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  1. I'd like to run more than one character at a time on a map. I don't own any controllers. I've read that you can do it by binding stuff on your keyboard, but I'm having a really hard time figuring out how. A lot of guides are hard to find or gone. Links are dead; downloads aren't hosted anymore. Can someone help me? How can I run multiple characters?
  2. pretty sure it was my video card overheating. I put a fan directly on it and the game worked. I'll test the link again. It now puts me on a post in the same thread, lower down, about diagnosis files. Not sure if that's intended, but seems to work if so.
  3. It's looking like this isn't the game's fault. Thanks for looking into it for me, though.
  4. Thank you for getting back to me. my steam id is spectre_of_woe. I will try adding that to my launch options. What exactly does that do, by the way? I didn't really think you were screwing with people, but I was kind of frustrated when I posted that. I'm sorry. Might I suggest, if it's going to be an issue, that you remove that section of your stickied faq post, to avoid other people having the same headache that I did. edit: using the -tcp command results in the same thing. Seemed to take slightly longer to lock up this time, though. And I forgot to mention that both the music and
  5. I launch DDefenders, I log into trendy net, am running around the tavern, look at my item box to equip some gear I got the other night, and the game freezes. Alt tab does nothing. ctrl alt delete does nothing. power switch. I validate my files through steam, log in, run around, try to change my gear again and the game freezes. power switch. I completely uninstall and reinstall the 10 gig DDefenders game. log in, run around, change gear, game freezes. power switch. I'm running through steam, my operating system is win 7 64 bit. Also I'd like to complain about the "tech support faq
  6. It won't let me buy the complete pack now that I've bought them seperately. Am I just screwed until the 4th map comes out?
  7. I'm coming back to the game after several months. I remember complaining about it then. Pretty sure I made a thread in the suggestion forums, too. Maybe you could do the same, if enough people complain about it, maybe they'll fix it.
  8. I'm coming back to the game after being away for a while, because some of my friends play it. How do I unlock nightmare mode (I bought the three "Quest for Lost Crystals" maps in steam, and the warping core challenge, and the assault maps) Right now it says I need to buy stuff that I already own when I try to start a map. Do I need to do anything special to unlock hardcore, or any of the other content? Any suggestions on how to get the last 8 levels of xp? What character is good to level first?
  9. up to map 4 is tier 1, up to map 8 is tier 2, up to map 3 is tier 4, and I don't know about glitter.
  10. 1. Guardians should ignore defenses that waste the bonus completely. Damage and rate of fire to magic barriers, rate of fire on spike barricades, range for barriers and barricades, health loss to traps and auras, etc. 2. Having tower stats should never be a penalty. Rate of fire shouldn't drain auras faster. Range on traps and auras shouldn't constrict where you can place them. 3. Mana bomb and the apprentice right click abilities need to be rebalanced. They come with harsh mobility penalties, but they don't have enough of a reward for using them to be justified. More damage, less
  11. Upgrade it to 3 stars. It won't come up again.
  12. Proof that it's not how good your gear is that makes you a good player, it's how much better your gear is than the other guys'.
  13. My game freezes up whenever I try to exit the game. I'm pretty sure it's a bug of some kind.
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