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  1. 1) Any shards map + kings really. All of them can cap the multiplier and that's all that matters 2) Obsidian sparus, Akatiti 3) More armor -> more chances for higher armor -> more sups/ults Ah ok. Thanks very much. I've been wave 30 Aqua NM HC mix mode quite a bit with no luck at getting any decent armour, some good Trans but that's about it.. Also when I try the Sumoner thing I seem to get even less worth while armor. That parts probably just bad luck for the rounds I've tried it I guess. Thanks for the help :)
  2. Hey I'd just like some opinions on a few questions to do with loot. 1. What are the 3 best maps for looting end game gear (Sups, Ults)? 2. What are the best Monk weapon at this time? 3. Does having all Summoners out during waves really help your chances of getting Sup and Ult armors at all? Thanks in advance for the help guys :)
  3. Hmm. I tested in open and it gets to 13 mill DPS for range with hero boost. And it gets to 17 mill DPS for melee with hero boost. I think as many people have said range is better despite difference in DPS. All projectiles very close together. Would slice nicely through waves only small enemies while my Seahorse gets Ogres.
  4. Hero stat caps are at 180, I thought console was set lower than that.
  5. Which type of damage is best for this weapon. I got a really good one today and want to make sure I get the best out of it. Thanks.
  6. Oh really. Thanks. So the effect gets put up, but only displays rounded to two decimal places.
  7. Hello, I've been stuck on 0.07 (with Huntress guardian) attack rate on my harps for a while, I've been upping my tower attack rate for a while and still haven't gotten to 0.06 attack rate. So, does anyone know what my tower attack rate has to be at to achieve 0.06 attack rate on harps with Hunt guardian?
  8. I've paused on build phase before final wave begins. Please, someone come help.
  9. Hello, I can easily build for this level on NM but I can't kill boss. If you know you can beat boss please help me. My SID is Chainsawer69.
  10. I guess I'll download it when I have unlimited downloads. No Dungeon Defenders for me today. :(
  11. Is there anyway I can still play Dungeon Defenders when I'm downloading DDDK? It's 2.5GB, I have unlimited from 8pm - 8am but it's only 9:30am. So I don't wont to use up the rest of my downloads, but still want to play the game. Any suggestions?
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