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  1. Hell everyone. So I just tried to launch DD2 once again seeing that there was an update to the game. Sadly it did not work. i tried for a couple hours once again doing all of the troubleshooting that I could think of with no success. Even worse is nobody on the staff has seemed to care to reply to anyone in this post. The community is great and I'm happy that some of you tried to help, but I don't have the time or the drive to continue to try to debug the game with nobody on the staff helping in the process. I will probably keep trying every time there is an update, but that's really all I car
  2. I tried a few different port configuration options that i found from different sources, none of them worked.
  3. I have tried running it as admin, in compatibility mode for windows xp, 7, and 8 with 8 being the one that the compatibility troubleshooter said i should run it in, none of them worked.
  4. I deleted the directory and download cache before. Just tried it with uninstalling the c++ libraries and same result. This is the only account on the pc, it is an admin account of course, and family sharing is off in Steam. Thank you for the help even if it didn't yield any results.
  5. I tried reinstalling it multiple times. Even once with all antivirus and firewall software disabled or uninstalled, didn't work.
  6. There is no Logs folder in that location. I don't have a Logs folder anywhere in my Dungeon Defenders 2 folder.
  7. I looked for the logs when this all happened and I could never find them.
  8. No VPN software. Not sure what you're asking with the second question. It's windows 10 home 64 bit and my firewall allows dd2 and even tried it with disabling the firwall. The router does allow all the usual ports.
  9. I have had this game for a while and have had to fix issues with it multiple times, unfortunately this is another time. When I try to launch the game it goes to the launcher. When I hit play in the launcher, the launcher disappears, the game doesn't load, and my steam profile goes from "Playing Dungeon Defenders 2" to just "Online" after a few seconds. I have tried verifying my game cache multiple times, re downloading the game multiple times. I have tried also tried all of the fixes that I have found on the forums and on the support site such as the no launcher fix, the winsock reset fix, and
  10. When I try to launch the game on steam it just doesn't launch. My status will change in steam to "Playing Dungeon Defenders 2" for a few seconds then without anything loading it just goes back to "Online" and the game doesn't load. I've updated all my drivers, verified the game cache and all that. I looked on the forums for a solution as well but couldn't find it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  11. [[93890,users]] Thank you for the reply. I tried it and the first map, gates of dragonfall loaded, so it seems to be fixed, will let everyone know if the problem persists elsewhere. Thank you again.
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