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  1. This is still not working. It's strange because i got the achievement for having four level 50 heroes, and they were all in my deck at the same time. Somehow 5.9% of players have "The Defender" achievement and 3.2% have "Heroes United". It sucks, but it's not uncommon for games to have achievements that dosn't work. I would say about 50% of the games on my steam account have broken achievements, and a couple of outdated ones. Unfortunately developers never seem to care about broken achievements.
  2. What. This makes even less sense. (And the lane resistances were removed for the strategic revamp because under the new model the resistances weren't needed. It's just that the new model was incomplete and needed to get sent back to the drawing board, that's why it's "lingered for months"). I can't see how lane resistance and the abyss lords dual focus archers would work well together, so naturally one had to go. How does this make less sence, than removing lane resistance, because it isn't needed with a new model, that is incomplete, and currently at the drawing board, and probably will be for an extended period of time, please do explain. Fact is, that this game is so easy, it's boring. Removing lane resistance and introducing the abyss lord, have made it even worse. 90%+ of the builds i see on NM4 is using abyss lord for tower dps, and no lane resistance makes this, if not possible, then really easy to yolo a working build.
  3. I don't see any point in wearing a tinfoil hat, but whatever suits your needs. The argument that its a step towards a strategic revamp, just dosn't add up. Why remove a (the only turely?) strategic aspect of the game, to claim it's a step towards a strategic revamp, and then just leave it like that for months? It makes no sence. Only if you take the Abbys Lord into account, especially his archers, it starts to make sence. Well that is your words not mine, maybe you need to lay off the tinfoil. I don't think Trendy deliberately screws up the game, to make the newest purchasable hero more attractive to make money, if thats what you're hinting. I don't think they need to.
  4. Lane resistances were removed as the first step for the strategy revamp. You have to agree, this is a pretty poor step right? I mean, if you wanted to improve trafic safety, you wouldn't remove the red lights, while thinking about how to proceed, and letting every driver yolo, and a half year later implement your changes. Taking the first step towards something, is not taking a step back. I think this is calculated though, and i can see only one decent explanation to as why the lane resistance was removed. It has nothing to do with strategic revamping, it might make a good cover though. It has everything to do with the Abyss Lord. Nuff said.
  5. I think this game has way to little variance and to many difficulties, with the most difficult not really being hard enough. I agree that the lane resistance had to go on the easiest modes, being easy through insane, but i would have liked it to stay in some form or another. Maybe it could have a gamemode for itself, or a challenge. I liked the mode that changed the resistance lanes mid-game, forcing you to actually do something durring the game... now even on nm4, you just build something and basically afk rest of the map. The cleansing tries to keep the players active, but lets face it, a good build, and you won't have to cleanse untill wave 5 or so. I don't mind the game having easy modes for the casual player, but i'm sad that the difficulty of the game has gone down to such an extent. I have about 400 hours of DD1 with 4 (maybe 5 i think) heroes between level 70-80, and its harder (more tactical and fun) for me to make a nm build, than it is on DD2, and there are still maps and challenges i can't do solo. To a comparison, i have 260 hours of DD2 with all heroes level 50, and nothing is a challenge. It is actually harder for me to take out the thrash. I approve of the casual dd player, and that they are here to stay. They are more than welcome, but PLEASE for gods sake, remember the players who loves nothing but a real challenge. I really can't see no real reason for DD2 not to have both kinds of gameplay... i mean it MUST have been the intention with 100 different difficulties, but something must have gone wrong.
  6. Is there going to be a way to report and/or block users? I have just been in the public "tavern" or town square, or whatever you want to call it now, and this low ipwr morron keep spamming the chat with something like: nm4 plzz? plzz boost me, cause im not clever enough to get better gear on my own, plzzz nm4... and so on, you get the picture... i could live with this, cause i barely ever read the chat anyways... But this idiot kept inviting everyone with decent ipwr. I had to decline his invitation 10 times in 60 seconds. Seriously. This could be fixed in several ways. If users could switch between the private and public tavern, without having to quit their current session, that would be great. Beeing able to block chat and invites from specific users, or invites from all users not on your friend list.
  7. You might be fine with four bags, but it's simply not enough. Even with 12 bags its a struggle. You don't know how my bags are organized, so how can you tell me to organize it well? They are in fact pretty well organized, but having to use eight bags just for auto collect, leaves only four bags as inventory, which in my opinion is simply not enough. Actually eight bags wasn't enough for the ramparts nm3. My auto collect bag with mythic only filter was almost full, legendary bag had 31 empty spots, the other eight was completely full, so i guess something must have been left behind; Does this game auto sell items left on the map like dd did? In that case you might be able to defend that maximum space, as it would be possible to auto collect with fewer bags, BUT the game would look and run crappy with 100 green/grey items on the map at wave seven. This inventory business is ridiculous. Its garbage compared to dungeon defenders, simple as that. And limiting how much extra inventory space you can buy? Such an essential part of the game, and you have to buy extra space, and still they limit it, to a ridiculous amount? It has got to be a joke. The inventory dosn't remember where you left, it allways resets to the top. Even the scroll dosn't work if you grab it and try to relocate it, it will stutter, and jump back, so you have to slowly scroll with the wheel. The inventory in this game has got to be improved.
  8. Thats really a low blow, and it's not very contstructive, but im getting used to this community being toxic. Four bags is NOT enough. I just finished soloing Lireloot Forest on NM3, and all eight auto collect bags were in use. Granted, the added filter for convenience does make the loot take up more space than needed. Being able to combine legends and mythics, would save one bag.
