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  1. Then I must be horribly mistaken.
  2. I understand that the mob count was taken way down (by almost half, which I'm loving), but 7.30b seems to have completely removed mythic gear from pure strat. I've only tested NM Alchemy labs, but previously I would see mythics as early as level 11 or 12,, up to 20 I didn't see a single Mythic piece other than my robot from hitting wave 15. Is anyone else having this issue?
  3. What is a crystal tracker and how do I get one? -eager huntress player
  4. I'd love one. Add me? SteamID is Buellzorz
  5. Where do I go/What do I complete for finding/unlocking the "best" gear? I prefer the buzzsaw shooter as a weapon, and currently my gear is for trap-spec.
  6. While I am far too low of a level to be able to complete the map on Insane, I did expect something similar to the WoW events. By that I mean something that you have to be max level to do, something simple that requires some dedication, and the rewards include some nice things, but nothing better than end-level gear, but nothing that would drastically increase your damage output. As for the costumes, it would make me very sad if they were one-time only (even though I prefer the Witch to the Angel), but that's just because I hate limited content in general. **for those that have not play
  7. Soloing Ramparts turned out to be pretty easy. Was the setup I used, with Spikes in the Wyverns' pathing (which I couldn't quite figure out until the 2nd to last wave). Now that I've actually learned how to place traps, hopefully I'll be able to move on in hardmode. Thanks to those that replied, and good luck to those reading.
  8. You could solo with trap spec huntress on insane servant quarters. In each of the spawn's choke Proxy, Immolate(Slightly Behind Proxy), Gas(Slightly Clipping Proxy), Proxy(Behind those 3 outside detonation range of the first Proxy). Wave1: Proxy each choke + Proxy by each crystal + 1 Gas wherever you have the most problems. Kill mobs that sneak by, setup reset of DU. Wave2: Finish setting up. Place down rest of DU wherever you think you'll end up having problems Wave3-Finish: Run circles around map repairing/upgrading Proxys. I don't have a ton of mana to burn at the moment, but when I
  9. put proxi traps a bit past gas traps inferno in the gas, spikes only for air deeper well and hard ramparts are the best for easy experience also, if that squire is 10 it can farm insane deeper well until you can farm hard ramparts Thanks, I'll try that.
  10. My huntress is 47 now, and the only character I have that's over 15 (dropping Squire/Apprentice traps and swapping is not an option). I feel kind of stuck at the moment, having a difficult time playing Hard mode past Armory. My Huntress Here is my current set-up. Pretty well-rounded at first glance. I've only been using Proxi/Spike traps, the other ones don't seem to be as useful. If I do need to be setting up Gas/Fire, or some other combo, DO TELL. I'm not opposed to respeccing/farming/grinding/etc., and I have every map unlocked, I just need some direction. Thanks in advance.
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