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  1. I miss the days of Dungeon Defenders before they went on their over-nerfing spree. When you could just sit down and play a game with some friends, without it being a "My e-**** is bigger than yours" contest. When it could be played casually, and absolute balance wasn't expected, as long as the game was fun. Then, the hardcores took a break from their world of starcraft or whatever and insisted on patches that ruined the game. Yeah. If someone ever made a total conversion/mod thing that was a fixed version of the game, like it used to be, none of the excessive nerfing, I'd start playing the
  2. I'd have to say Orcs Must Die! is better than Dungeon Defenders. Dungeon Defenders USED to be better than Orcs Must Die!, but Dungeon Defenders became a overnerfed grindfest over the course of a couple patches. With Orcs Must Die!, you know your strategies won't be instantly nullified with a patch because the devs decide to nerf everything. Sure, Orcs Must Die! lacks multiplayer, but it makes up for it with the fact it's not pay-to-win, and you don't have to pay money to get every single feature. And free content won't become paid content in the future. Kinda sad, actually, how a grea
  3. I gave up on this game a while back, because I'd gotten tired of things being nerfed/broken left and right and the pay-to-win direction the game was going in with it's DLCs. But just out of curiosity, what's the current thing people are upset about?
  4. Just something for you to ponder, Charge money and upset the people who paid for the game already and are unwilling to pay more or make it free now and screw the people that are willing to keep paying for the game. There's no way for Trendy to win this without major losses and refunds. Which crowd do you think is more important to the survivability of Trendy? Been stated before, keeping DLC cosmetic would make both sides happy.
  5. Much anger in this one. *sigh* Hey, listen. I don't want to derail this thread, but, you're a lame troll. I used to troll forums, and trust me, you're one of the worse trolls I've seen. I won't elaborate too much on the matter since I'm assuming it's a touchy matter in these parts of the internet, but if you really want to troll, go find a forum and work yourself an alias to use to troll with. Now, with that out of the way, we're trying to have a thread here. Now, I for one find it kind of distressing how this DLC is splitting the community. Like I've said, the DLC should remain cos
  6. I generally don't like to debate back and forth on the forums, nor do I have the time. But that said, I do read pretty much everything that's written on these boards and try to take it to heart! -Jer Well, there are times a little debating might be needed. Now, yeah, I can understand that you guys don't like hearing criticism, but in this case, I think you need to make a public thread addressing the issues that people currently have, maybe put some things to a community vote? I'll admit, I've kinda made a few asinine posts recently in other threads, but they were obviously more hum
  7. yep, he's mad... nothing to see here people, mad kid is mad that he doesn't have 3$'s. He's an idiot. Nothing to see here people, little idiot that knows nothing of capitalization and spreads such internet disease as this "U MAD" crap. I for one agree. They should have said from the beginning that we'd have to pay for these new characters. Count me in. I can think of quite a few more indie developers that deserve my money more than Trendy does at the moment :/ It's a matter of principle, not affordability.
  8. the OP probably plays a huntress, LOL QQ Actually, I play a little of each, depending on what the situation calls for. Besides, aren't you acting a little immature, with the whole "LOL QQ" bit? In the end, it's just a game. So what if I'm annoyed at it? If my being annoyed at it is bad, than your being annoyed at my being annoyed is far worse than my being annoyed.
  9. @Jer, we only see you respond to threads positive towards you. May we please see your input towards posts that aren't praise towards Trendy?
  10. I don't mean to revive this But, you people are insane to think that this game is even comparable to an MMO experience. Its a tower defense, not some full fledged mmorpg with millions of players. That analogy is a bad tactic to try and invalidate peoples complaints about the assumed free DLC being suddenly SUPRISE MONEY. Honestly I don't mind paying the 4-5 bucks for DLC on this game, but I HATE being mislead and then getting excited for an upcoming update. Only to find out that LOL U HAS 2 PAY 4 DIS CONTENT SUPRISE. Practically a bait and switch. Patch notes originally said:
  11. Meanwhile, at op's house: Op: Hmm, this new strawman fallacy seems awesome, i'm going to test it out on the internet op's friend: Aw yeah, this'll be great, and if anyone calls us out on it, we can just say it was satire lololol ...You seriously think I would make a thread like this genuinely? Please, you crack me up. Seems like fanboy butthurt to me.
  12. I lol'd, but you know where the replies will soon be headed.. :P Hates-ville. Or agreement, Iunno. Leaning more towards OH MY GOD TRENDY IS FLAWLESS YOU SUCK NOOB!
  13. Person: "Hmm, they are acclimated to the new content. Should we release more?" Boss: "HUUUUUUURP! NO! Why add new content when we can nerf the ever-living **** out of everything to make the previous content harder? Much better than adding content at a pace to keep up with the community!" Person: "HUUUURP! DEEEEEERP! DUUUUUR GOOD PLAN BOSS" Boss: "LET'S PROMISE PEOPLE SOME CHARACTERS AND THEN OUT OF THE BLUE SELL THEM AS DLC!" Person: "DUUUUUR GOOD PLAN BOSS!" Boss: "HAHAHADUUUURP! GENIUS!" Person: "OH AND MULTIPLAYER? **** THAT ****, DUUUUUURP! PUNISH THEM FOR PLAYING WITH FR
  14. Remember when you bought a game, and that was it? Buy it from the store, unpackage it, and slap that cart/disc into your slot/disk drive? No further purchases, what you bought was what you got, be it stomping Goombas or kicking Hell's ass with a chainsaw? Also, while I'm reminiscing, remember the time you'd be playing a good game, and the developers would decide to make your character weaker, punish you for playing with a friend, and then have the nerve to sell the game piecemeal to you, a spoonful at a time for the price of a whole game? Oh, wait, that never happened back then. An
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