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  1. Love the original game and recommend it to friends, but Trendy could be a bit more open about their plans. I think I'll wait and see if the Eternia pack turns 75% during christmas. It will not. I believe Jeremy said it in the sticky. Unless Steam messes up, which is always a possibility. And we all know this dev team never goes back on what they say....
  2. 1) Nope, I'll make the threads I want so long as they conform to forum rules. 2) Why? Free speech conditioning from growing up in the US of A, so while you can flame, I can post. 3) Why shouldn't I congratulate Trendy? I checked the threads around 1800 PST Friday evening while waiting out rush hour and there were numerous ones complaining about how hard things were, getting one shot, and multiple bugs everywhere. While the status quo may fear for their loot-mongering lives, this is feedback that Trendy reads and listens to before subsequent patches? Don't believe me, check the suggestions
  3. Sounds like nightmare is the dev response to how easy insane was. Have not yet had a chance to play, but definitely sounds like fun. Instead of complaining about the difficulty, players should be celebrating the fact that DD is challenging once again. I remember the first time I tried insane survival before I got the gear and knowledge; pre nightmare I was farming insane UMF. Looking forward to figuring out the new challenge with a mature community. See you all in there! Please don't make threads telling Trendy they did a "great job" with the new difficulty when one of the first things you
  4. Yup. Made it easy to decide to quit for good. Now I'm just hanging out watching the rage ensue before bed.
  5. Trendy, You fail. Final straw for me. The End.
  6. I don't even play a hunter/huntress as my main dps character (but enough to know the class mechanics and dps just fine) and I think these changes are way over the top. How you justify a jump of more then 3x the CD time is beyond me. Here's to hoping you see your horrid error and correct it soon.
  7. Welcome to the club. Be glad you only got one of those.
  8. Thanks Trendy. I've saw this price. and you made my decision easier. Dungeon Defenders = Uninstall Skyrim = Install (bought). GJ losing costumers. I'm sure they're heart broken to lose someone who is crying about $4 for an expansion. If you have a problem with that, you clearly weren't going to fork over any more cash for any reasonable amount of content (like this) so I don't really see how they're losing anything.
  9. And now you have to change your forum signature to #2. hahaha this is perfect. Thank you for ruining this useless thread.
  10. It should all be free. That way, Trendy can't pay it's employees, hence laying them all off and never releasing anything new for the game ever again. Sounds amazing doesn't it? Edit: For the record, I am far from a fanboi of theirs. I have plenty of gripes with the way certain things have been handled, but at least I understand the basic economics behind keeping new content coming out....
  11. Fact remains the increase in mobs as the players in game increase from 2 to 3 is silly. I can complete it just fine as well, but I still say some of the incremental increases they have don't make sense.
  12. Let me get this right: Because seriously, I can't find loot that's better than what I have, nor can I complete the content I haven't already completed (due to a lack of better equipment). I'm seeing a chicken and egg problem here. Out of curiosity, what is so difficult you're unable to complete it despite having farmed gear on the current stages you *can* complete.
  13. oh look... another "my **** is bigger than yours" thread Couldn't agree more. Absolutely Useless.
  14. I agree: no super loot. The level 74 stuff shouldn't be more than 10% more powerful than the current crop of level 70 stuff. Sounds brilliant.....let's make all the new gear even less powerful then the loot that dropped for one night with the 7.12 train wreck. That will REALLY get Everyone excited about playing again....
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