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  1. added 83^ Hamster, 84^ CT and 97^ Bonebow.
  2. added 77^ Imp and 63^ Monk Animus.
  3. alright, fully geared for Nightmare, so taking mana offers!
  4. interested in the katana, anything here you might want for it? SteamID: Borgundvaag
  5. well, im not exactly a huntress, but a squire with max resists, 650k dps and 23k HP. SteamID: Borgundvaag
  6. added two new swords, Demon Blade 91^ and Excalibur 97^.
  7. ehm, say what you are interested in, in the steam chat then, and ill see it when i get home :)
  8. Borg, everyone has been offering over Steam. had a few i like, just holding out a little longer in case of better offers. There's some stuff you have i'm interested in, ill hopefulyl talk to you on Steam in a second. At work atm, won't be home for another 3 and a half hours. So wait until then before you sell it :P
  9. lol, no one is bidding? oh well, ill bid 300 mill then. Btw, got some stuff here if you are interested in trading. SteamID: Borgundvaag
  10. got a 98^ Disk shooter with 8k damage, add me if interested :) SteamID: Borgundvaag
  11. interested in the Fairy, anything from here you might be interested in? SteamID: Borgundvaag
  12. yeah i know, already said to my team mates: "DONT GO CLOSE TO IT!", but it was too late >.
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