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  1. dont visit the forums much, but this helped me out.. was getting quite fed up with this bug. Will do as trshy says when I play now
  2. Wish we would get an ETA/time window for it all.. ive lost all motivation to play now unfortunately
  3. Frame rate has been iffy for me since I started playing on PS4.
  4. Yeah I have a couple characters at 25 but as of now I'll just have a game or 2 when I get a spare 10 minutes. Wont be devoting too much more time to the game until the wipe
  5. Indian Food.. in particular, a spicy chilli Korma from one certain restaurant here in Scotland. Ive tried it from many different indian places, but only one of them is the best. Just the right sweetness from the Korma, just the right hotness from the chillies, PERFECT.
  6. Yes OP it can be annoying.. but you need to communicate with your team in that case, or else find a group of others and party up. When running the random MM gauntlet, you have to have realistic expectations
  7. Ive had less than 50 chests, had a few blues and one purple. Git luck.
  8. be too cumbersome on console I think.. unless there were a couple of "smart" messages, similar to what Rocket League has
  9. its just not optimised fully yet. I get menu lags, FPS drops etc. It will get better in time
  10. Now as for this I highly, highly suggest lvling one character at a time to 50. I say this because for each lvl 50 you have in your hero deck other hero's will get 35% bonus experience. So lvling all 4 hero's at the same time is the slowest way one can go about lvling.
  11. May I ask something else?, would "Tower Range" stat increase the range of the monk's Defenses (towers) ? yes, theres also a helm exclusive passive (Radiance) that increases aura range, along with a karma vortex (on a few different pieces) that only affects serenity aura size is this a definite, for the Monks tower range? I didnt notice any difference (PS4)
  12. So practical, I envy your logical thinking
  13. Its all personal preference, but I myself agree. Everything just feels so "right" with the DS4.
  14. Use /r/buildapc on reddit. Very knowledgeable guys, give them a budget and what you are looking to do with your PC and you will get full builds/links for you to go ahead and tweak to your own liking.
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