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  1. Actually the missiles do not damage the core. Tested this several times. Also, if they 1-shot your towers you are playing at a difficulty way too high for your gear level. Provided you equip legendary relics, they will give plenty of HP to survive up to 10 missiles; Furthermore, the missiles are easily dodged, and can't hit you if you are airborn (Gunwitch, dryad, EV2, monk double jump, etc). The fact you are standing on top of your towers getting destroyed while one of them is in the map means you are just not playign properly. did you not read my post properly? they don't attack the crystals directly or towers directly but when someone is running over to help kill the siege roller from their lane or from the spawn point (after dying), the siege roller will attack the people across the map at random times (which can happen while they are running near a tower or crystal). Also my towers are good for the difficulties I'm playing. I don't need defense health on a tower that wont be in harm's way. only thing that can hit them are when the siege roller decides to shoot across the map at someone that might be near the tower and destroy them. Did you not read my post properly? The missiles (rockets) do NOT damage the core. Tested this several times. Further more ''I don't need defence health on a tower that won't be in harm's way'', True.. However, appearantly they are in harms way, because players are jumping around it with siege rollers on the map. Just because you (or other players) are stupid enough to not take the boss' abilities into account, doesn't mean he should be changed. He is fine the way he is; the only bosses that's somewhat of a challenge. If anything, massively boost the rest; leave this one alone :)
  2. Lol so you don't want because you don't have time for it? What if it was possible to disconnect and connect later as if nothing happened? you keep the progress going, the game could save your progress? Not everything is black or white there are fixes for stuff xD The time concern is a valid reason though; I have the same thought about the old onslaught mode. Rather than allowing you to move in and out of the same map/game; I would suggest a D3 greater rift system instead. For detailed explanation, 3rd suggestion on this thread: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/146548/3-improvement-ideas-to-fix-commons-issues-interesting-late-game-guaranteed This way you play per map (so are not stuck endlessly on the same map); and will keep progressing in difficulty as long as you keep winning.
  3. Read my 3rd suggestion on this thread: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/146548/3-improvement-ideas-to-fix-commons-issues-interesting-late-game-guaranteed
  4. Actually the missiles do not damage the core. Tested this several times. Also, if they 1-shot your towers you are playing at a difficulty way too high for your gear level. Provided you equip legendary relics, they will give plenty of HP to survive up to 10 missiles; Furthermore, the missiles are easily dodged, and can't hit you if you are airborn (Gunwitch, dryad, EV2, monk double jump, etc). The fact you are standing on top of your towers getting destroyed while one of them is in the map means you are just not playign properly.
  5. Sounds extremely unrewarding tho. Adding rewards to this would not be hard. 1) There will be a leader-board; competition is something a lot of players enjoy, and will be rewarding for them in that sense. 2) You can easily add special pet / skin unlocks for reaching certain levels.. In example, once you beat a lvl 10 map, you gain X pet.. or Whenever you beat lvl 20; you unlock a free bag / hero slot, whatever. 3) You could always add scaling EXP / Gold gain too for higher levels. So 55k for a lvl 0 (Chaos 7), and then +5% gold each lvl you go up, and 5% exp each lvl you go up. This way the highest difficulty will be rewarding in the sense that the 'real grinders' can grind out faster.
