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  1. After the "big update" did your previous premium bags grow in size? If so did the normal bags and premium bags grow to the same size? If yes, did you receive a refund for buying a premium bag? Notes* I did a search for this but trendy needs to fix the thread search feature :have a date posted filter. I do not watch dev blogs as they are a waste of time I do read the patch notes
  2. Great thank you guys, first post in a while, i stopped playing when they released the first Halloween maps. Well looks like i have some work to do on my walls just need the rng gods to fulfill my desires glhf
  3. High end blockade what the the hp you are seeing now? Took a quick look could not find a recent thread. Came out of retirement for about 1 year plus seems like blockade hp went up I am sitting around 375 (t1)k- goal is to have 1 mill with monk boost, is it even possible?
  4. Windows 10 Nivida gpu Intel 5th series processor all system reqs are well above required. I have, validated files 5 times over 7 days, reinstalled 3 times after each hot fix each validate grabs a small 224 kb file Drivers, Windows, steam all updated This is what happens open steam launch dd2 get launcher, hits play dd2 logo in high rez appears in middle of screen wait some time game does not open a window click bottom dd2 icon on task menu game opens in a 600x400 looking window on 1920x1080 desktop game is not responding, windows offer to help personally i blame windows 10 (its starting to look like 8 again).
  5. These issues are wide spread, and there are reports of people being kicked off the EU servers as well. Cant join public game? Try private, keep requesting every 30 seconds Cant log in, try until you can, it may take 5-10 times of relaunching the game Servers are indeed acting funky.
  6. use current meta, body blocking with wall squire, if not using squire hunt still does 30k dps app does 25k , i never play my monk. Graystone is my favorite to solo but the wall agro bug is a pain. edit: if quibly spawns and i do not have a dps its around 80% ill lose, Quibly is God of dps
  7. All the maps are quite easy to solo, some of the 1ks are much harder. Use builders no dps required. If you cant solo its because your builds need tweaked or the 4 brought are not geared enough for nm4.
  8. +1 for hero deck, if this game was not challenging i would not enjoy it. HD makes you think ahead and have do the best with what you can bring. Casual players can do all other content, for end make lets make it hard. I would not be opposed to removing the hd for all difficulties under nm1
  9. That one is faceroll bc of my gear lvl when you have 314k walls life's easy. Easily soloed just cc and presto
  10. Working on that later tn with my normal group, took a look at it today, the rubber banding was severe. I wonder how long this server issue will continue makes playn hard content harder. Though i did beat a few waves of nm4 incur with broken 1.3 mill units
  11. The game is hard with some settings, but its Tokyo drift hard with rubber banding. It adds a huge element of randomness, id love for it to go away but if it did id be lost with out it. The best thing is 1k gray-stone and banding the whole way running to save top left and realizing you already lost. What would you do without rubber banding?
  12. Gj, I only got wave 1 down after 3 times called in a night, will be tryn again tm.
  13. TrendyBrad Wave 1 done Edit: Wave 2 Failure (they lady orcs love walking around walls) have a strategy down working on it tomorrow will release after 5/5 Updates soon Videos to follow
  14. Need 2 25k hp squires all others need not apply. http://steamcommunity.com/app/236110/discussions/0/496879865891953965/
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