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  1. Yeah, definitely there needs to be more items which actually change the game and define builds which otherwise don't work without those items. Trendy realise that DD2 is all about the loot. It's a loot-orientated game, but look at the loot we have. 3 unique weapons for just the 4 base classes, 1 unique set (Storm), and *everything else* is entirely generic. Every piece of armour beyond the Storm set is a generic. Every weapon outside of the few uniques for only the 4 base classes, are generic. Further to that, they barely change of enhance gameplay, apart from Toxic Shock and Internal Combuster which massively change the game, and make those towers a staple. Look at something like Diablo 3. I went through their website and counted just legendary items: Axe - 16 Dagger - 9 Mace - 22 Spears - 5 Swords - 33 Ceremonial - 12 Fist - 14 Flail - 15 Mighty - 15 Polearms - 5 Staves - 17 Diabo - 11 Bow - 13 Crossbow - 10 Hand Crossbow - 11 Wand - 11 Shields - 23 Mojo - 10 Orbs - 11 Quiver - 11 Head - 37 Shoulder - 10 Chest - 15 Wrist - 31 Hands - 9 Waist - 42 Legs - 8 Feet - 11 Amulets - 24 Rings - 36 Total Legendaries: 497 Not every single one of those items changes any abilities, but most of them do, and to a decent degree. They change the skills you use, and how you play the game. Also consider that there are unique crafted items not included there, and there are around 40 sets (why some armour slots have low item count, add about 30 to them) which have a *much* bigger impact on abilities, which completely change the way the game is played. I don't play PoE so I can't give specific numbers there, but I'm sure it's going to be the same kind of deal. Right now DD2 is a loot-based game, with the most boring loot you can imagine, because it's all purely generic. Every single piece is a stat stick which just doesn't affect the game in any real way besides "more damage, more health" by a small factor. 3% more damage and 2% range WOOHOO!!!, meanwhile Diablo 3 is over there with sets boosting abilities' damage by 1500% and completely changing the way they work. Toxic Shock and Internal Combuster are good examples of items which change up the game and the gameplay. PDT is not *that* good compared to other towers without Toxic Shock. You cannot hold a lane without Toxic Shock the same way you can with it. It entirely changes the way you play and how you build, and introduces cool new things, like the mobs exploding. One of the main reasons these weapons are so "op" is simply because there's no other competition out there. Instead of nerfing those 2 weapons back down to generic levels with everything else, and essentially remove all the impact they have, I want to see much more unique pieces of loot for other classes, that when I get, completely change the kinds of towers I put down and how I use them. internal Combuster is a good example of that. It completely changes the way Serenity Auras are used. Without it, you just put 1 down or never use them at all, for some healing if you're doing melee DPS and maybe a damage boost if needed. It's entirely hero-focused. With Internal Combuster, you're putting 1 down in each lane and using them as a mob-focused defence rather than hero-focused one. That's cool, that's unique. A tower goes from not being that useful, and only used in X way, to being super useful and used in Y way. My gameplay is changed by the loot I pick up, which is how a loot-based game should be, rather than the exact same build from Normal Campaign to NM4 incursions just with higher numbers. We need way more unique items which actually change up gameplay, and which towers are viable. Much much more of it. 1 unique set of armour is really tragic.
  2. Ah ok, didn't know it was a workaround. Hope that gets fixed.
  3. Currently, the loot you get from the victory chest is from the hero you finished the map with, not the one that opens the chest. This creates a bunch of annoying problems in many of the incursion maps, for instance: - Maps which you need to kill a boss for that you really want a DPS out for, i.e Demon's Lair. It's really difficult to bring that guy down just with towers due to his position. I have a DPS Huntress and DPS EV2 that I use for instance, but want to get the 750 medallion for my Monk. Right now the only option I have is to play EV2 until the boss is <1 mil health, and then quickly switch to monk before his health hits 0. With other players who can bring him down very quickly, this can be difficult to do. - Power Surge, where your defences are only up for a limited time, requiring you to permanently play a builder, unless you have a bunch of friends doing it for you, but if you don't, or you're the builder of your friends, then you're kinda screwed. Same reason as above, you're forced into a specific kind of builder that you want to complete the map, but have to quickly change at the end of the map before the last enemy goes down or you get the wrong loot. - Maps which encourage a lot of movespeed. In maps like Kobold Bling King, Unholy Catacombs and Bastille, fast movement is really encouraged to make them all easier and nicer to play. EV2 has a good base movespeed and so I'd like to use her for these maps, but again, same problem. If I don't want to get EV2 loot, I have to switch hero right before the map ends otherwise I get EV2 loot. In maps like Kobold Bling King with other players especially, it can be really hard to remember to switch back, because you can't easily keep track of the gold collected so far (please list it on the UI somewhere!). The only "ok-ish" solution to these problems is to create a builder and DPS of every hero you have unlocked, and then just play the DPS version of the hero you want loot for. The limited character slots make this incredibly annoying to do though, as you don't nearly have enough unless you buy a bunch. I'd have to actually go and delete current heroes in order to level up another one for a temporary period to collect loot, then delete and level up another one again. Waaaay too clunky and time-consuming. So, please just change the victory chests to calculate and drop loot by the hero that *opens* them, not the hero in the victory screen. All of the above problems are solved, and nothing changes for the people who play and open the chest with the same hero. Also in addition to that, let us quick-swap heroes at the end of the map. I really can't think why it's disabled. It's the end of the map, there's nothing left to do besides pick up loot and leave. You can swap heroes through the usual UI so it's purely a restriction on quick-swapping for whatever reason.
