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  1. HOST!!! This isn't really the end-all solution you think it is. People like to overly simplify matters like this, and it's not a productive direction. I could just as easily say 'well then NEVER PLAY MULTIPLAYER WITH STRANGERS!'...they're solutions to the problem of suffering from bad etiquette, but also rob you of the multiplayer experience you get from playing with diverse players you're not accustomed to. This is something that makes games like FPS' and RTS' thrive. There's a lot of people who don't want to host ALL THE TIME. Just like there's a lot of players who do not five 2k+ bu
  2. heh. Just ran into the other DPS in another game. Yup. Host kicked everybody. LAAAAAMMMMMMEEEEE! :p
  3. So I was really excited when Trendy announced it would reduce the number of monsters added per player. I expected to see a lot more multiplayer games in Nightmare. That's true to an extent... This is the third time I've seen this now. In this case, a player hosted a game seeking a builder. I joined up to build, but got asked to DPS when a better Squire joined. The Build was atrocious, but it was non-mm Aquanos and with 4 DPS, I'm convinced you can do all 30 waves with no towers. Anyway... The host claimed builder got all the Supremes. Fair enough. I feel like Aquanos Sups are 99% weapons,
  4. Got lucky. Had JUST finished a survival run.
  5. I believe you need to complete 1 full wave before the pet wave. So you would need to start on 18 on Aquanos or 13 on other maps. Also, I've heard that MM doesn't affect pet quality, so it's probably easier for you do it on non mix unless you're stats are so high that it doesn't matter. This is what I assumed after starting on wave 19 and getting nothing. (also made that difficulty jump to 21 a 'nightmare' running seahorse on 19). Should have guessed that from the 13 starting point on 25-Levels. As far as Mix Mode goes, I always run Mix Mode at this point. Entirely because I honestly can
  6. ...I guess this applies to any pet reward from 30 wave levels.
  7. What's the latest wave you can start on NMHCMM Aquanos Survival to farm the Seahorse?
  8. Oh gawd! The answer is I'm the only Mac User on the planet playing DD!
  9. Been testing them since posting on higher waves of survival. I think on paticular points of defense, they're fantastic over walls (I.E. Alchemy Labs, West Side Mistymire, other thin points of entry). With my humble summoner (haven't brought him over 1500/1500 yet) with nearly three times the hp and dishing out over 200k in dmg a swing. I think the biggest advantage is the DU saved. At a thin point of D, I save at LEAST 5 DU from the EV wall and the gas trap. (Ogre fear no Sharken!) I haven't had any problems with anything walking past, provided the ogre stays put. My biggest complaint is t
  10. Title says it all. Haven't had a chance to play lately but just curious on community thoughts. Ogres/Orcs seem to have more hp. I assume walls have more resistance though, and that walls discourage attackers if turrets are distant enough. Perhaps Orcs and Ogres can't be made to sit put effectively enough to be walls? Thoughts?
  11. Load Time to Game Play Figures iMac 3.2GhHz DDR3 4 GB ATI HD 5670 iMac Boot Camp Partition Windows Vista: 30 Seconds iMac OS X 10.6.8 Parrallels Desktop Emulating Windows Vista: 90 Seconds iMac OS X 10.6.8 Using Mac Version of DD: 8 Minutes I started playing this game on the Windows side of my iMac when it was released, obviously because the Mac version wasn't available. After trying the initial Mac release, and seeing how buggy and unstable it made my system: I opted to wait a few patches before bothering again. Recently DD updated with a 'new efficient build' on Mac side. It is..
  12. I dunno why so many of you are up in arms about someone saying the content feels like it REQUIRES an EV, especially when it's safe to assume 100% of you high end players are using an EV for at LEAST buffs. Personally, I use EV on just about every map. Could I finish Survival maps without her? Sure...but why would I? To make it unnecessarily harder? Furthermore, have you checked in on the Strategy and Guides section? 100% of the popular guides have EV walls and buff beams. (don't bother finding that one that disproves my theory, bringing that average down to 99% or even 90% isn't going to in
  13. I must be doing something wrong because ogres beat the hell out of my walls, reversed spikes or otherwise. As things stand right now, if you put towers far enough away from a wall, an Ogre will 'agro' to the tower attacking him and ignore the wall. He'll simply stand there until he's killed (within reason, he does eventually seem to regain his composure). From my understanding, putting a hero or tower too close to the wall will allow the Ogre to attack immediately rather than stand in a stupefied daze for 30 seconds.
  14. This happens to me so rarely, maybe once or twice ever. It probably happens more at defenses I'm not concentrating on, but since any wall would typically be protected by a tower, the ogre would in theory pursue the tower and die anyway. It's funny, because the bugs that periodically result in a players demise will never go without protest, but the fact that ogres rarely even attack walls now doesn't seem to bother anyone... :p Edit: I had a point. That point BEING, the game is gonna have bugs. Your OS has bugs, Ramen Noodles have bugs. This bug pales in comparison to say, monsters stuck
  15. See below image: It's a screenshot of in-game chat from my own AFK shop. For reference purposes, I am in fact not the salesman, but I'm PRETTY SURE it is my inventory (of which he has no access) that he's offering up in trade for Steam games. Who are these people - who do these things, to score five dollar copies of old steam games? 0.o Why can't they pose as Princes of Nigeria and scam credit cards, like good upstanding internet predators?
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