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  1. or just like the pet gaining xp and your own levels, allow to upgrade the weapon to higher level w/o yet allocating the upgrade to any stats so you can just press invest x number of time and allocate the upgrades after.
  2. i have Microsoft Windows Vistaâ„¢ Home Premium well there's your problem :P edit: tried that disable multithreading option?
  3. well now you at least know the gamepad works in the game. im not sure what you mean with the gray character perhaps that's because the other character slot had already selected it? (when you pick characters to connect those 1st 4 images are players slots so you can play splitscreen if you'd so desire) if im right you jsut need to go completely back to the start of the game where it says press start, from there on use your gamepad.
  4. explanation = dont use your mouse or keyboard as soon as you fire up the game. edit: if you can't do it with the gamepad then atleast you're a step closer to finding the problem.
  5. did you choose the character with your mouse and keyboard or your gamepad?
  6. any settings that the gfx card software is forcing instead of allowing the application to decide?
  7. try disabling the steamoverlay function could be an option to.
  8. when your game starts use the gamepad? before choosing an character as it(keyboard or gamepad) is bound to it once player slot is chosen.
  9. do you use any software to OC or improve your systems "fps" or performance. software like gamerOSD (or something) tends to work adversely on DD.
  10. if it's steam, tried disabling steamcloud for DD? (doubt it'll work but it's little effort) other then that, tried to use the keyboard with the default controls? if that does actually work but you do want to change the controls try to change them through the ini files somewhere in the games folders(i cant remember the path from the top of my head but if default controls dont work it doesnt matter)
  11. People on your friends list can join your private games uninvited. not if you hide it.
  12. tried some of the stuff in the faq? http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?4799-Tech-Support-FAQ-%28PLEASE-READ-BEFORE-POSTING%29
  13. odd, tried turning off steamcloud as to try to fix steam from thinking your game's corrupt?
  14. nice, yea imm still on my 56 bonebow as well but i got a few pretty good armor pieces in mf... i pm'ed you my steampage.
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