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  1. If you'd like a refund, send an email to [email]feedback@trendyent.com[/email]. I completely understand your frustration. Requested a refund let See What answer i get...
  2. stats? which stance are you using to fend off mobs of ninjas//tank fireball turrets? Hack stance. Inviato dal mio GT-I9000
  3. and if you farm survival you will for sure get a DC. no saving progress. GG no re
  4. how beta testers can complete assault with barbarian now? slow speed low jump range ( can't jump over a proximity ) no turtle stance no block or ranged attack beta testers or morons who like to play with variable around? And fix survival from DC. Lost 2 hours of playing at misty survival wave 28 for a DC. PORCO DIO!
  5. Just disconnected at wave 28 misty... PORCO DIO Inviato dal mio GT-I9000
  6. at wave 20+ you need 2 or more people to manage repair rotation in misty survival. Ogre hit very harder.
  7. 300+ hours of grinding to get the Best gear and they call me cheater. 300+ hours spent farming to get a patch that destroy My apprentice tower spec in a minute. Kk thx bye gg no re. Inviato dal mio GT-I9000
  8. lost a game on nm surv misty hc mode at wave 28. ALL crystals were 100% and after 2 seconds 1 just explode...
  9. It's worth playing hc instead of normal nm survival? And mixmode? Inviato dal mio GT-I9000
  10. Reached wave 28 on misty nm hc mix got a lot of bugged items with Good stats but when i Pick It up stats go negative and upgrade go down from 240+ to 10-15.... And Loot on the ground are showed with false stats. We are two players playing and i See stats that the other Player can't see. Sry for bad English. Inviato dal mio GT-I9000
  11. same here, already sent and email to peter.
  12. since mixmode is the same as normal as stated above. Hardcore is recommended or i can go for normal survival? got 850+ bonus hp, 89% physical res ( on nightmare ) on my apprentice and after wave 14 ninja can oneshot me.... and other question, Enrage aura are ok placed there? It's a pain in the *** repair those aura during wave. thx
  13. dps leather helm 125^ 200m mail gloves 232^ 700m steamid:lamenames for gloves i prefer a trade with a good plate gloves or another good item. for helm it's ok add me on steam. fully upped hybrid app staff how much for this? :) offer mana or preferably some gears.
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