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  1. With no comment on the other things, I believe the FPS is capped for a reason on this engine.. It's the same exact thing that Gears of War windows was using, although I'm not sure how people with 120hz monitors feel about their fps being locked at 62 I have made a few threads on this and PMed trendy about this and they will not respond as to why the game is capped at 60fps. I am one of the people with a 120hz monitor and it frustrates the hell out of me having to play at 60fps.
  2. Lets be honest, it really isn't that hard to get geared and play through NM. I started with top gear from Insane UMF and quickly went to Alch labs HC NM MM reaching high teens at first and then low twenties after better gear and switching to countess so I don't get one shot. A good tower setup gets you a long way. Just through farming Alch labs a few times I have 200+ ups weapons and 100ish ups gear with good stats. My tower app went up to (approx) 900-1600-900-900 with gear just from alch labs. Hero gear 900-1050-100+-300 and aura monk at 900-1200-800-500. After this I proceeded to beat the N
  3. On wave 12 with 3 people NM Misty MM HC I couldn't repair anything because of the lag so we lost. Same with other friend who wasn't host.
  4. They basically just boost the nearest towers by x % of whatever that guardian type buffs for. The +towers boosted is how many of the nearest towers that the pet will boost.
  5. It isn't worth anything besides to use for yourself if you don't have a decent one yet
  6. I can make map of the strat sometime but not right now. It is basically just 5 fireballs + 5 strikers in the corner by the tree. They are in seperate clusters under a heal aura. There are two lightning towers in front of the fireballs(which are in the front). 2 stacks of str drain/ensnare and then 4 walls on the ramp and 4 walls below. Both people can be on squire/countess or 1 squire/countess and the app tower builder standing in the back with a hunt guard on the strikers. The squire/countess stands on the front of fireball/lightning stack with an app guardian and the other guy has a hunt gua
  7. UMF2 NM is easiest. The way I do it you don't even have to attack any mobs the entire time, just stand and right click as a squire/countess. It only takes about an hour as well.
  8. A patch to buff aura size isn't needed. Just some nightmare level gear. I have 700 aura radius and my auras are almost back to normal.
  9. I was on wave 12 as a countess when a ninja hopped on my face but I blocked so it was all good. He wasn't dieing from towers because of the angle so I went to move and he one shot me through 57k health and 63% nightmare resist. UMF2 = broken
  10. Looks like we get it a little early today
  11. I was expecting a question about the countess being fully geared
  12. It seems to work well except for the two barricades in the front. Ogres will get through by stepping around or what not but it is pretty easy to dps them down before they damage the crystal. I might try removing a FB and then using spike blockades instead in those places because the back works wonderfully.
  13. It would seem like the ogres would break the walls because there are 2-3 at a time on each one. How do they survive with this build?
  14. Lets just remove every mode besides easy so everyone can do it.... Hey casuals, stop ruining every game you touch please. Look what you did to modern shooters. Call of Duty is now a joke and Battlefield is stupid because of all of the easy stuff now. You ruined Crysis (just look how bad Crysis 2 is) with your console/casual mindset and you are FORCING every game to become a complete easy noobfest. Here is your logic, people with more time to devote who are also more skilled shouldn't be able to do anything better than me. HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE! Stop trying to turn DD into "another" game
  15. I feel like this needs a bit more attention as every time I try to get past wave 2 there are at least 2 or 3 ogres stuck on the top left or top right
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