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  1. They warned everyone so many times that they would ban people who mod / hack. You don't deserve to be unbanned.,
  2. I use Apprentice, can do almost everything except survival ( I don't care ), Ubermonsterfest ( Not enough time to place buildings ;[ ) and mmforest boss.
  3. You can make 90 million mana per mystimire hc nm campaign solo to wave 12 run.
  4. http://forums.trendyent.com/forumdisplay.php?46-PC-Console-Guides
  5. Stop complaining please, you already got better gear than like 90% of the community, just enjoy your higher resistances on the other things.
  6. Do Glitter Hard solo until your apprentice is 74, get mythical gear from shops or endless spires. Then level your other characters doing glitter insane solos.
  7. It crashes for me when the spiders attack my core ( low graphics ).
  8. FUUUU SPIDERS spiders spiderS! SPIDERS EVERYWHERE!. http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/506890852452012348/68FCE322D3B2C2F14854AB4D59B3CB7E3CD860A7/
  9. Went frmo 60% to 67%ish so it's like 10% over the 50% we already had.
  10. Same happened with me, traded mana for item and didn't receive mana and my friend didn't receive the item.
  11. The summit mission wasn't easy at all. Even if he didn't hit meteors, the ogres spawned like every 60 seconds on solo play and I had to fight for like 30 minutes on that level to beat it. Also I didn't try Summit with the intent to exploit, I started playing, did 3 NMHC Campaign Levels, thought it was nice I was having success easily on my first trys, when I reached Summit by the time I fought the Dragon I thought it was strange that my towers weren't receiving damage from his meteors, that's when I noticed the bug. But yeah, it would be way harder if the spiders / dragon worked as they s
  12. I have experienced this bug as well, but on Survival Nightmare. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?46186-Why-are-my-towers-losing-hp-per-upgrade I don't know how to reproduce the bug. Also mine was on explosive trap.
  13. On Melee Weapons they have damage multiplier on slower swings and also a higher damage cap on upgrades.
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