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  1. Granted, but your mouth disappeared. I wish that the gender swapped heros were out. Granted,but you can become either a male or a shemale. I wish there was no money cap.
  2. I need 4 sets,2 perfect dps sets and 2 Turret dmg perfect sets,contact me in steam by the name Fury630 also tell us the stats+the price Also buying a perfect sicarius.
  3. Steam id: DaweGu Well I am a legit player,been playing 3 days after the release date,I see myself as one of the best dps archers in the game with a dps of 91k after the VW got reduced and I have a pet with 30k dps,I have 3 level 70 characters and I enjoy getting achievements,My goal is to finish the achievements and rule the pvp:3, hope I made a good impression and thats it.
  4. Lets say I buy dungeon defenders on PC at steam,will they have the boxes in their tavern forever?
  5. How many do you think there are?,I have one but thats as far as I know.
  6. how much would a bow fully upgraded with about 1.2k and 5 bolts that go through monsters and a clean squire sword from the insane stage of halloween level be worth?
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