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  1. I'd say the lockout/slow needs to be reduced to a lower time and give the web a DR for players, it seems to last forever, but the idea of the spider is solid and adds an extra dimension to the game. You can postilion your towers so that their sweep covers them from spider damage. Or you can just trap your tower clusters. I found trapping tower clusters to be very effective for the most part. Or just not using towers for anything except Anti Air also seems to be effective. They seem to be designed to resist all non-player based ways of removal. And they make towers suck even more than t
  2. You mean never attack a tower if a player is on the map anywhere? Yeah you're right. My bad I edited it. Been writing too many term papers so I have no idea what I'm writing anymore.
  3. To do this solo as a squire you would probably need a DPS squire to attack and kill the dragon. It's not impossible to melee the dragon down as he only has 1.6 mil HP with one person, but you'd need a DPS squire or a DPS countess to actually get the job done. The easiest way to get it is to 2 man it with a huntress by far.
  4. This accurately reflects the problems with survival mode. The "difficulty" of survival isn't about the in-game difficulty anymore for many players, its about external factors which make the game unplayable at these levels.
  5. Weapon size should just be adjustable in general. I shouldn't have to use an upgrade for a purely cosmetic change. Perhaps make it a service at the inn to "adjust size of weapon" for a nominal fee, like a respec.
  6. Perhaps I'm not firmly in the "yes" camp, but something needs to be done about random disconnects and crashes. The first time I got to wave 23 on survival mode my game crashed I refused to play for a week, literally took me about 7 hours to get there. Some way to recover lost games or at least cap the mobs/wave to about 2500 or something. The difficulty of Survival isn't in the HP of the mobs or of their attack; its sitting there for 8 hours. Trendy should do what they did in the Halloween maps and make it faster spawn rate with fewer mobs, that would be harder, more rewarding, and it
  7. Trendy made a move in the right direction by giving players a much higher priority. They need to take this further and make DEW simply only attack players if one is on the map anywhere.
  8. This is like complaining that you have to buy another movie ticket to see a sequel.
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