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  1. Aye, thanks for the suggestion - there is a UI scale slider in the options and I'd already tried fiddling with it, but unfortunately it doesn't affect the inventory UI at all. :(

    It looks from someone who's reported this on the bug tracker that it's only a problem when playing with a screen resolution that is vertically larger than 900 pixels, but it really goes without saying that things should "just work" regardless of the res you're playing in.

  2. See this video:


    I'm a PC user playing with mouse and keyboard. Screen resolution is 2560 x 1440. Is there some keypress to make this easier? Even if there is, the UI should handle mouse selection flawlessly, and not hide options because they overflow out of the inventory area. Please could you look into fixing this glaring UI bug!

    EDIT: I see this is probably best reported as a bug on the separate bug tracker site, which I've just done.

  3. Have spent the past few evenings having a pretty good time with the game. I'm currently at the tail end of Hard Freeplay getting my first hero (mage) towards max level. I may manage that tonight if I'm lucky. :) Some feedback:

    • I didn't find it very clearly signposted that I should move on to Free Play and harder difficulties after finishing Campaign mode, although perhaps I just entirely missed the info for it. A small reminder of some kind on the war table screen might be useful after finishing the campaign for the first time.
    • Quest-related stuff is a bit annoying - dialogue is fine and dandy but I can read fairly quickly and it would be nice to have some way to clear it off the screen faster. Automatically showing the "J" quest window every so often is also something I don't like - I can see quest status updated on the right-hand tracker, please don't take over the entire screen just to alert me. :P
    • Loot and inventory management is awkward and really could do with a rework. I made some suggestions for the inventory screen UI here. I agree with what others have said - the game would benefit from stuff like a filter for what rarities of loot appear during the game, and perhaps some method of auto-selling items of certain rarities whenever you interact with the forge. Also, how about a "vacuum nearby loot" button to prevent buttonmashing? :P
    • Although I'm going for a tower spec, from levels 10-45 there doesn't seem to be much of a variation in viable weapons for mage - once you get a staff from Betsy, you're set. Talking to a few people I played with I got the impression that this changes in the NM difficulties - hopefully that's right.
    • Not convinced about the method of upgrading items, but I've only recently got access to it, so I'll reserve judgement on it for now...

    I can definitely see that certain decisions about game systems have been geared toward the F2P nature of the game. For example, I could understand that Trendy want to gently encourage players to buy extra bags, so adding the item stash from DD1 or making it too easy to keep your bags uncluttered would be bad for their longterm profits. The item upgrade system using other items also sort of ties into this.

    DD2 makes certain aspects of DD1 feel very clunky - but the knife cuts both ways, as some things were better in DD1. Sadly, the culture of gaming has changed, and I'm a bit anxious of how the F2P model will ultimately drive the game's development... but with all of this said, I've still been having fun, and have my fingers crossed that I'll continue to do so as we move towards beta / release!

  4. I've only recently joined the game after the recent wave of email alpha keys were sent out. A bit too early for me to formulate any solid feel for the game yet, but I do have a couple of suggestions for the inventory interface, since it's a place you'll spend a fair bit of time as you develop your hero.

    Please give us an option to remove the item tooltip delay and fade. If I am using the Forge to check which items might be upgrades for my hero, even if I first sell the ones that I know aren't useful for my build, it's still a bit irksome to hover over an item icon for a moment, wait for the fade-in, check stats, move to another item, fade-out, delay, fade-in... and so on. Pretty much any game with significant loot management - any ARPG you'd care to name, really - has instant tooltips without fading.

    Consider making the bag "Configure" options more accessible, or iterate it out entirely. I wonder if you really need that button at all - it doubles the number of clicks you need to do anything.

    A button or icon to rename a bag could appear as you hover over / select the titlebar of the bag. Using this button would take you to a textbox for the bag's name as well as the list of bag icons. With those two options removed from the Configure button, you could then replace Configure with the Sort dropbox, like so:

    (EDIT: Oops, forum crops images, fair enough. Here's the full size image.)

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