  4. This high-pitched sound: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1PQftGOdtg5 That sound hurts my ears, fading in and out at such a horrible pitch. It makes me feel ill after a while, and forces me to turn all SFX off when I get into Unholy Catacombs, which isn't fun. You don't have that sound on any other map that I've played (thank god), please remove it from this one.
  5. It's not doing double damage if you read the comment chain that opfer linked. Inspect is showing the wrong damage, it's showing poison at base stacks, rather than max stacks which the PDT always does. The damage it does is correct. But yeah, applying poison onto enemies hit is the real AoE boom. Removing that would certainly be a big nerf to the weapon.
  6. PDT isn't OP, Toxic Shock is OP. Get rid of your Toxic Shock, get rid of Serenity Aura and try to hold a lane with PDTs. Won't happen. I can run Demon's Lair with just a PDT and Photon Beam and it handles everything perfectly fine, never any issues. If I take Toxic Shock off and do the exact same thing, I lose almost instantly with the first few waves of mobs that spawn. It's an itemisation issue, not a tower issue. Turning a single-target tower (tuned for higher DPS because it's single-target) into an AoE which can hit a whole lane of 20+ mobs by itself, larger than any other AoE tower in the game, is an *insane* power boost on an item. Cutting PDT damage in half doesn't change much at all. The Toxic Shock venom is what makes PDT broken, and the damage dealt is based off of Defence Power, not the tower itself, so even if the tower was nerfed the explode damage doesn't change, and so still all you need is to pop 1 mob and the wave is cleaned up. The PDT will be able to kill a goblin at half or even 1/3 of its current damage, and then you still get the same effect. Toxic Shock PDT is all about that AoE, not single-target. The only way they'd force you to stop PDT usage is by making PDT completely unable to handle bosses, *and* make DU so restrictive that you can't place down a PDT and one other single-target tower to handle the bosses in all lanes. That's the only way. Toxic Shock is the problem, not PDT. Just get that clear before going on silly nerf trips where you nerf the wrong things and change nothing.
  7. Not reducing your own social score for leaving a solo game would be a start. I assume they use it already, and you could be screwing yourself out of playing with other people because your score goes really low because of it.
  8. >Been grinding NM4 for *weeks.* >Makes video saying it's easy with that gear. Nice work brah. Point proven.
  9. Mine. :) Bump it up, get it done! https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/123166
  10. ~10% on Liferoot Hard. 90K letting Quab die, 100K keeping it alive.
  11. Just making another post to say, we need more default ubers. Needing 60 wyvern tokens takes quite long, but that's fair enough. However, right now the 2 default ubers only work for Squire and Apprentice. Monk and Huntress really have nothing remotely useful which triggers off of "taking damage." If you're using AA or Poison Darts in a way that you want it to take damage, then you're likely the game wrong, for Monk more than Huntress, but both regardless. Please add some default ubers which Monk and Huntress can make use of much better than the 2 we currently have. 60 wyvern tokens to get 1 is quite a long time.
  12. But are the bugs still there? Nothing in patch notes about the traps being fixed. The things I saw mentioned: Trigger radius larger than damage radius, thus leading to triggering and not doing damage. Also not all elements actually work, it was just one element or something, preventing combos. You don't always have that option for cannonballs though in DD2. Right now Liferoot is the go-to farm map, and does have one long lane at mid where it's usable, but nearly all the maps in DD2 don't have that luxury. They're mostly very windy. At least, the most efficient parts to build at, are. If you have to give up choke points just to utilise a tower which is average at best, you're just left off worse overall. When looking at tower balance you can't just say "it does more than the non-uber in this specific instance, job done." You have to look at the overall viability of a tower and how it fits into the game, including the levels. Very long straight lines for using the tower, yes exist in a lot of maps, but that's not largely where people build their defences, so the direct damage comparison is largely negated, because you simply can't reach that 30% where you're saying it's stronger. I think it may lead Trendy to over-valuing towers, by not looking at how the game is really played by people, and looking at towers in too much of a vacuum, not in the reality people play the game. If Trendy want to make a meta change (well, just allow it to be usable), or at least a heavy cannonball-centric build viable, then it has to be a damn strong tower to overcome the difficulties of using it on most maps. Their range is insanely long, you can't get the most out of it almost anywhere (its 30%), that has to factor into balance. They're also apparently buggy, not working with terrain correctly.
  13. They haven't looked at or balanced end game yet, they're still going through mountains of bugs and issues with the game, ones at the end are just taking less priority it seems. The game isn't near release, this is what happens. Just stop playing for a few months and then come back to it and see what's changed. This is why we need another wipe for release though, just allowing people to keep all their gear from NM4 Incursion from bosses with 15K HP is insane. People will have absolutely nothing to do at release, already being done with the game.
  14. This can become a problem on any map really, but now especially in Onslaught. After ~10 waves there's so much loot on the floor it makes it incredibly difficult to not only see defences like traps or auras under it all for repairing, but makes it very difficult to see and try to examine new loot that's dropping, mobs standing in all of it, and it introduces a bunch of potential frame drops that don't need to be there. Give us a key which does the same function as the end of the map; send all loot on the floor to our TIB. The reason we don't want to just pick it all up is because there's way too much of it for one, and you lose the ability to sell it automatically, and no one wants to sell it all manually. A key to send everything to TIB would solve all the problems above.
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