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  1. EV actually has the best consistent DPS in game. Just wanted to point that out. Why is her DPS the most consistent? Opinions are fine and all, but it's much more useful for me to understand the reasons. Ranged weapons were particularly underwhelming when I left.
  2. Hmm... then whose walls are used now? If squires are harpoon only, apprentices aren't at all, and EV are for reflect and buff.... what's stopping the hordes? :) Or did some critter come along that makes walls utterly pointless, somehow?
  3. Looking for an info dump if I can get one. I've been gone since after Shards 3 was released; at the time, I had preetttty close to the top-end gear. (Trans/Myth mix, mostly Trans.) After they fixed Survival so you didn't have to grind up from one, I burned out for a bit. So I'm thinking of coming back, and before I do, I wondered if the fine folks of this forum might answer a few questions... Summoner: Looks damn near mandatory. A full extra set of defenses is pretty awesome. Worth buying as a builder? Worth buying as a DPS'r? Jester: Uh. Hmm. Not sure what to think based on the skimm
  4. C'mon now, Trendy. You'll fix the fact that items which have extremely high sale values are rolling over in the shop... ...but you won't fix the fact that items in the shop can, when purchased, have value rollovers which can turn a weapon from highly valuable to vastly LESS valuable? If you're going to fix the rollover bug where it benefits us, how about fixing the item rollover bug where it harms us, too? I have no problem paying the due price for an item in the shop, but it seems very dubious to repair THAT bug when I can pay a due price for an item, and then get a vastly inferior it
  5. Gunslinger achievement says hello. :) Four DPS characters can easily handle most of the campaign at the very least, though NM would be a bit more problematic. This way you can have DPS characters and the new towers. Think of it this way: what if we asked you to only use one kind of tower? Could you accomplish both those achievements that way? Of course you could. One summoner, 3 DPS = go.
  6. Lots of tasty changes in that patch. When we going to see it? :)
  7. I've got a fairly sizable guide going and already posted while in progress, but I'll be the first to admit I'm not great at formatting our image selection/inclusion. Any chance the Wikia-team could lend a hand with that?
  8. nightmare has always had a higher gear requirement then insane. and why would you attempt the highest mission on the hardest difficulty in less then nightmare gear. assuming you have 1k player health stat which is easily achieved, you can kill the boss. People who are getting 1shot are simply not using the tools available to them.. in which case no one can help them. its not hard to setup a buff beam, str drain and healing aura next to a portal. Strategy and tactics will always win. "I cannot run up to it and blow it the hell up" isn't going to get you far. Son, we don't enco
  9. One player devoted solely to running around repairing/defending, one player attacking the Kraken, don't set it to Hardcore. It may take quite some time, but with a proper setup, you can do it. Just make sure your repair/defend avatar knows to run like mad when the attacking player drops, and to use portals to keep distance on the Kraken. Make sure your attacking player knows to get above the waterline and keep the Kraken facing away from the defenses. It will take awhile. It can be done.
  10. I was quoting you in order to reference your numbers. I'm not attacking you or suggesting ignorance on your behalf. I'm merely advancing the debate and pointing to the problem. Your information is valuable and continues the debate - I'm just basing on it. The magic missile is by far the highest single-target-turret DPS - why it's a decent "monkey wrench, small job" turret, but when you start multiplying harpoon damage/DU across its pierce (which never diminishes) and compare it to the fireball which diminishes with splash distance... Thus my general point and discussion-furthering problem/co
  11. Except as noted his numbers include different stats for the 2 characters. The two towers are pretty close, but harpoon is the higher of the two in DPS/DU. If you want numbers for the same stats 7.26b PC version - Nightmare Map HP /Att /Rng/Spd 781/1602/xxx/803 Single Target Only DPS/DU Defense DU 2,406 Lightning Tower 7 - Boosted in recent Patch 1,903 Electric Aura 5 - Boosted in recent Patch 3,640 Inferno Trap 4 4,115 Spike Barricade 3 6,326 Shock Beam 6 7,284 SnD 8 7,591 Shock Beam 5 8,331 Ethereal Spike Trap 3 8,518 Deadly Striker 8 8,815 Proximity Trap 3 9,173 Proton B
  12. I have not had this experience. Mine appear to be working fine and consistently.
  13. Fireballs can be body-blocked by an ogre, shutting off ALL dps from the turrets to targets behind the ogre. Harpoons continue to DPS the narrow beam behind the ogre. That's not a small issue. There are situational uses for fireballs, but very much by and large, the harpoon is a superior turret. And this is coming from someone who very much wants to see Apprentice towers viable and returned to the fore. A single ogre can shut off a VERY large amount of post-first-target damage if you throw fireballs. As for the Lightning Turret, yeah, sure, it can reach lots of non-electric targets at range
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