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  1. Fissures have a similar issue too, stop dealing damage and then vanish.
  2. I've seen maw instakill rollers a few times now. Prob a bug from petrification.
  3. Enjoying the update, just a few things on my mind after getting back into playing. - Why Is gold harder to acquire than defender medals? Don't understand this point at all, and it's frustrating for people who want to save them for other things. So why not increase item sale prices or increase gold drops? - RNG You claimed that splitting up passives and items would lower the RNG of getting upgrades, but all you did was make the grind far far worse. Granted it's not been a week but I'm already afk farming c1-c3 (and almost c4 can't figure build yet haha) only actively playing when a roller shows up...For what end? Shards. I've done hundreds of maps and I have only seen a fraction of shards? Understandable...Except I'm getting duplicates over and over, Two bags of duplicates to be exact. May be hard to do, but why not do a shard management UI..And allow us to block or allow shards we have to drop, Like an index (could add it to the collection UI) of all shards blanked out and finding one fills in the details and gives you the option to block it from dropping again. -Combat After coming back and playing I've noticed you tried to balance all heroes and towers, but it's strange. Things you wanted to avoid (PDT) are better than ever, things you wanted to improve became obsolete by choices of monsters that hard counter them. Hard counter issue could be fixed by using an idea you used before, Set a lane to use special enemies and beef up the others to keep you on your toes. Towers need another once over as they are not close to being balanced, some are even near useless. While on the subject, will Huntress ever be able to place her traps on walls, multiple instances where placing her geyser trap on a wall would lead to hilarity. Suppose in future if the AI is improved you could allow us to block lanes to let mobs filter into another lane or update its pathfinding on the fly. -Pets. Abilities got nerfed and stats are worse than a campaign level item, are you regretting adding them since this looks like mistreating haha. (when is giraffe on a treadmill getting to dd2) TL/DR: - increase gold income to compensate for inflated gold sinks. Shard UI for collection and a toggle for blocking duplicates from dropping. Rebalancing, trial lane tweaks, AI pathfinding/geysers on walls Pet rebalancing + Giraffe. Sorry for taking up your time, this is mostly opinionated ramblings of myself and I'm sure most will disagree with it. But nonetheless I felt it was worth the time to write. Thank you for creating and updating the game, it's been a joy even during the roughest times and this update worked really well, I'm interested in playing again so congratulations on a shaky, unlucky but great update. Won't be able to reply for a while, in game and stuff...Hard to be vocal and play haha. PS. Giraffe in a treadmill please.
  4. Been really enjoying using my monk since he was changed, most notably to the lightning strikes aura scales inanely well, cheap and hits 2m a hit.
  5. You can finish placing by pressing the same buttons to first start it, example L1+[] At least that's I've been dealing with it on the ps4
  6. The option to submit a bug report while in game. High scores for maps. Player shops like in dd1 to give the feeling of a living community. Auto loot and auto sell certain quality level items after each round. A weapon specific filter in the forge to show only class specific weapons. Toggle for repair and sell. Remove auto timeout while solo. A different way to level items the current way seems unimaginative andrand out dated, have weapons gain xp while using them and have the alchemist used for something different. The alchemist - exchanging items for options like reroll stats or exchange 5 of the same item for a random tier above item. Have shops give quests to upgrade their stock, adds life to the tavern when you feel your contributing to it. On that note, why not have the tavern start of all tattered and banged up and have it progressively get better, give super difficult requirements for special private tavern looks, like nightmare 4 endless wave 100 using only a squire to unlock a golden squire statue or something.
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