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  1. And it'd be very nice if you weren't the host to incorporate some lags... Let someone host who doesn't make the game lag?
  2. Countering an over simplification with one of your own? Even if I agree that harpoons don't miss that much when it's important (although switching from ogre to spider/DEW is just retarded); the fact that you're saying bowling ball are not placement restricted is just ridiculous. Can't shoot uphill/upstairs, get blocked by small obstacles, can't shoot air at all, ...
  3. I mean, do people really look at this discrepancy and think App towers are comparable to Squire? Or are people not aware of how large the discrepancy is? Now add the fact that harpoons miss their targets often and the fact that bowlings are very limited in their placement to your calculations. And the fact that fireball does respectable AoE dmg.
  4. With a team of three with two boosting bouncers, this should go a lot further. That's the conclusion we arrived at as well
  5. We have the same problem on survival there. We can deal with the ogres and the spiders but the birds kill us slowly but surely every time. TBH I think the problem is more the spider spawn fest during the bird rush. It completely shuts down any towers you have shooting birds. At this point I would say you would have to use bumpers or slice and dice on the edge between their spawn lines and the crystal. It's the only thing I can think of that won't get completely shut down by the spiders as you get zerged by both spiders and birds at the same time. Squeezing the DU for them could be tricky depending on your build though. Harpoons are not shut down often by spiders in my build, but they still fail because of the issues mentioned above. Bumpers/Bouncers work pretty well, but have only a short time to kill the wyverns before they reach the core. They also get attacked/webbed from below and can even get destroyed by necromancer ranged attack spam in later waves. If it is interesting I can post links to the builds I've used semi-successfully (~ wave 11)
  6. Also, harpoons prioritize wyverns. As long as you can place them in a straight line with their flight path they can be pretty amazing. Well that's what they SHOULD do. Instead they look through the floor at mobs passing below, but can't shoot at them because they dont have a line of sight. When the wyverns get REALLY close - and I mean REALLY; maybe 5-10 range? - then the harpoons begin to turn and fire. NM wyverns are so fast that they reach the core in that time and can sometimes hit it once. Ensnare would help, but then poison immunes sometimes still hit the core. So if every tenth or even twentieth wyvern hits the core once you soon lose in survival. Why can't the harpoons target the wyverns earlier?
  7. Maybe it's different for Misty? I am talking about ES NM HC MM Survival and both my squire and a friend's app are only about 500/900/700/600 or something in those dimensions. Even 3 MM for each core didnt work perfectly. Is it necessary to stand there 24/7 to boost them?!
  8. Not a single trap works (can't be close to the core) Only one aura kind of works: Ensnare; but what about Poison immune wyverns? (also aura range isn't great) App towers? MM and DST dont deliever good enough DPS per DU imho. Squire towers? I would love to use Harpoon, but it stares at mobs it can't ever shoot 99% of the time and then turns around to face the wyverns TOO LATE and TOO SLOW.
  9. Elec aura needs repairs just as much as inferno traps needs repairs. The more enemies in elec aura the more repairs it needs, while inferno aura is based on a per-activation, so has a more stable repair requirement. And lastly, it's a different element. Use both and pwn mobs regardless of resistance. :p Or use app/squire towers for electric immunes. They dont need repairs.
  10. Best way to make use of a trap huntress? I'd say monster fest but only for the first few waves until you put enough traps down. Then you log on squire. Every other map? Respec to hero damage... oh wait that was nerfed into oblivion... I guess log on your tower squire then.
  11. 60 Second Cooldown says Hi. 20? 10? Second Cooldown and his friend Requires Melee Distance say Hi Does Not Pierce and his friends Requires Melee Distance and Does Not Shoot Through Walls all say Hi They all say Hi again Lastly, have you played an Apprentice? There's a whole lot of people who want to say Hi to that. Yet you ignore the MORE IMPORTANT POINT - if you need to AoE mobs then your TOWER SETUP SUCKS. And yes, ranged shouldn't do more dps than melee, but that has ONLY been the case with the ORIGINAL VW. People only play Huntress because it's easy to get high dps and it's easy to play because of high movement speed, holding down the LMB and high range.
  12. get an animus....ninjas die mid jump game overGot one with 30k dps, but I havent been with it to monster fest yet - so youre probably right P.S.: Why did you ignore the other point?
  13. you're just supporting the fact that the Van Wolfstein is still better damage output where it matters, like ogres and bosses. So it boils down to this: Do other classes do MORE dps in those situation or not? Yes they do. (But probably not in ranged) but anything that is lightning immune is going to get piercing shot to the face anyways so it really doesnt matter Have fun on Monster Fest against lightning immune dark elfs jumping you every few seconds. The HUGE difference in piercing shot damage DOES matter here.
  14. The huntress , has the highest potential to be a DPS hero , due to her ability to become invisible and undamaged from monsters at a time of need. Dark Elf Warrior says Hi. The huntress , is the only one with an efficient AoE special ability (refers to Piercing shot). 1) if you need to AoE mobs your tower setup sucks 2) mana bomb/slice attack/squire melee/monk melee/app charged shot say Hi.
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