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  1. So happy to hear this news, because it was obvious to everyone Dungeon Defenders III was always going to be waaaaaaaay more awesome than a mere logical number sequence would allow! I am HYPED to find out the groundbreaking, emotional, and immersive storyline of our amazing protagonist Stratocumulus Altercation! Smooches to the team on this totally serious day
  2. Aye, thanks for the suggestion - there is a UI scale slider in the options and I'd already tried fiddling with it, but unfortunately it doesn't affect the inventory UI at all. :( It looks from someone who's reported this on the bug tracker that it's only a problem when playing with a screen resolution that is vertically larger than 900 pixels, but it really goes without saying that things should "just work" regardless of the res you're playing in.
  3. See this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3dkSIIMc_4 I'm a PC user playing with mouse and keyboard. Screen resolution is 2560 x 1440. Is there some keypress to make this easier? Even if there is, the UI should handle mouse selection flawlessly, and not hide options because they overflow out of the inventory area. Please could you look into fixing this glaring UI bug! EDIT: I see this is probably best reported as a bug on the separate bug tracker site, which I've just done.
  4. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/126404/patch-74-notes-and-discussion Fixed a texture streaming issue that was causing the game to always crash on 32-bit systems. Unfortunately, this made loading screens blurry for all users. We have faith our 64-bit players will accept this temporary loss in loading-screen fidelity to assist our 32-bit brethren in defending some dungeons.
  5. Yep, getting into taverns or starting a map is really slow tonight... either the servers need some more hamster power or something in 7.4 has broken the rubber band ;)
  6. Have spent the past few evenings having a pretty good time with the game. I'm currently at the tail end of Hard Freeplay getting my first hero (mage) towards max level. I may manage that tonight if I'm lucky. :) Some feedback: I didn't find it very clearly signposted that I should move on to Free Play and harder difficulties after finishing Campaign mode, although perhaps I just entirely missed the info for it. A small reminder of some kind on the war table screen might be useful after finishing the campaign for the first time.Quest-related stuff is a bit annoying - dialogue is fine and dandy
  7. I've only recently joined the game after the recent wave of email alpha keys were sent out. A bit too early for me to formulate any solid feel for the game yet, but I do have a couple of suggestions for the inventory interface, since it's a place you'll spend a fair bit of time as you develop your hero. Please give us an option to remove the item tooltip delay and fade. If I am using the Forge to check which items might be upgrades for my hero, even if I first sell the ones that I know aren't useful for my build, it's still a bit irksome to hover over an item icon for a moment, wait for the f
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