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  1. RMT exists in all online games. There is really nothing anyone can do about it. You can set filters, and other thing, but that won't entirely stop it. The only thing you can do about it is to report it, or ignore it.
  2. I stored my portal gun for 0 in my shop. That can't be replaced :(
  3. It would be nice to get some information about this. I feel like we're being ignored.
  4. I sent another e-mail today, but I doubt it will get a reply. I would like to play this game again... I would almost say screw it, but I already gave the go-ahead, so it would be pointless. Ether way, I am very disappointed this is taking so long.
  5. I got that e-mail, and replied it to... 3 days ago.
  6. This is getting stupid. It's been 4 days now. Do they just not care about us, or have people slowly been getting rolled back? I would like to play the game.
  7. For the first time ever WOWs #s dropped a few million. (except for the china ban a few years back) The game has gotten so easy people are leaving left and right enough to actually drop their #s. The game has been around for many years. Players just look for something new after awhile, and most come back later to check out what they have missed.
  8. I think it's really more of UMF having too tough ogres, since UMF has tougher ogres than a stage of the same difficulty. (and just making sure, you're also factoring in 300+ in item stats from individual gears (other than weapons), right?) This is completely off topic, but I had to comment on this. When you want to use a parentheses inside a parentheses you use a square bracket. Also, the use of a parentheses is the same as a comma, but it's meant to draw more attention to the reader. Starting the next sentence with a parentheses is improper grammar. Also, using a comma after a parentheses
  9. My portal gun was in my show, so were my TF2 pets. They may suck, but they are also replaceable (I stored them in the shop w/ no price) so I also find it disappointing my character hasn't been restored yet. It's been more then a day as well. It's been a couple days now. I can imagine they are really busy and want to fix this problem asap, but it sure doesn't feel that way to us. It would be nice if some sort of compensation was given for this disaster.
  10. [QUOTE]Too many of them using cookie cutter CTs/DiscThrowers and stacking piercing shot[/QUOTE] This same ignorant bull**** could be said about every other class. The Huntress wasn't the only thing that took a hit. Aura's as will if I remember correct. IT's ****ed up and should be set back to being proper.
  11. Too bad the people that share your opinion are minimal, and if you want a greater challenge throw all your gear away. Losing due to bull**** mechanics are not fun. It's easy to make something hard when you take away or reduce all your heroes stats.
  12. That other thread shouldn't have been closed, even if it was getting filled with trolls that haven't even played nightmare yet. The OP of that topic was also playing with other people as he mentioned a few times. Finally is a really ****ty moderator though, and this is well known. He likes to close topics without reading them. I imagine the staff is dealing with a crap load of stuff right now (like deleted shops) but it would be nice to get official statements on this stuff.
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