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  1. I had to check in after a 4 week hiatus from DD, and I can say for certain from looking at the patch notes, I am glad I quit and not have to put up with the insanity, haha. Very bueno schadenfreude feeling from imaging the pain and qq on the forums from these notes and grotesque number % increments. I said it from the start and I'll say it again, do not release a unfinished product, or if you do, at least have the ca-hones to put 'beta' in the title somewhere so people know what they are buying. Anyways, taking my leave again, just had to rub it in a bit, if you feel the need to respond t
  2. But that's not what I am asking for. Thanks anyways.
  3. Anyone have a solution for me? I hate having to alt tab out of anything to see that .5 second long black screen and always try to find a fullscreen borderless windowed mode option for most any game I play.
  4. ...What's the point of gear like that at this point... Major derpage
  5. Ethereal trap idea should already be in play, its already worthless compared to a proximity trap.
  6. 0/10, best I can do for such a lame attempt.
  7. When I started playing a game that is no longer fun because you have to run survival constantly.
  8. It's too easy to hack ranked, every other person that joins my game has a hacked piece of gear. I honestly would let them play with me if they admitted to having a hacked item.
  9. so you want to name drop right here in the open and start drama? Real smart, isnt there a post saying to just email the dev and they will take care of it? drama lamma award
  10. Why do you have str drain auras if you don't have any walls up....
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