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  1. I guess these were a rush job to fit in for launch as they are considerably broken when it comes to rewards. You work your ass off to do NMHC assault only to get a common blasticus. Same happened with raining goblins got an uncommon wand. The loot is not scaling to the level of difficulty. Plus Blasticus icon is the same icon as the paintball gun currently so was clearly rushed to put in. I would advise anybody not to bother with challenges right now till they are patched.
  2. Legacy though? As getting that now in Play mode gonna be a lotttt more difficult and if you got one that high already I commend you.
  3. Okay done this been over 3 days now and nothing back..
  4. Logged in this morning and hatched my egg, placed another egg on to start the whole 8 hours again then went to join a friend with my lvl 31 monk. I pressed join I got a few error messages so i closed out of game. Re-opened game and tried to rejoin. The game asked me to make a character which i thought was weird. I did and when i relogged in i lost my characters (3 above lvl 25) all my pets including 2 from the weekend event. My extra 2 bags and the extra pre-order character slots. So not only have I lost my characters my account has been downgraded.
  5. just do it over again.. a spooky run on hard takes about 12 min tops.. and iesnt to hard with a decent group. and being auras are a HUGE help.. a good monk hosting a room will get your 3 dps filled easy and fast. as for the disconects.. yeah those are annoying.. but your crying at having to start a 10 min fight over again is hardly anything to rage over. wait till it blows you offline when your in survival.. wave 20+.. HOURS in... and trendy kicks you off. or trying the strategy only achievement... 10 minutes lost is nothing. wait till the rounds your facing take an hour+ each
  6. I use a pad and prefer it over mouse and keyboard combo personally. Its a more relaxed setup plus I sit back on my chair and play it rather than lean forward on a desk and pull my back.
  7. This is becoming EXTREMLY frustrating now for me. I was on the last wave of halloween spooktacular and just about to start it when I got d/c from the server. This isn't the first time this has happened and usually happens I notice in the evening. I now have lost the chance to get my costume for monk without redoing the ENTIRE level again which is extremly frustrating. Its not my net as everything else works fine and its not my firewall i've been playing fine all day! This just happened now after 6 hours of playing (not all at once had a break to eat :p). Surely you can patch it so we can conti
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