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  1. How you earned de 4k medals? Available in all platforms? How you earned de 4k medals? Available in all platforms? it was for the summer bash event I believe, it came along with the 1mil.
  2. What would happen to all the stuff that I redeemed from the mailbox?Like the 1 million gold, the free 4k medals that you given us, the shard packs and costumes that we gotten and redeeemed. If you are rolling back our accounts to the state before we logged in to dd2 update then wont all our stuff that ive recieved and clained from the mail dissappear too!? Or would that all carry over? If so should I screen shot my account to show proof of my currency so they can mail it to me?
  3. Still got non of my shards in my inventory man! Nothing has changed!
  4. I wouldn't mind grinding in this game if it weren't for those dirty glitches, or the lack of end game modes that keeps this game fun and interesting. Honestly get fed up loosing to those darn zerkers. I agree with hom-sha-boom though, grinding gear is all about rng and what gear your heroes have equipped. Maybe instead of you heroes in your deck they should check what heroes your using now. That way you can use whatever you have to dps when fighting and not having to worry about taking your builders off to get higher gear stats. Although that does not mean the gear generator should only drop gear that your heroes can only use only use. I miss that time where if you want to make a certain build or need a specific item you farm a incrusions or map. Now its all about getting shards where the only way to do that is winning a high chaos level or buying it from gran masta. I just hope that Trendy will think and listen to what's good for the community vs what they think is right. Because looking after every game decision they made it always come to bite them in the rear. The game is meant for the enjoyment of fans and new comers. If they make us happy then they will have an easier time getting money from us happily.
  5. What's the difference between magical damage and physical damge? How come we don't have a color code for the weapons imbued with elements like fire, ice, poison? Is there a way to level up elemtal damage vs physical?
  6. I just had a quick trip down to memory lane. Im looking back at how good the dd1 days were. The incursions was fun and rewarding, the gameplay was fun and rewarding, the story, the music and the bosses! Everything was so right in dd1. Just the nostalgic feels of farming glitterhelm or running around with my dps monk (wich was my favorite class back then). Feeling really strong but still have the chance of dying or loosing. Farming for cool looking weapons like the blasticus or ogers party toy. I miss those days man. But now that I come back to dd2 things just changed. I know that this isn't the good ol dd1 but it still feels like a tremendous step back from where they were. I understand that this is a alpha base game but its been years! And now they are thinking of releasing the game before even fixing and polishing how it is!? That sinks fear in my heart. If I invite my friends to dd2 I feel like they would hate it and get a negative impression switching over to there own games. I really don't want that to happen but its the truth. At least back then we had all of the modes working (to some degree). Onslaught, nightmare, incrusions. But now all of that is restricted or taken away. There's not even a reason to go back to the old maps and play! I really missed that time when they released Betsy or the harbinger and it was so hype because of the drops you can get at this map only. I love the way how they advertised it showing the next big arc at what's to come. What happen to that? I miss the sense of grinding a spot for a weapon that can change my character build. Now that we are shying away from weapons and moving to shards for builds weapons now feel boring and not special. Harbinger weapons had harbinger passives, while Betsy weapons had Betsy passives. But now we can rip em out and switch em to other class and it all just feel like meh. All I'm saying before I finish this post is that I still feel like this game needs to be worked on a little more before releasing to the public. The devs needs to listen to hardcore player base that played this game and still gives it the attention it desperately needs. I personally feel a disconnect with Trendy at how they present there game. I think they all need to look back on dd1 (a long brainstorm/discussion with there team) and focus on making the audience and fans happy. I cannot fathom the thought of trendy closing down on dd2 after being this long in the game.
  7. Yeah i agree with the vundle updates. People will get very salty when they gotten 1/4 of all the updates that pc got. Also hoping you put in events before halloween is over
  8. I played DD1 on the xbox for awhile, my favorite weapon in the game was the blasticus purely for thefact that i had a M16 in the game. It was strong reliable fun to use. But when i play DD2 i only see bows bows and bows. Not even crossbows are there! F i have to guess i thinking that each class are stuck to one specific weapon group instead of having three weapon groups in DD1. If thats the case i think we have to wait till we have a class that does use guns to start seeing them again.
  9. I had 3,000 gems i wanted to get some cool accessories for me armor on my squure. I used those lunchbox things and when i click to open it it shpws a chest piece. But when i went to gp equip i dont see it. Is there a way to get a refund i have proof to show my purchasing of the box to get accessory ans seeing none.
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