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  1. Can we get a solid NERF on them? I mean its bad enough they ignore all defenses (including traps if they are running), they do insane amounts of damage, and have the highest HP out of all the regular mobs. I would like to see some (if not all of these nerfs): Less HP Ramping from Lower to Higher Levels Less Defense Structure Damage (Its bad enough they can tear you apart, its worse they can tear a Maxed out Spike Barricade in 3 Seconds Flat) No Resistance to Defensive Structure Damage (However player damage may still apply) Less Speed Ramp from Lower to Higher Levels Better Aggre
  2. Please leave an offer below. Will end the when I feel the bid is right. 29 Upgrades. It's at 12 of them right now. Can leave a message here, or add me on steam Aydrial R.T.R.N.T.S
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