  6. Or you could just pay a little attention and open them. xD
  7. In this post I will discuss 3 issues with the game, 2 of which are major issues, and will try and provide a fun/interesting sollution in order to make the game more FUN (yes, this is what games should be about) for both new and experienced players! 1) Gear Progression ConfusionEven though some attempts have been made to 'sorta' explain how players are supposed to be smoothly progressing as they level and gear up, there is still no clear and coherent system IN GAME to explain gear progression. New players, instead, end up getting confused and frustrated because they have a hard time figuring out why they can't get into Chaos 1 properly, or progress through the different chaos levels properly. They are 'forced' to find guides or help outside of the game, which shouldn't be a 'must' for players trying to enjoy the game. My suggestion for this would be to add an NPC in town; that clearly explains how the drops work, based on your current highest level / highest geared hero; that explains the hidden item power levels (Which shouldn't be hidden, BTW!), and how players can determine what gear will be beneficial for progression, and what gear isn't. This can easily be done by showing a few pictures / lines of text: The fact that there isn't a proper, quick place in the game where to access this crucial information baffles me! 2) Repetative Map Rotations & Limited Incursion MapsAfter you finish the campaign (which is general a new map every round), players will start doing the Chaos Trials. Whilst the idea behind trials is fun, players usualy have to grind out 50, if not 100 games on every difficulty before being geared and strong enough to move on to the next level. Since there are only 4-5 maps in the rotation for every chaos level, this means that players have to repeat the same 4 maps OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again. This problem becomes worse once players get into Chaos 7; where that is the only place you can still get gear. On top of that, the Incursions got re-added to the game recently, which is great! Some of the incursions are fun, and challenging maps, however, again, they are linked to chaos levels, and limited by them. Every chaos level only has 1-2 incursion maps attached to it, and those incursion maps cannot be played on any other difficulty. As far as the normal chaos trials are concerned; I would highly recommend one of two things: - Add ALL the maps to every chaos level's rotation; This way it will always be a surprise which map you get, and it will get repetative MUCH slower! - Rotate the maps linked to each chaos level on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. I dislike this option compared to the first one, but at the very least people that are stuck on the same chaos level for LONG periods of time (mostly C7, with a weekly schedule) will get some change-up every now and then. As far as the incursion maps go: UNLOCK ALL INCURSION MAPS FOR ALL CHAOS LEVELS! I cannot really come up with a reason to have the incursion maps locked up the way they are. I understand that doing the incursion maps unlocks the special weapons, which is meant as a medal-sink; but this is a silly way to go about it. As previously mentioned, the Incursion maps are fun, and challenging, but right now I highly doubt anybody plays them more than once, based on the fact that they are locked to a very specific chaos level. Players with a low item level will simply ask for a carry to unlock weapons earlier than intended, and higher geared players have no option to play the incursions on their own level to get drops in. (playing a C4 incursion with C7 gear is really boring/pointless). In effect, the great incursion maps are wasted. Nobody plays them. My recommendation for this would be to unlock ALL incursion maps on ALL chaos difficulties, and here is why: - Players with any gear level will be able to enjoy the fun challenging maps on their own level, and be able to find items useful for them there. They will not have to wait until they are highly geared themselves, or beg others to carry them, but can have fun playing and challenging themselves for proper rewards. Chaos-7 geared players will be able to run the Incursion maps on Chaos 7 difficulty, making some of them (if not all) a decent challenge; as well as being able to drop gear there. I don't really understand why this 'medal sink' is a nessescity in Trendy's eyes; but it's going at the cost of FUN, CHALLENGING maps being available for all players, and that is a WASTE! 