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  1. Hello I'm an achievement hunter. There are many games that I can fairly efficiently achievement hunt while also having fun with my friends. Unfortunately this game isn't one of them. Since I apparently must get the last hit to progress in this achievement I have to either play alone or ensure that all the defenses that might kill a boss are mine and that my friends don't kill bosses. This isn't fun. The reason why this matters is because this achievement is by far the most time-consuming of all of them, and so single-handedly determines how the game must be played if you care about achievements. For example lets say I enjoy an aoe crowd-control based style in the combat phase, and my friend enjoys hawk striking bosses in the face with a barbarian. I'll never get any boss kills, or he has to stop doing what is fun for him, or we just never play together. That sucks. While not all achievements need to be fun, if the only thing needed to dramatically increase the fun involved in completing the achievements of a game is a very simple change, it seems worth it. Make it so that a special enemy dying gives progress to everyone in that game so we don't have to choose between achievements and fun. Thanks
  2. It's currently only available in beta (you can't get the achievement from beta though) and will be available in the normal version in the upcoming weeks. Thankyou! The fact that the achievements were live made me think the community patch was live
  3. How do I get the Embermount map to appear in my maps list?
  4. cause why not. Maybe it could come with some storyline arc that brings you to some badass coastal/tropical style maps. They would look nice with this art-style. as for abilities and defences i dunno lol I'm sure you guys could think of something
  5. thankyou so much for pointing this out
  6. Noone here has really specified whether its freeplay or end-game. I assume free-play, but I'm confused about it because although I've always heard free-play is the best, the last big patch claimed that by reaching "end-game" sooner, leveling will be quicker, which seems to indicate there must be some end-game content that gives good xp. It also seems counter-intuitive to me that something easier (free-play) should give less xp than something harder (end-game).
  7. Is freeplay hard the best xp? If so, why did the awakening update make it sound like reaching endgame sooner allows you to level faster?
  8. The consistently bad ping that my friends and I get in Australia is the only reason why I hesitate to encourage more people to join in. Any updates would be greatly appreciated because it would make me more emboldened to spread this great game around my circle.
  9. My friends and I (also in Australia) have a constant connection lag and rubberbanding effect. There's a developer reply to this issue in the steam forum: https://steamcommunity.com/app/236110/discussions/0/496879865896859003/ seems like the Australian situation got worse because of what Trendy had to do to fix their region issues, and it seems hopeful that it will be improved.
  10. I don't think this is/was a summoner specific issue, although it might be bigger for them. I just mean for people like me who find they have a favourite character that really suits them no matter what that class may be, I hope this doesn't become like dd1 and force us to swap away from it too often in order to be an effective player. I heard there is a character deck that limits you to swapping between four characters in a game, which is at least better than the 10+ that I felt I had to make in dd1, but I just hope that the fact that there is a character deck doesn't mean that I will need to swap a lot to stay viable for high level content. I personally want to find a favourite character and stick with them.
  11. I haven't played DD2 yet, but I have heard there is character swapping similar to DD1. In DD1, I really liked the summoner class. Eventually as I got to more difficult content however, I felt I was forced to make other characters and rotate between them in build phases and farm different maps with different classes. For me, although training up all the new characters increased the game's longevity, this was overall a negative point because I felt like I was playing the game very similarly in many ways to every other person who had reached the higher difficulty content. I was happiest when I was able to play my favourite character for long periods of time, the summoner, which didn't happen as often as I would like. I'm hoping in Dungeon Defenders II there is more flexibility in terms of playstyle in higher difficulty gameplay and that I'm able to find a favourite character and play him a lot through all levels of difficulty without handicapping myself.
  12. I'm recently returning to the game and this thread seems relevant to a few questions I have, you mentioned that everyone should have a dps character, is it always the case that you should use it? I heard there is a 30% damage boost on defenses if you continue using the builder who constructed them, is there ever a situation whether solo or in a 4 man team, or nightmare mode or not, where if you've built the bulk of the defenses you should just leave the builder in for that 30%?
  13. I used to have pretty much no delay when playing with my friends. Ever since about 3 patches (not that this was necessarily caused by a patch) I suddenly always have about 1 second delay in all my online games that I am not the host of. This problem only happened to dungeon defenders, all my other online games are fine.
  14. state the number you want and then give an offer and your steam name please.
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