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  1. Would be so awesome with a Quab pet
  2. It started with problems with the Privat game sessions going Down if any techs is looking at this problem to
  3. Hello there we are a few there can't connect to the servers. We where playing and we got kicked. Now when we try to connect it just stuck in logging in screen or we get in and we get stock in a Black loading screen plz adress this.
  4. My Dd have not sync with steam so i have not recived any of my new achivements on steam. I also get random dc's 2day
  5. U need every Pet EXEPT Mega Chicken just got the achi.
  6. U Need every pet ingame EXEPT the MEGA Chicken i just got it.
  7. Yo we are looking for one with the Mega Chicken for the Mega pet achi we are a bunch of 3 and we are grind every other pet ingame So Pmg me if u want to Merge for achis.
  8. Compleat all the orgional maps from deep well to glitter helm cavents to gain acces normal/inscane chouce for u self
  9. Hello i have got 5/8 of the new achi's on steam but my steam have not sync the files. I have also gathered the needed pets for the achivement but nothing happend got Shro,Ape,Donkey,Cat,Sea Horse but nothing happends. Any one els got thise problems?
  10. U have to by it again sins the pc vertion offer alot more :)
  11. Trans pets is posible to get on all maps at wave 14. Got a Trans Gryphon in Deep well so i know it is posible.
  12. Aye this game is so great and love all the opdates and patches to make it progress. You are all doing a Very Great job pushing your game foward. Keep up the great work :genie:
  13. What i want to know is. Are other players able to build fx Squire towers? Or do that destroy the achivement.
  14. I hope Trendy makes Brutal want it harder. :skeleton:
  15. Plz Trendy Add 50 new achivements so we got something to hunt for
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