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  1. I have thought about resets a fair amount and read through peoples thoughts. Here are mine: The idea of lost progression is too hard on the amount of time I have to play games. I like to feel like i am advancing. Each reset should make me feel slightly stronger. At the moment the vast majority of the power from resets come from the ascension bonus but it is difficult to take advantage of them during your resets. The current setup is reset for a long time with minimal bonuses, negative bonuses if you include gear resetting, so that after you are done and move on from resets your ascension will finally give you the real power boost. Grinding is huge in this game, I would love to see resets as a way to incorporate grinding into the progression system. At the end of this you should feel more ready to start going for a max floor, not ready to start grinding back all of your relics and mods. This should help in the grind for gear, mods and shards. I would like to see the following: -Scale your ipower similar to mastery. C8 relics back around floor 50? 80? Allow for hero defense selection and the continued advancement of gear and mods. -every reset needs you to get to a higher floor, with the minimum floor a set number of floors away. This could make it so the end of resetting has you hitting something like floor 210, or 70 x 4, 70x5, etc. For example 3 floors higher every reset with a minimum of 20 floors to complete. That would still be 1400 maps for 70 resets and give you roughly 2203 ascension. Not enough to max a tower but on your way. -Every reset your ascension would be higher due to new floors. Also any mods and gear found on the way would make you more powerful as well. -There should be a cap on the number of resets, I am unsure as to why you can do this forever. Maybe keep adding xp and gold bonuses but the floor climb is more aggressive after the regular 70. 30 more times so around +26 more floors to max out at floor 999 with a minimum reclimb of 30 floors? Or maybe give a flair rarity percentage drop bonus instead? -Possibly have a selection for 1 guaranteed shard in the chaos level you want per win chest. The win bonus could be you can select 2 shards from a chaos level. -Be able to play with someone within 10 floors and both can advance. To not be able to skip milestone maps you could have it so it can only be pushed off 3 floors, so you must clear it before you would hit the next one. -If you want to add a time sink make is so that every 100 floors you can fully reset your account back to 0 for everything for a cool flair or other non power related reward. I think this would help with multiple grinding issues with the game and have people more actively playing at an appropriate level as opposed to grinding low level chaos.
  2. Hello, I read the blog fairly regularly but I may have missed this suggestion. I was thinking of changing the tenacity MOD to be more like the piercing MOD. This way it prevents the defense from being stunned but instead reduces the damage output to a percentage. Something like 40-70% dps for the lower tiers and 95 or 100% for a 10/10. This may help alleviate the difference between a perfect Tenacity MOD and the lower tiers. Let me know your thoughts.
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