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  1. The gear is hacked. I used to mod my items to stats around that.
  2. Somebody handed this to me in the tavern before a NM run. Can you tell if it's legit or not? http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/632989634157643483/56D131338DF0FB5FF16E95D237FA9751207C8E8C/I say modded since its not even mythical and the person modded the certain stats that affect dps
  3. Wow, there are so many thinks to improve and you guys just picked the most worthless one.How is this worthless whenever having a whole set of armor with 200^ and a 200^ weapon takes over 1 hour
  4. I think they should put in an option to invest a certain amount of mana into a stat then it goes up as many levels and puts the points in that stat you chose. Would save lots of time instead of wasting 20 minutes upgrading 1 gun you spend 30 seconds. Good or bad idea?
  5. could you hold onto the genie for 11 hours instead of 8? ill pay 200m over the highest offer by then
  6. I had a huntress guardian 230^ 189 boost i get off for the night get back on -87 boost makes no sense..
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