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  1. I think what would make crit damage more of an appealing stat would be to make the crit damage that you give the tower scale per upgrade that tower has... so lets say you have 100 crit damage which honestly isn't much and make it that when the tower is T2 that the crit damage becomes 150... and so forth. The currant way crit damage works even if you can get 1000 it stays that way for all the tier lvls of the tower. Basically with my example 1000 crit damage would become 1500 crit damage at t2, and probably 2000 crit damage at T3... so that way it becomes a bit more interesting and maybe even worthwhile. So maybe: T1 : 100% crit damage (normal) T2 : 150% T3 : 200% T4 : 250% Although even then 1000 crit would become 2500 at T4 which isn't the best but maybe an idea to make crit damage worthwhile in the longer run.
  2. It must be a bug then cause eggs that I have incubated seem to disappear over time like they have rotten.
  3. Yeah I have a similar issue with an egg I can't sell at all, pretty sure it was an egg before the patch too. So yeah it sucks not being able to sell it but at least all the other eggs work properly so it won't clog up my inventory.
  4. Uber's are nice and all but I was thinking; wouldn't be nice that when you are placing a tower you have an uber for that lets say you press 5 for cannonball, then press U on the keyboard to uber it... (or any key near there). So my question is; are there going to be more than 1 uber slot, or type of slot that changes towers and if so maybe have a toggle like the one i've explained.
  5. I was thinking that once you place a pet into the incubator and start the process of hatching it that maybe it could run on a different timer before it goes bad. My thinking is that once you start the process it should protect the egg from going bad which would be helpful to people who may not log in as much to have to worry about their egg turning into a rotten one. Although I admit it could mess things up a bit if you can swap the egg that is currently incubating.
  6. yes, tier 5 without boost, far = 10.5k ~, and close was 6.5k~ both same tier.
  7. Okie so basically; The further the cannonball travels before hitting something the more damage confirmed; had one tower T5 hitting the dummy from across the room while 1 was hitting from right beside. Also cannonball stun effect seems to not work with the uber at all. Lastly the cannonball can sometimes lead a mob way off causing it to miss the first shot at least. Specially when they converge onto the lane, but overall they are more deadly than the earthquake tower in open lanes. (though the earthquake tower can cheat corners, and doesn't need to "lead" their shot). The tower still costs the 30 defense units.
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