3) Suggestion for a New Gamemode; MUCH better than the old Onslaught!Right now, after players reach the maximum item level gear (end-game C7), there is no more challenges left in the game. They are stuck repeating the same 4 maps over and over again, and have no real way to challenge themselves (discussed above). This is really problematic as the dedicated players who are likely to spend money on your game, are a core group of players to keep interested / entertained. One of the best sollutions for this, is to introduce a scaling, progressive gametype, that essentially scales until unlimited difficulty. As old players will already know, a game-mode close to what I described above was already in the game. This game mode was called 'Onslaught', and it would make you pick a map, with unlimited rounds, where the monster levels increased on a round by round basis (or every 3 rounds, don't remember exactly). However, this game-mode came with a SERIOUS flaw; and that is that the monsters would only improve VERY slowly, and you had to be able to spend HOURS (I'm talking 5+ hours) in 1 sessions just to get to a point where it would be challenging. Many players don't have the time, patience or interest to sit through such LONG sessions; and even if the monster progression speed is sped up, it will still take a considerable amount of time. Instead, I would like to suggest a game mode very similar to Diablo 3's Greater Rifts system. In essence, this game mode would be a scaling game-mode linked to a personal score, that can progressively scale to higher difficulties as you clear maps on higher difficulties. How this would look in DD2: You start out this ''infinite'' mode on the current highest difficulty in the game (Chaos 7). This starting point will be 'level 0'. As you play and clear maps, every map victory will increase your personal level by 1. Each level, monsters will get 5% extra health, and deal 5% extra damage, as well as move 1% faster. This will be a multiplicative system, meaning that a monster with 1.000.000 base HP on lvl 0, will have 1,050,000 HP on lvl 1, 1,102,500 HP on lvl 2, 1,157625 HP at lvl 3, etc. This scaling will go on indefinately, and is only limited to the players skill and gear. Once a player loses a map, he will lose 5 levels; and will have to work his way back up from that point. (Eventually players will hit a ceiling based on the current gear limitations in the game; this limit can be exceeded once a new Chaos Trial difficulty will be added, or any other place to farm higher level gear!) A leaderboard would be added for this gamemode, that lists the players that have cleared the highest level of this infinite mode; This will create a very fun, competative side to this game's end-game. (You can have seperate leaderboard for solo progressoin & party progression) The main advantage to this type of system over the Onslaught system is that it is played on a map to map basis. Meaning that if you only have 1 hour of time to play each day, you can still progress through the difficulty scaling until you reach challenging heights. Having all the maps in the rotation for this mode, and selected randomly, will further keep this mode interesting and challenging. Players willing to compete and challenge themselves will be forced to think outside the box, as the 'simple' effective C7 farming builds will no longer prove to be the most powerful ones, as monsters HP, damage and movement speed continues to grow. I feel that the 3 changes described above, both seperately and all together, will bring the game to a much better place; with less annoyance and frustration, more freedom, and more challenging content for both new and old players. I would love to hear your thoughts about all this in the comment section, and please leave a like if you agree / like this idea.
  8. I have walls with 450,000 hp now, yes I have shards on my walls and I've tried Huntess poison dart towers with Ascension points to crit chance, a crit damage shard, and power shard. I have a pet that increases defense tower damage. I have tried everything and all my equipment gives 1,700-1,800 in a stat and it is still insanely hard and sometimes impossible to solo maps on Chaos 1 for me. When I play with other people, I can usually make it but it is never possible to win without players doing most of the damage and constantly repairing. I don't like the changes they've made. It feels like the only defenses that are really worth using are walls and anti-air. Nothing else seems to matter much, While I understand that the transition is rather difficult at first; most people seem to manage just fine. After finishing the campaign, they usualy farm maps on the hard campaign for a while longer to get higher gear, before moving. The type of towers you place is important; so are the stats.. but what is just as important is WHERE you place the towers. Proper tower placement makes a WORLD of different in most maps. On top of that, your ascension level will go up as well, which will help you enormously. I strongly suggest that you level up the Defence attack speed & Defence Critical rate to 20/20 first on ALL your builders. If you want I can join your game some time and see how you build, and maybe give you tips to improve. My steam is EraChanZ
  9. I agree; I would go as far as saying: Make ALL incursions available on ALL chaos levels. Why? This way people can challenge themselves with the relatively fun and challenging incursions regardless of their current gear level. The way the incursions are set up now, it means that everyone plays the maps ONCE, and usualy just ask a C7-max guy to carry them, and that's it. Because it's nearly impossible to play a Incursion map at the right level so you can have fun AND progress while playing challenging content. Sadly I don't think Trendy devs are still reading this part of the forum; A suggest for bigger / changing map rotations has been made before, never listend to them. Trendy would rather have us bored out of our ass farming the same 4 maps on endless repeat; idiotic.
