, and honestly in my opinion it's better they have low health than to lower their range or damage or something. Gear naturally bumps them up to a point where you don't need to worry about them disappearing before long anyway, so it pretty quickly stops being an issue. Hell, I've only played about 4 hours and my auras comfortably last a full 5 wives and some.
  21. Eh. The mana in DD2 was at least properly "balanced" and allowed you to fully max most non-spam builds in a regular run. The mana in the beta honestly seems like it's either bugged or just not properly sorted out yet. Seemed to me like I was getting less mana on wave ~20 than wave 3 or so despite the fact you're killing like 100x the amount of mobs. It can't be right.
  22. Yeah but "keep it simple" doesn't mean it needs to look so out of place. DD2's UI was simplistic but still fit in with the aesthetic and style of the game really well. It was also far more appropriately portioned at least IMO. Yeah, and I struggle to believe I'd be able to actually read anything on the UI properly while in splitscreen from the distance away most people are when playing on a console. I certainly wouldn't be able to decipher something like whether a tower is t1 or 2 or 3 from a glance.
  23. So right off the bat I've gotta say I'm impressed. Personally I was after a more modernized and user friendly take on DD1 and that's exactly what we seem to have gotten. Honestly everything seems pretty good to me besides a few small complaints: Maybe it's just me but the UI is definitely a miss. It's just too clean and clinical - it feels like it belongs in a far more "serious" game like Destiny or CoD. To me DD games are far too cartoon-like and cutesy/charming for something so clean and clinical. It goes beyond just looking out of place though, the tower upgrade markers are so unnoticeable they might as well not exist. The range and auto-targeting on the upgrade/sell/repair features is pretty abysmal. The range maybe isn't as big of an issue but the auto-targeting being so poor would probably make mass upgrading in higher level maps a serious chore, and it currently makes upgrading/repairing stacked traps and presumably also auras incredibly difficult. This is level 9001 nitpicking but the faces of the characters look a bit off. And why are they all mouth breathing?
  24. I'm not sure I'd really call it a "challenge" considering neither timers nor being locked into a hero really did much to make DD1 more difficult outside of maybe your first play through of a map if you hadn't done it on a non-timed difficulty before. Build timers are something I believe especially need to not return. They've historically added nothing to the game (only being relevant because of the massively drawn out time it took to summon minions in DD1) but as someone pointed out on here they can pretty much make the game impossible for people with disabilities. That's something that pretty heavily depends on how the game is designed, imo. For instance with how DD2 is designed it's something that's almost pointless. It certainly doesn't make the game any easier. But if we're going back to having tons of different item effects, pet uses etc it's probably best to keep it out of DDA.
  25. Yeah, for the players such as yourself that have like 2x the stats it takes to beat 90% of the content in the game. They're pretty much an integral part of the game until you're at the point where you're stomping on content because they're literally free additional damage and the perfect walls. Which is why they'd very obviously have to be re-balanced if they used DU instead of a separate unit. For many reasons. Absolutely none of which have anything to do with the game not having "minion units".
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