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  1. 1. Skyrim 2. Dota 2 beta (tons of invites sent out recently) 3. Tons of other games that dont require purchasing of DLC to continue playing
  2. You're asking for too much. They are busy nerfing and re-buffing previously nerfed functions of the game. It's all part of a vicious cycle that prevents good ideas like yours to make it into the game in a timely fashion.
  3. Was on wave 18 of Insane Survival Summit. FML. /goes to play Skyrim
  4. Second time that I get kicked in the final wave of Halloween Hard for absolutely NO reason. No ninja looting, I'm actively dpsing and repairing full time, and I use a fully upgraded godly Van Wolfenstein that yields over 81k DPS. I easily had the most dmg of anyone in this last game. Never said a word other than stuff like "ok, repair up" and such between waves. I joined on wave 7 and right as wave 11 is about to start I get kicked. No feedback, no constructive criticism. Just a "forcibly removed from the game" message. I'm getting tired of this community, it's almost getting as bad as L
  5. So I just had a great experience on this map. Got to wave 11 on hard, was helping out significantly, and then at the end of the wave i looted like 6 ****ty items. Host told me to stop ninja and I responded jokingly "but I am a Ninja!" and got kicked. Talk about a waste of time. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THIS CHALLENGE ALREADY.
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