  10. It's an obnoxious boss I will 100% agree. Been wanting the frontal damage resistance reduced to like 70% or so for a while... But I really don't feel it needs a nerf at all just in my oppinion. I really recommend you change your mentality around this boss and how you try to fight it. It is INCREDIBLY slow. Mobs also come in volleys during waves. So I recommend watching your mini map for the breaks during the waves when there are fewer monsters, and using this time to start DPSing/CCing the boss. Start this cycle as soon as it spawns, and don't be afraid to leave the boss and come back (again, uber slow). This will almost always kill the boss long before it reaches defenses unless your spawn camping (which have other possible options). Ok, so I was talking about my hardest difficulty c4, lets use c1 as an example, it is not fun after completing a wave to keep dpsing a boss for 5 more minutes. In c4, i cannot stop to dps/cc the boss, i need to leave it alone or my other lanes will fail, i always leave bosses to the end (Every single time in public games where everyone goes to dps the boss, some lane fall apart...) Clearly your way of fighting the boss is faulty. Even when I was leveling up and wasn't overgeared yet in any way, shape or form, the tanks (while requiring personal attention) went down fast. The front & sides are heavily armored, so he won't take damage there. That means you need to be attacking from behind. Even from behind, his armor level is still higher than that of most other bosses, so using ability based skill/damage will work much better on him. Example: As a huntress, critting with a phoenix shot, evne if you aren't very highly geared, will easily take milions of its HP. Monk polesmash or .. heroic wave? whatever it's called, also deal high damage. Mage mana bomb inflicts heavy damage, and even Squire's slash & stun skill do the same. Alternatively you can add towers to 'odd' places, so that they shoot monsters from behind as they progress through the lane. They will also attack the boss form behind, dealing increased damage. While annoying to deal wtih, the boss is simply not overpowered (As mentioned before, extremely slow). Just learn to fight it. (You can start crying when you get to C5, you'll find out why)
  11. [[146531,users]] Thanks for that elaborate reply. Cannot do much else but agree with your points. One thing I would like to add: I know that Fire Aura's are stronger at the last 2 upgrade levels, this however sorta leads in the to main reason I will ALWAYS keep using WM's in my builds; And that is because there aren't enough mana drops in a game to max out all your towers, not even close.. If you spend at least 60% of your DU on WM's, there is still not enough mana to max-upgrade the remaining 40% by the final round. The way I have always seen WM's is the worst DU-value ratio (as in, DU limit of building); but the strongest Manacost-value ratio in the game. I still dislike the idea that combining the 2 (or just one of them, really) will clear everything, including air units, from a lane.. I know I CAN use other towers, but as was previously stated, most players tend to end up using what is most powerful & most easy; or a golden ratio between the two. :)
  12. If you are a gamer, don't get a Mac :P is the best.. If you need a Mac for work, keep it for work, get a PC anyway XD
  13. I feel that most, if not all 'projectile' based skills have this. Heck, even some auto attacks (like Charged shots) curve along to follow (and usually guarantee) a hit. Also try picking up EV's Atomic launcher and aim it to a far-away flying unit; it will perfectly hit always.. This homing was (I think) clearly added for controller-users; I don't like it either. Don't know of a way to turn it off.
  14. If it makes you feel any better.. you're not being singled out.. and I'm sure they are aware of the server issues by now :P
  15. if by perfect you mean a person getting carried for 10 minutes having maxed out gear; then I disagree. It used to be kinda crazy; before I returned.. get carried on the map that drops toxic shock on NM4; drop one that doesn't suck, and be able to solo any and all games after that. It's better now; the speed of progression might need some tweaking here and there though. [[19416,users]], I think making WM's less used (or at least not SOLELY used) is easy; spawn more traps-disablers.. After all, disabling 1 node will disable all of them. The counter is already in the game, They just don't spawn on every chaos wave, unlike most other monsters after they've been introduced. (Geodes on C3, appear in every level from then; Lady Orcs C4, every level after, etc.) Simply having them spawn waves 3, 4 and 5; at least forces you to not have a single-minded defence setup. You'll have to combine WM's with some PDT's, and then perhaps some shield-piercing weapons too. (Trap disabler disables WM; there's a Geode on the lane; suddenly your PDT's can't do much either.. )
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