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  1. It probably won't happen simply because it would require Trendy only ever releasing patches at the same time on all platforms. Given the apparent length of the approval process, that means that even the PC version of the game would be reduced to one update every couple months, and no hotfix patches if things go wrong. At best I can see xbox/PS3 cross-platform, but I don't see Microsoft or Sony letting that happen either. The hotfixes wouldn't be needed on every patch (several times on each, in fact) if things were thoroughly tested. I'd be much happier with one good and QA-ed patch per mon
  2. One last thing you should know: nice guys finish last.
  3. Lmao, they changed my post title from "If you buy DLC don't expect to play with people who don't". Cool.
  4. Hello! Was just thinking that it might be cool to see a condensation of the kill report so that you can see what your end wave bonuses are in a decent amount of time frame. Maybe do something where it "collects" kill counts for 5 seconds, then gives a more summarized version? 4 :kobold: Defeated +48 3 :warrior: Defeated +96 1 :goblin: Defeated +12 etc. Iono, just a sleep deprived thought! o_o)-b Yeah, especially on things like survival where it takes 20 minutes to roll.
  5. Seriously? What's the incentive to spend money on dlc if you can just leech off other people? Being able to host and or play alone with said DLC?
  6. That's a nice idea, and we'll go ahead and make that change in 7.12! -Jer Thank you, I'm sure a decision like that will make a lot of people continue playing who would otherwise be CRY / QUIT - ing.
  7. Completely misleading thread title. Following the link, it is clearly a bug and only intended for the new maps. Before you make a thread like this, you may want to read the thread you're referring to. (That is, if you're saying you need to OWN the dlc to even play with someone else on any map at all, which is what the title and your OP suggests.) I know reading is hard, but sometimes it's worth it. Well, except for Oceanography. I hate that thing. Landlubbers 4ever. When thanksgiving things cost 1$ in a month, and subsequently when christmas things cost 1$ in january or so, you won't
  8. Confirmation from trendy staff in my other post. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?27797-7.11-Failed-to-join-game-from-invite
  9. Hey Zeid, Has Jeremy or Aedus' posts shed any light on the problem you're having? If those haven't helped, it would be great if you can send a Log File of this problem happening for you. Instructions/link on how to do that are in my signature. Just go ahead and e-mail it to the address in my sig as well. This message I believe will occur if the host is playing on DLC you don't have. In the next major update we'll make the message much clearer about what it is you're missing. If you DO have the DLC however, then I'm not sure -- but a "-dowritelog" from the person who failed to join will he
  10. I love how everyone says "NOT GETTING IT" when most people will if the "unique rewards" are worth it.
  11. Cannot join anyone's games on my friends list. Fix one thing, break another. Happens to several people I know as well, I have not been able to join a game with other people that was not listed under custom game.
  12. I was looking in the media section of the website and I noticed the starting 4 heroes have a wallpaper for each of them. Will there be any new artwork done of the new heroes in the same style as those wallpapers? Yeah I can't wait for a sweaty Hunter/Ranger wallpaper either.
  13. It would be nice, if each char has his own inventory and mana. Hope Trendy add this one day! This would be useful for people who intent to play splitscreen with a friend (girlfriend, in my case) and don't want to share an inventory.
  14. I'm not sure if it's the same on ps3, but you don't need to be on pure strategy to get a giraffe on pc.
  15. If you enabled the tavern item pickup it's your fault, this is by default disabled. Also, you didn't got robbed: Someone may have stolen items from you, but you made it very, very, very easy by enabling tavern item pickups. I think we're getting ahead of ourselves, I know it's likely he had item pickups unlocked. However, it also wouldn't surprise me if something randomly happened that allowed others to be able to loot your tavern, what with all the "tavern items gone" and other weird glitch posts going around.
  16. I already asked about the VAC ban with this program, never did get an official answer. http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?22788-Will-this-be-ok-with-VAC It's possible Trendy doesn't actually know... I think Valve handles the details of the VAC system. Either way, would be nice to hear their opinion. This has been asked of valve countless times, they refuse to give an answer.
  17. I get constant "Vac authentication" errors. Pretty annoying.
  18. I don't support this suggestion. This not only opens another venue for those who intent to make life difficult (grief), but also makes for less coordination of what to do next in my opinion
  19. This was amazing and so easy to make. Ohh nom nom nom noms. What did you make? Looks awesome. I've been trying to get into cooking recently, I'm 24 and until about 5 months ago I wouldn't be able to cook anything but burgers, scrambled eggs, and instant rice (the microwave kind). Today I cooked steak with pepper and Worcestershire sauce with german potato salad.
  20. I enjoy this game being challenging. If you can't handle Dark elf warriors on insane, then you don't play on insane.
  21. personally, I just googled hardcore, and cool stuff came up.
  22. To be honest, I have no idea where I'd even start on trying insane spook under the rules I've been using. I mean nothing above 150ish, no max upgraded elite weapon drops, no halloween weapons. No animi, no guardians, no genies, no fairies, no imps. Oh well, guess it's just gonna hurt. A lot. It seems IMPOSSIBLE for a casual to do insane spook since the 30% insane HP boost.
  23. Assuming the genders and such are 7.11, i'd just hope they get 7.11 pushed out WITH the store bugfix. I can be patient.
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