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  1. so if I unlock the currently locked bag, another locked bag will be added and then I can buy that-.. and so on and so on? I noticed I could buy a 16 or 32 slots bag, but didn't realize I could purchase more afterwards? TL;DR: I have to buy the first, to buy the second, to buy the third.. and so on?
  2. I heard of oldschool players having 8 bags as max??
  3. I see an option to purchase 16 slot bag and 32 slot bag, but is this the only extra bag I can achieve?
  4. What do you mean? I just heard about more bagspace n stuff
  5. It is meant to be that way. You can freely swap spheres while building defenses and effects stay. That was the whole idea behind Uber Spheres. They should make a nicer way of switching between the turrets, or simply just let the uber sphere add another turret to your turret-line/ability bar. But yeah.. okay, fair enough. =)
  6. Oh yeah, I heard about this, but that is not seen as a bug? I mean, theyre not planning to fix such thing? Just seems weird to win the game now if the game is easier than it's supposed to be, but kind of cool if harder. Then at release people be like "lol you completed it in alpha when it was easy"
  7. Alright well, thanks for all the answers, guess it's just a matter of wanting to play an unfinished game that'll change throughout the time playing or not. I just thought towers r supposed to be main defense damage whilst the others might be more situational, maybe they r supposed to and will be fixed, then I'll be happy, sure. Seems kind of harsh to be building up a character around trap, or leveling up 3 huntresses to have phys/elem traps and a dpser.. then if changes/updates r made any person that did that would have 2/3 huntresses with weird ass stats that doesn't work, kind of waste of ti
  8. Doesn't seem too reliable, although the best source we have at the moment, yeah? It just annoys me to see how people think it's a fact and they're 100% sure that's one way is the best atm? Guess there's still many combinations, combos and setups that haven't been tried, and in every map. And also.. don't players think it's kind of sad that the actual builders seem kind of useless if traps are better in ever other situation. Or the fact that people choose to play a class just to focus on one tower, trap or alike.. it just seems boring and unbalanced, but people just accept it?
  9. I'm wondering how people figured traps and aura are better than most towers, and that huntress poision tower is very weak.. but I don't see anywhere to read reasons and numbers.. why is the best choices the best? I see a lot of items that upgrades poison tower, if getting the best of the best combination, maybe poision tower would be a strong single target tower? idk, but who knows? and how do you know? .. No detailed descriptions are in-game, I'm just wondering how people can be so sure. TL;DR How can people know what's best when there's no detailed/advanced descriptions ofc towers, spells
  10. So.. what happens if you crit without any crit bonus?.. then it would just be normal damage shown in red colour? lol
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