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  1. I would like to see what they could do design wise if they implimented these
  2. I would say that all skins for dm would hugely impact the income source for trendy . But what would be nice is a monthly skin on sale for dm or something small if they would consider it
  3. I like the rarity if it was to change then those who actually get one dont feel achieved
  4. I think they should rather than scrap what they have built so far re-name the content into tiers e.g campaign (being easy through to insane lvs 1 to 50) endgame (the current nm) to introduce the enemys abilities then add a nightmare ( being the hardest content and incursions) gear wise they just have to add nightmare worthy gear
  5. You beat me to the post 😃 im keen to see some old and new faces. I like what they were brainstorming with individually in enemys.
  6. Tbh im keen to see how they impliment the shift between offense to defence , as in tower placement will his towers be ranged to then become a wall in need etc will the stats required be different based on form +1 for one punch mancer
  7. They did say they are looking into the melee camera and combat in the dev log so fingers crossed they will show melee dps love
  8. Oil sphere for ev and any fire damage works for me
  9. The biggest issue with trading is finding that middle ground of not being extreme on price. DD1 had a central currency in mana that dropped obscenely abundant. Those shop prices were huge. If those prices appeared on perfect or near perfect gear the average player base would still not benefit from player trading. Other than that love the other ideas
  10. id like to see what they come up with
  11. I personally would like to see a purchase like that . However it would be interesting to see what kind of price it would be. I think trendy would stand to make a great sudden influx of money implementing the idea but *lose* over a long time if it was permanent . *if* they did it as a small window of time exclusive low price $50 or less "special" for the current player base would it make much of a difference? Would players actually buy this? Would they be more "loose" in buying other cash items still maintaining cash flow for the company?
  12. I guess we will just need to wait and see on release
  13. I am interested in how staple her buff beam will become over the monk aura or if they will stack. It wouldn't surprise me if they stack, but I'm pretty sure they're going to be removing the Monk's buff aura when they revamp him, so its probably a moot issue in the long run anyway. In any case, the buff beam ought to be superior, just because it increases defense speed. I do agree there defence speed is something the community miss. If the monk does lose his aura i hope we see strength drain return.
  14. I just wish there was an explination for the orc and colossus having vulnerability 1 in their inspect tab. And what the value actually does . Then having monk B A over the top makes it -1.
  15. I am interested in how staple her buff beam will become over the monk aura or if they will stack.
  16. With ev's full kit vid whats everyones thoughts? Myself im keen to her whole kit give or take the proton beam *till i can try it out * buff beam make its glorious return.*insert must have* Reflect to stop any projectile leak The weapon pod looks cool adding to active playstyle cant wait to nuke some goblins. Interesting heat system *dont blow a fuse now* Death from above im interested to see if she can use only basic attacks or if she can use her weapon from the machine or other abilities while in the air as well. TLDR im pleased allround with what i have seen so far looking forward to trying
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