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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Drakhan/screenshot/650996245828729494 282K DPS OWNED!
  2. You make zero sense. if u say monks doesnt makes sense then justquit doing insane modes
  3. So what, they're going to up the Boss health proportionate to the DPS of the new weapons and once again we have a boring and easy end-game boss? Or are they actually going to address the issue and have boss encounters be long and challenging? Doesnt matters get a monk, MONK IS THE KEY OF THIS GAME! then its easy mode
  4. The point of this thread ? you're not doing this alone so we don't really care You're the little kid looking for attention. I am an attention ***** and I LIKE IT!
  5. Next difficulty/level cap raise that'll happen with the new quest line coming up. U still mad bro? why didnt u add me on steam? I wana be friends with you on steam
  6. Well, if we know it's possible, why bother asking this guy for proof? 282k isn't that outrageous. because there are ``kids`` in this game who thinks their char is the best and when someone out thinks em they just Rage quit (AKA Patchumz)
  7. yeah, had enough of these today. The first one was when someone inspected me and called my chicken a hacked item. lulz. '>2000 DMG, IMPOSSIBUUUUUUL!!!" there are lots of kids who doesnt gets the mechanic ofthe game I have + 200 on blood lust perfect animus and my friend who was at the background had +220 hero aura on him
  8. Stop other people acusing of cheating, just because you are to dumb to figure and everything seems like a 'miracle' to you. Seriously. You even see the ****ing monk hero boost effect on him graphically. *facepalm* I loled at /facepalm
  9. Ok, fair enough. However, I still strongly believe this is possible to do legitimately. I told u I am online now steam name is d4rkhan add me I will show u
  10. Probably because you're cheating? U mad bro? cause I beat u in dps? and proved that your flawless char is flawed? U sound super mad bro... calm down
  11. Yeah... No proof... I'm calling you a cheater still. my steam name is d4rkhan add me on steam I will show u
  12. And i would like to know why the hell other post got closed?!
  13. so I posted pic of me doing 282k dps http://steamcommunity.com/id/Drakhan/screenshot/650996245828729494?tab=public The trick is all of my armor is bood rage perfect + I have not that fancy weapon just 8.3k electri swordbut I have a perfect animus.... The MAGIC TRICK BEHIND IT is I have a aura monk at the back you dont see GOTCH YA SUCKERS!
  14. dont hate the player I wanted it I did it
  15. No I will kill ogres faster than u
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