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  1. It keeps stopping and starting for me and it has yet to download faster than 100 kb/s. GG steam! 1gb patch going to take all night!
  2. Had something similar happen to me today on Ramparts. Once per wave an invisible wyvern's fireball would fly from where they spawn (was watching them dying way out of range each time this happened) and my crystal would say it's under attack and would have lost 400-500 health per hit. No other monsters were ever able to get close to my crystal, let alone my turrets, this entire time; yet somehow this invisible fireball was able to fly through my wall of turrets, blocking the crystal from those projectiles, and still hit the crystal. Got to wave 16(this was just regular insane survival so the
  3. Personally I stopped playing the game after that one Trendy made a post regarding the Van Wolf and Sicarius nerfs where he basically implied that they based the reasoning of their number nerfs off of damage tests made on the Training Dummies found in the Tavern. From the looks of things, with all the patches and ridiculous changes they have made since those ridiculous changes(which has all happened in what...one week?) I'm glad the thought to come back to this game has yet to cross my mind. Mind you I've got Skyrim and then SR:The Third to thank for that...that and I don't want to play a g
  4. Not a giant nerf? You should know by now that the dev's don't think small. They think big. These constant, weekly patches have to incorporate massive number tweaks rather than small, fine-tuning changes every patch because that's how Real men balance their games. Go big or go home!
  5. If I have one complaint about the current state of the game it would be the camera, which just has to shake for dramatic effect everytime an Ogre, mini or otherwise, dies as well as everytime an Apprentice's Fire turret projectile explodes. So when you put the two of them together in, say, the final wave on the Insane Spooktacular event where the map is littered with those Apprentice fire turrets and is being invaded by 60-70 mini ogres, you have the makings of worse camera stability than all of the Jason Bourne movies combined. So, I am making this thread as a request to the developers
  6. Mmmmm rushed knee-jerk changes that accomplish nothing other than force people to farm up a different class to 70 in order to be as effective as they were in the patch before with no reason at all. Making one class more popular by making everything else look terrible by comparison is both terrible design and terrible balance. Good gameplay would be something like this, "Squire's towers do exceptionally well in corridor situations or on slopes and are durable, however they are more costly and consume your available Defense Units more quickly so you can only make so many of them. On the flip
  7. There's a screenshot of the Moxie in my inventory http://steamcommunity.com/id/Crollus/screenshot/595826512542061794
  8. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Crollus/screenshot/595826512542061794 Taking offers for this pretty decent looking Moving Moxie I just got. Steam ID is Crollus if you'd like to contact me through that, however I'll also be checking this thread periodically.
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