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  1. Since i have started playing DDA i have been having a lot of fun, but there is one thing that has been annoying me for a while.
    Since i started playing I am unable to see the correct attack speed of weapons, in my case when i inspect a weapon doesnt matter which weapon the attack rate always shows 0.00s. This makes it very difficult for me to pick the right weapons for my attack heroes so im hoping there is a way this can be fixed. My friend also bought the game at the same time with me and he does not have the same issues.

    Some extra info:
    -I have reinstalled the game multiple times also on different disks
    -I have tried deleting my save folder and reinstalling.
    -I found out it seems to be a rounding issue because i did find a weapons with a speed of 1.00s so i would gues the value just gets rounded down.
    -I play on PC and use steam.


    Hopefully i have just a setting wrong somewhere otherwise im hoping the bug gets fixed fast :)

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