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  1. If it helps... I have noticed the squire barricade seems to have the worst time. Ever since I started using Abyss Lord and Apprentice barricades I have not had any elite orc runners run straight through barricades
  2. I'd rather have more difficult content. It was hyped up to be this terrible thing requiring tons of effort and time, but so many of us were wiping the floor with chaos 5 even before the nerf without having to rely on the freeze shard bug. There were a number of ways to deal with stuff, and I was very sad to see the difficulty get nerfed when it wasn't a huge challenge to begin with like we were led to believe in the streams. Rather than worrying about rotating maps perhaps the game would get some elasticity in adding a 6th tier with a few more elite mobs and make a higher map count with a gra
  3. It works when the blockade attacks... not all barricades attack. On top of it, the apprentice barricade 'attacks' based on how much of its hp it has lost. This is why you get mixed or no results from the sharpened spikes shard. The trees don't attack and the apprentice walls only attack when they take 25% of their hp in damage. The others have an actual attack rate you can see when you hit 'e' on them. ^^
  4. I'd be fine with it too if it was consistent. But when one mob in 100 does it, it seems like a bug. I think you failed to read the rest of it where I expounded upon it by saying I've had mobs walk straight through them overlapping each other and overlapping the arches of doorways in doorways 2 barricades wide when you cram three in there just to try desperately to keep it from happening
  5. I, for one, think it's okay for some mobs to just walk around your walls. However, my last 10 or so losses in Chaos 5 have been to the fast female orcs walking through squire barricades so overbuilt that where 2 would leave no visible space... I was fitting in 3 and they 'still' found their way through it. The damaging towers near them were flamethrowers, so there was no knockback. I understand the core having more hate drawing power, but seriously... I had them overlapping that ridiculously and they still walk through?
  6. Situations like this make me wish we had a way to snapshot our game to upload to the developers whatever random seed we had to determine what spawned on what wave in what order as well as our exact tower layout and hero builds.
  7. Yea, those little things that appear in bottom right corner like Opportunist
  8. Does anyone know the most recent list of feats, their requirements, and their rewards? I was noticing the gold drops for them... and thinking to myself what all can I make sure happens while I'm farming chaos 1 for more range shards to increase my gold gain each run?
  9. As I approach Ascension 60 and have started to get real success, I wanted to leave a bit of feedback. At first I had some real difficulty getting the hang of the new UI, in particular the inventory. I had difficulty with the new chaos mode. I had to learn some new approaches to using the games defenses with hero dps/abilities. I love these new changes. I love how much you have to approach different maps with different strategies. I love how you can change out your shards, aren't limited to how many of each you can have, and how you can so easily change out what hero you wall/dps/cc with in
  10. I'm sure this mess up did a number on Trendy's servers. I doubt it's as simple as turning it off and back on again.
  11. Wouldn't this happen on its own if one of them dominates the others so very completely? From what I've played of it, the new system allows for a lot more possibilities and ideas than one thing being so overpowered.
  12. They already said onslaught isn't getting remade yet, so it would be a while before it could happen. I also really liked the idea of least mana used. Actually, a game mode which rewards using 95%, 90%, 75% and so on of max defense points by giving an extra chest or something would be really cool as well.
  13. There are plenty of ways to do ladders... Solo Hero: Win a map at y difficulty only using x hero. Rank it by when first won and another ladder ranked by time beaten with each hero. Least Mana Used: Win a map using less building mana than anyone else. One could have a ranking for solo as well as group play where not spending your building mana shows off how crazy you can be holding off the defenses yourself. Speed Run: Win a map faster than anyone else with x number of party members. This would include the time spent between rounds setting up. Just start up the clock the moment the warm
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