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  1. I need a squire solo guide for Endless Spires NM HC Surival... I've been able to get to wave 10 so far although I always seem to die to wyverns... My tower stats are approximately Health: 800 Damage: 800 Range: 400 Attack Speed: 760 Any good guides that can get past wave 10 are appreciated, In advance Thanks :)
  2. When does the Easter Event finish??? I need date.... I need to know if i have enough time to get a friend the bunny costume...
  3. Try doing endless spires on nightmare, hardcore... You get plenty of myth item and heaps of mana... The only problem though is that the majority of mana comes from the last wave (around 10mill) But u should be able to get better gear from first few waves
  4. If this is wrong place to put this thread im sorry, seemed like the best... I have 3 questions (kinda 4) 1. When you have 24 eggs in your inventory/item Box do u automatically get the squire bunny outfit? or do you have to wait until the event finishes... 2. Do you lose all your eggs when you collect the outfit? (the 24 eggs) 3. When does the Easter event finish? (date)\ In advance thanks
  5. I've been constantly updating dungeon defenders for the last 3 days, 500MB download yesterday morning, then i had a 150MB download about 4 hours later and just this morning i checked dungeon defenders and i'm now downloading a 1.7GB patch... Whats with all the downloads? of such large amounts? This happening to anyone else or just me?
  6. Everytime i play dungeon defenders there always seems to be an update, i play only on weekends so there must be an update weekly? i tried running the game just 30 minutes ago and a 4GB download started... why are there so many updates of such large sizes??? i now won't be able to play for a couple of hours...
  7. I recently bought Dungeon defenders for the PC (have had a while on IOS) so I've been looking through the forums. When i look at the trading forums there are always auctions and price limits etc. But i want to know what tokens are? In the action forums there worth 200 - 300mill each, but i have no clue as to what they actually are... Are they items you get from monsters, is it something you craft or something completely different? A screen shot would be very helpful :) In advance thanks!
  8. As I've been playing I've noticed that i don't get nearly as much mana when i'm playing on my ipod as when I'm playing on my PC... I've also noticed that while playing some mana seems to disappear off the screen... Is this mana stored into my mana bank? or is it a bug? Also on the PC you can get extra mana from awards (Like taking no damage) is this feature on IOS because i'm not sure...
  9. Are there going to be continuous updates for the ipod version of Dungeon Defenders? Like the halloween update that's on Steam?
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