  9. You have reached the maximum number of bags. This is the message i got, when i tried to purchase another premium bag. Are you kiddin? Im 100% serious when im asking, IS THIS A JOKE? (Im really happy that i didn't buy gems to purchase premium bags, becasue the game lacks the info that you have x of 12 bags, or in any other way indicating that a maximum of only 12 bags is possible). With the introduction of filters this is catastrophic. The filters is a great idea, and it makes it a lot easier to sort your hard earned loot, but it comes with a catch. If you get 5 legendary drops during a game, those legendarys will naturally go into you legendarys only filter bag, and you're pissing away 27 loot slots. Playing NM4, i simply need to sell between waves at some point, to pick everything up. The idea of having a bag of items for each hero is also wasted. There simply isn't enough room. The inventory bags are really crowded, and its really hard, if not impossible to keep them nicely organised, as it was in the original dungeon defenders. Whats next, a limit on costumes? That would make more sence, as you only really need one, and it is only cosmetic.
  10. DD2 have timers and countdowns everywhere, and it is affecting the flow of the game. Joining a game: When joining a game, you get the message "Joining game in x seconds" i believe x starts at 10, but im not sure (this timer might be defensible IF the cancel function was working, but it's not). When this timer is done a timer to launch the game starts. This time only 5 seconds though. When you have loaded the game another countdown starts if the game is new, and the game is not full. This countdown is 10 seconds, messaging "waiting for more players". Even in private matches its waiting for more players... In game waiting... and waiting Between waves players have time to collect mana, upgrade and repair defenses before a new wave starts. This timer is 90 seconds, which is pretty fair at least at higher difficulties. On lower difficulties this should be much lower imo. A single player can leave this countdown hanging, annoying the other players in the game. If only three players are playing, the kicking function doesn't work, and one player can afk, and prolong the game for minutes, leaving active players waiting. I have noticed when the last wave is over, and the end timer begins, you can't leave the game, and auto pick-up items, if one player doesn't press G (and this happens way too often, especially on the lower end of the game that encourages afk). You have to wait the full 90 seconds (i think it's 90 seconds, i don't remember the exact number) to return to tavern (you don't actually return to the tavern after this countdown, a new countdown begins at 50 seconds, voting if players want to replay or return to tavern - more wasted time) with items. When the last wave is finished, you should be able to leave the game with no penalty. Thoughts Whats up with all this timing and countdown? The game have a very bad flow, because its interrupted by this all the time. Even the eggs had a hatching timer? really? like pressing a button, and watching paint dry? Thats a game i want to try! The game encourages players to afk. The game auto-pickup system is great, and the auto-pickup every round is even better (also for framerate and overall graphics experience!), but it makes it easy for players to afk farm, ruining the game experience for other players. The only method of dealing with this, is the kicking system, which needs 4 players on the server, and 3 players voting to kick. If two players are afk, good luck. If one player don't want to kick? you might as well go afk aswell. Please implement an afk system to kick players from public matches if they don't move for x amount of time, making space for players that actually wants to play the game, or revamp the kicking system to be more effective. Completely remove the "waiting for more players" timer. Its just annoying. The egg rot timer? I don't know. Maybe in theory its okay, but 48 hours? First time you need shards it annoying, and after that you'll have shards enough for a lifetime, and the counter has no other purpose than to make eggs take up space in your inventory till they rot, because shards stack and eggs don't, go figure. Edit: this post might actually be somewhere in between game feedback and suggestion...
  11. Please fell free to call me stupid. I don't care. I like that kind of community. I don't complain i cant find them in a week, i'm complaining about the randomness this mission is based on. I leveled two characters from 0-50 grinding hulks, and still no magic number, not even close. Quitting a game because it is not as fun to play as its legacy, is actually a quiet viable option. I will probably be playing DD instead of DD2, untill they make this game feel better, and hopefully get rid of this nasty random meaningless grinding. Especially for some cosmetics. IMHO, they have taken really huge steps down the ladder from DD, and its a shame, because it was the best tower-defence/rpg out there. Some of the gold nuggets of DD is not present in DD2, and it feels more like a moneymaking machine, than the great game DD was.
  12. It would make sense. That would be pretty clever, but halloween is october 31'st, and i believe, this monthly will end either october 31'st or november 1'st, which wont leave much time to grind down, however many players might need. And it would be quiet upsetting for players having spend a huge amount of times playing low levels on hard to grind these, just to see others doing it in a couple of days at the end of october. I'll see if i can find any info on this. Might take up the game again, if they do this.
  13. I like the idea of daily and monthly missions. I helps keeping a game alive. I like challenges, and some of the really hard ones from DD, was worth using your time and skill to solve. This monthly mission however have ruined all of this. This is not a skill based mission. I find my self grinding the exact same setup for hours and hours, just to leave at wave 5/7 because, once more, no hulk has spawned. I have played 5-6 maps in a row, without having a single hulk spawn. I have heard people claiming, they'we been able to average one hulk pr. game. If i was able to do that, i would have more than 100 hulk kills; but i don't. I haven't played the game the same way i played the legacy DD, because the game encourages you to get this cosmetic pet, and the really really rare tokens. I can't even see how much tokens i will get for the monthly, but i suspect its not worth the 100's of hours i'm putting in to get hulks spawning. If you want to hold on to players like me, strategic skill based gamers, and not casual time-spending gamers, you need to make the missions and challenges more skill based, not luck or time based. For now, i'm out.
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