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  1. Apparently the Ghostlight hasn't tried the "Chicken" challenge. Do that solo. I dare you. Same goes for Monster Fest (which is actually possible to solo, just extremely difficult.) Chicken is a snooze solo - all you need to do is put up some app towers+monk auras and run around doing nothing.
  2. Ah, I see - I leveled the monk last to 70, so I might have missed the low duration problem. I got 110 tower health (70 hero + 40 gear, no points placed in tower health deliberately though) and 191 tower damage, but I have no pet at all yet and no upgraded boots, so I'll have to decide what to do with my remaining upgrades. Initial plan was to dump it all into aura effect strength, but I might go for another solution if I run into trouble with auras dying on survival or something.
  3. I've read a couple of guides/posts where people claim that aura health is the way to go when it comes to upgrading stats, and I can't seem to understand why. I pretty much never seem to run out of aura health, and if I am ever close to it, repairing the aura seems very quick (compared to repairing any other kind of defense). I put all my stats in to aura effectiveness instead, meaning I barely have to use barricades/walls anymore due to mobs moving so slowly. two fb towers and one mm tower (260 tower damage on app) behind them clears stuff pretty nicely - even most ogres on insane. Occ
  4. Blasticus works - I did summit insane solo with it. Much (!) easier with my VW though...
  5. At every choke put: 1 spike barricade 3 fb towers 1 mm tower 1 slow aura 1 drain aura 1 electric aura and place one mm tower pointing at each crystal that is prone to wyverns. I like to spend my last du placing one mm tower pointing at the eastern crystal, as sometimes mobs from the middle stray there when I run around looting stuff. This setup requires no repairing or upgrading for me, even at wave 9, so you can basically just G right away after each wave if you don't want to open the chests.
  6. Wouldn't the clinical definition require sexual preference for prepubescent or early pubescent children? [...] Something along those lines, depending on what definitions we are looking at (DSM-IV, DSM-V etc.). The point I tried to make is that there is a difference between observing a phenomenon and taking part of it. It's a bit like the difference between sympathy and empathy. You can understand and recognize something, like child sexuality, a certain political view or a taste in movies, but do not neccessarily have to sympathize with it. I get the feeling that many people are afraid of
  7. And then have another difficulty above that just for the lols, called Sparta, 300 DU and millions of enemies. Damn, you beat me to it...
  8. Wait, so are we boycotting the Huntress or not? Nah, I like her, and will like her even more when I've done hard Spooktacular to get her angel outfit (I've got a thing for wings). The squire on the other hand - pants buff needed.
  9. Semantics, translation, anything - let's just stop talking about children being sexy. My fish named Oprah died yesterday. I told my friend this and she made a post on her blog thinking that Oprah Winfrey had died. On the Off topic, but on topic of Oprah Winfrey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slDAPms8Tvs If I was her I would have died after that... :)
  10. Yeah, only there is literally nothing about children that I have ever found to be "appealing to sexual desires." Again, maybe we think differently but children and sexuality are simply mutually exclusive in my mind. I feel that we are straying (largely) off topic with this (more interesting than the OP) discussion :) 1. Children have sexuality and can display sexual behaviour. I find it perfectly ok to accept this, as long as I as a grown up take my responsibility and reject any invite of questionable nature from a child. 2. Your personal taste is yours only The fact that you feel
  11. This thread: People who are offended by the way the huntress dresses obviously think of it as dressing sexually. Therefor they are pedophiles. This post requires at least 50 lines to prove wrong. Not really. You are a pedophile if you are turned on by children dressing sexually. I can identify a male person as good looking/handsome/sexy, but that does not neccessarily make me *** (being a male myself, if that was not clear). Likewise, I can identify sexual ways of clothing, poses and other attributes, be it on children or grown ups. That does not make me, or anyone else, a pedophile.
  12. I seriously hope something was lost in translation. And Dead or Alive was gratuitous. The Huntress is satirical. All of the Heroes are satires of popular fantasy. I also don't understand the logic in believing that something can be both a child and sexy/****ty. Maybe I'm just not (enough of) a pervert. You lost the "...or at least pretty" there - preteens can be pretty, can't they? Or at least cute... I should have added "in a fantasy setting" somewhere. Just like kids with weapons can be cool in a fantasy setting while in the real world it's not desirable, kids looking sexy (in a no
  13. I live in Sweden, and here drawn and (cartoon) animated "child pornography" is considered illegal (morals gone wickedly wrong, if you ask me). It would not surprise me if the sexiness of the huntress "child" (drawn chibi elf thingie) would result in some kind of ban here, just like happened with Dead or Alive (you know the game with plastic dolls having breasts roughly the size of their heads). The huntress would be illegal (in Sweden) if she: 1. is portrayed as a child (or looks like one - it does not matter how old elves/vampires/demons are) below the age of 18. 2. is depicted in a way
  14. I suggested this in this thread: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?14738-Hero-swapping-suggestion So I am all for it :)
  15. I like this suggestion, but think it could be simplified :) A hotkey is assigned. This hotkey will open the character selection screen wherever you are on the map. The character selection screen isn't changed really (maybe add a note about character selection hotkeys). You can click normally or you can hit a number based on character creation order to immediately load that character number, and yeah the # should be displayed with each character somehow. I do believe that the character selection should be limited to certain locations on the map, though - otherwise you could just make a "run
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