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  1. Haha I'm a tard ^_^ Thanks for the build =D
  2. Survival take FOREVER. I hate having to leave in the middle of a survival that i'm hosting (Because of something I wasn't exacting coming up) and having to wasting my groups time. So my question is, are there any plans on giving the ability to make a new host while your playing?
  3. I just hit wave 20 on it ^_^ The group I was in wasn't very good and let a djinn de-spawn a trap =( Plus they got kill right away. I'm sure I could have made it further otherwise. As for the wyvern, they never made it close to the crystal =D
  4. This is my first good layout, hope you guys like it. http://ddplanner.com/?l=3364,squire-eve-huntress-layout The south eve physical beam gets hit a little hard in the beginning of each wave, but its not a big deal. I have been able to get to wave 17 Solo (because I am squishy and die too easy lol). Any feed back would be nice =D. Here are my tower stats- Squire 603/1314/587/663 Hunt 885/1060/609/497 Eve 1172/741/131/711 As you can see my towers are meh, but it works!
  5. Wow! A response from the Head Honcho! Thank you =D. That seems pretty darn reasonable, to help encourage people to not do this. and thanks again for the quick response ^_^
  6. Every server on the "live list" is an afk shop for me right know lol. Its getting pretty lame.
  7. That's pretty much it. Edit: do i need to port forward trendynet or something? if so whats the ports?
  8. Yes, I asked this question about a week ago =) they are working on both character transfer between ps3 and pc and cross play. They also said they should be able to release them soon. No actual date tho =(
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